5 Lessons to Become a QuickBooks Bookkeeper

Even without any prior experience/knowledge

Most Filipinos think that Bookkeeping is hard

Let me show you that it actually isn't...

In this free email course, I'll show you the 5 Lessons to Become a QuickBooks Bookkeeper - without any prior experience/knowledge.

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This course is a great intro to work from home jobs, especially to those who don't know how to start yet. It describes the core tasks of a work from home job and is very helpful for those who want to transition from the corporate setting.

Joem B.
Online Entrepreneur

I'd like to thank you for imparting your ideas with aspirant freelancers like me whose goal is to land a home-based online job. Back in April, I was already hired by a client engaged in networking business in the USA. It was a one day hiring process and I got the job the next day as Support Desk/VA/Customer Service. Unfortunately, it only lasted for 2 days because I was so confused of the job delegation. After that, I felt like no one was going to hire me anymore until I saw your page here in facebook and tried to register for your free tutorials. I can now proudly say that I am going to have my final just got hired for a Customer Service post. The tutorials helped me a lot. :)

Gemma E.

About The Instructor

Jason Dulay

Your Trainer

I’m here to teach people how to make enough income working from home so that they can quit their corporate jobs.

I worked for six years in the BPO industry. Becoming a Team Manager in Stream (now Convergys) and a Corporate Trainer and JPMorgan Chase didn't give me the satisfaction I needed. I was still trapped: not getting enough sleep working for companies I didn't really care about. I had no satisfaction with my work.

Now, I’m happy and fulfilled with the work I do. My work no longer controls me – I choose the work I want to do, when I do it, and where I do it. Best of all, I can now walk into any restaurant and order anything on the menu without worrying about how much it costs.

And now I want to help you experience the freedom and peace-of-mind that comes with getting paid well to do something that fulfills you. The first step is simple: sign-up for this class. What are you waiting for?

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