Chemist Mom Shares Her Formula for Freelancing Success - JSU Interview 05/25/2022

May 26, 2022
by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.
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“People become successful the minute they decide to.” - Harvey Mackay

Sabi nga nila, madaling mangarap pero mahirap magsikap.

Madali din gumawa ng mga plano pero mahirap i-execute or isagawa.

It’s definitely not easy, pero posible lalo at willing kang magtiyaga at magsikap.

I believe anything is possible as long you believe in yourself.

And if you love what you’re doing, you will be successful.

Don’t be afraid to fail as you work towards your success.

Remember, failure is not fatal but an opportunity for you to learn and grow further.

It’s the courage to continue despite setbacks that really counts.

Success isn’t just about what you’ve accomplished in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.

Meet Harrah.

She’s a chemist and mother who found success in the online freelancing world.

She yearned for more quality time with her family and herself without burnout.

As an extrovert person, she fell in love with social media even before she became a freelancer.

From her initial earnings of $2.5/hour, she’s now making Php 300-400k per month.

She also has her own agency now with 15 team members.

Be inspired by her courage, persistence, and success.


Have you ever wondered how Harrah Amago managed to juggle being a mother, working in a corporate job, and being a freelancer? Here's all you need to know about how she got started in freelancing and how she eventually built her own agency.

Notable Quotes

  • Kaunting tiis muna ngayon bago 'yung success. 
  • Follow your passion, follow what you love to do. 
  • Find your motivation first: kung ano 'yung goal nyo na talagang tingin n'yo na magiging basehan n'yo para 'yung mga struggle na madaanan n'yo maging madali lang siya.
  • Masu-suggest ko na i-goal ng lahat, consistency first.
  • Consistency is a better goal than a higher amount, than higher rates. 
  • Kahit hindi mo na-achieve 'yung napakataas na income, kung consistent ka naman, be grateful kasi meron ka pa ring kakainin bukas.
  • 'Pag naka-client-hunting stage ako, or as in 'pag naghahanap ako ng client, hindi ako tumitigil talaga hangga’t hindi ako nakaka-close ng client. So ganun po ako. Hindi po ako 'yung parang nag-apply ka once or twice then hihintayin mo na 'yung client na 'yun na sumagot. Continuous po ako hanggang sa maka-close ng client.
  • Kaunting tiis lang dun sa transition kasi 'yun talaga 'yung pinakamahirap.

Journey to Freelancing

  • For ten years, she worked as a chemist in the corporate world.
  • She was motivated to start because she realized how expensive having a child is, and she observed other people earning a lot of money from freelancing and that there were a lot of opportunities in freelancing.
  • She began her freelancing career in 2019. Even while working in a corporate position, she began to study freelancing. She conducted freelance work on weekends and before going to work.
  • She stepped outside of her comfort zone and eliminated her distractions in order to focus on freelancing.
  • She encountered many difficulties at first, but she was able to remain disciplined and focused on her goal. She used her drive to quit her 9-to-5 job and spend more time with her family. 
  • According to her, small successes should be celebrated. 
  • She left her corporate position in 2020 to pursue freelancing, and she now runs her own agency.
  • Her formula for success was to establish one goal after another until she achieved them.
  • Her ultimate goal was to build a home, and she recently moved into it.


  • What was your strategy to achieve your goal?

Determine your goal amount. Once you've determined your goal, package your services so that your clients don't just buy what they need. Then, decide on the price of your package. Consider how many clients you can work with when determining the cost of your package. Then divide the target amount by the number of clients you can cater to and charge them the same amount. As a result, your goal will seem more achievable in comparison to when you only consider the target amount.

  • How did you equip yourself when you started freelancing? Is it a MUST to enroll in a course to be able to get into freelancing?

When I first started, I was only self-learning. I was able to close a client but at a very low rate. I learned the proper strategy for marketing myself as a freelancer when I enrolled in courses. The coaches have already gone through it, so they have mastered the process. Actually, I took a lot of courses because they helped me improve my services and my learnings, and I won't have to go through trial-and-error because they've already been proven and tested by the coaches. I admire the coaches because they share their knowledge in order for others to grow.

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by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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77 comments on “Chemist Mom Shares Her Formula for Freelancing Success - JSU Interview 05/25/2022”

  1. Can I ask a question to Ms Harrah? How did you equip yourself when you started freelancing? Is it a MUST to enroll in a course to be able to get ito freelancing?

  2. There are times na kulang ako sa tulog when I have 3 clients, if mawala yung isang client may 50k pa. So when I closed the 3rd client nag quit na talaga ako sa 9-5 job ko - Harrah

  3. I still can go back naman sa corporate if gusto ko pang i proceed ang pagiging chemist ko, pero yung freelancing kasi andito na eh. Baka pag pinalagpas ko siya mawala yung opportunity- Harrah

  4. When I enroll in a coaching course/ program, doon ko natutunan ang mga strategy kung saan naka close ako ng mga clients and package rates. So hindi na ako ng trial and error - Harrah

  5. Tignan niyo muna, try looking in freelancing platforms, test it. If you think you need our help in freelancing courses/ program, we are here to help. - Sir Phoenix

  6. "I started freelancing last 2019 pa, and yung drive ko to start is because I have my second baby, alam ko na maraming gagastusin pag may bagong baby, and nakita ko din na there's a lot of of opportunities sa freelancing, kaya kahit I'm in my corporate job, nagstrive pa rin ako maging freelancer. So napagsabay ko yung corporate jobs ko, and freelancing opportunities na meron ako. Ngayon po fast forward, meron na po akong agency, marami na po akong projects na natapos. More on nakafocus po ako sa Social Media Management. May clients po ako sa agency and I still have my own personal clients."

  7. "Yung drive ko po kasi talaga to start freelancing, parang namotivate ako when I see people earning 100k/month, and full time freelancer na sila. Nag time management po talaga ako. Kailangan ko iwan yung dati kong hobbies, like yung panonood ng mga Kdramas, mga Netflix. Sinet aside ko po talaga sila and nagstart po ako sa motivation ko to start freelancing, yung dream ko talaga yung goals ko for my kids and families. Then dun na nagstart na ma-eliminate ko yung alam kong magiging hindrances sakin. So nakafocus talaga ako na every weekend, puro freelancing (activities) lang yung gagawin ko. Yung work ko po talaga (sa corporate) kasi is 9-5. So gumigising po talaga ako ng 3am depende po sa tasks ko if madami. Pagdating 7, magprepreapre na ko sa work (corporate). Pagka-uwi ko po, dinner and pahinga. Maaga po ako natutulog para maaga po ako makagising."

  8. "Gustong gusto ko po talaga magkaroon ng client, and ma-achieve ko yung income goal ko as a freelancer hanggang sa magquit ako ng 9-5, so alam kong kailangan ko iset aside yung hobbies ko before, kung ano yung time-consuming sa inyo, yung alma niyong you can set aside for the meantime habang you're still building your profile as a freelancer. Pero kasi once na na-andun na po kayo sa point na may clients na kayo, and maintain niyo na lang po siya, pwede naman po kayo bumalik sa hobbies and gusto niyong gawin kasi deserve niyo naman po talaga yun." - Harrah

  9. "Follow your passion, follow what you love to do. Nataon lang yung year na yun, nakapagmotivate talaga sakin na I really want to quit my corporate job para kasama ko na yung family ko, and I really want a new home for my family. Find your motivation first, ano yung goal niyo, para magiging basehan niyo, para yung struggles na madaanan niyo, magiging madali lang siya." - Harrah

  10. "Gradual po muna (ang hindi pagnood sa Kdrama) kasi addicted din po ako, pero ngayon po bumabalik po talaga ulit ako sa pagwatch ng Kdrama. Binawi ko po talaga lahat yung mga puyat and pagtanggal ko ng hobbies ko ng 2019-2020." - Harrah

  11. "Super worth it po yung mga sacrifices ko. I think kahit yun na lang na nag-full time ako as a freelancer, kasi nakakasama ko yung kids ko kahit busy ako sa freelancing kasi nandito lang naman ako sa bahay. So, if anytime they want to watch a movie with me, kakalabitin lang nila ako, unlike before sa corporate job, talagang 9-5 nasa office ka, minsan magoovertime pa, yun yung medyo nalulungkot ako, kasi imemessage mo lang yung family mo sa bahay, kaya naging fulltime ako as a freelancer, super big win na siya kahit di ko pa na-aachieve yung dream income ko." - Harrah

  12. "Nung before po na 'di ko pa siya na-achieve, kasi po nung nagstart po ako is $2.5/hr, nung nag-start po ako di ko talaga ma-achieve yung 100k kasi parang sideline lang ako before kasi may 9-5 job po ako. Pero ang natutunan ko po is magpackage ng rate ko." - Harrah

  13. "Yung mga course talaga, yung mga coaches kasi, napagdaanan na nila yung paano sila nagstart, pano nila ma-aachieve yung dream income nila, paano sila makakaclose ng client, so may process na. Dati din parang ayaw kong mag-enroll sa mga course, baka (scam) lang siya, actually ang dami ko natake na course pero nakahelp talaga sila sakin to improve yung mga services ko, yung learnings ko, kasi di na ko nagtrial and error, nandun na sa mga courses yun. Kaya sa mga coaches talaga, I really admire them kasi they're giving away their ideas." - Harrah

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