Financial Advisor 4xs Corporate Salary Through His Freelance Bookkeeping Services

December 22, 2021
by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.
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Are you happy with your current work?

Do you still feel passionate about it?

If you’re not happy anymore with where you are now, then maybe it’s time for you to explore other options.

It may seem scary and difficult at first.

But hey, fear is normal if you want to grow and get out of your comfort zone.


Nothing worth having is easy.

Just like our JasSuccess guest tomorrow.

He used to work as a financial advisor at a top-notch insurance company but is now enjoying the rewards of his freelance bookkeeping career.

Meet Karl.

He previously worked as a junior accountant at retailer Zara, as well as a financial analyst/advisor at Sunlife.

An unhealthy work environment prompted him to seek other options and explore the freelancing world.

Fast forward to today.

He's now earning 4x his corporate salary.

Learn more about his motivation, struggles, and success on this replay and be inspired more.

  • Introduction

Let’s find out how a financial advisor left the unhealthy corporate work environment, escaped from the long hours of travel to work, and eventually decided to enter the freelancing world.

  • Notable Quotes
  • If you are happy on what you are doing, eventually, effortless yung pagiging magaling mo pag masaya ka sa ginagawa mo.
  • Kailangan ko pa rin maging humble despite of those accomplishments and recognitions.
  • We have to undergo that process. Hindi mo pwedeng sabihin na, “Hindi na ko masaya, aalis na ko.” I have to undergo the crushing stage. Halimbawa yung wine from grapes, kailangan s’yang i-crush para maging wine. Kung gusto mo ma-transform yung sarili mo into a better person of yourself, you have to undergo that process.
  • Kung tingin mo hindi worth it yung value, don't settle for less. If you have something to give na sa tingin mo valuable ky client, mag-negotiate ka, definitely hindi na sya mahihirapan.
  • Don't stop learning if you really want to succeed in freelancing. Huwag kang makampante kung anong meron ka. Start learning as early as now.
  • Yun ung naging breakthrough ko. Kasi kung di ako nagkaroon ng certification as quickbooks, di ko ma-laland ang mga clients ko.
  • For those aspiring bookkeepers, hindi naman required ang certification technically. Pwede kang mahire without any certification, pero mas mataas ung chance mo to be hired or to land a client if ever meron kang certification for your specific niche. Yung certification is one of the tools na nagamit ko to leverage para mag start in terms of bookkeeping niche.
  • Hindi ko akalain actually yung current earnings ko ngayon, kaya ko palang i-earn yun in the comfort of my home. On top of the money, actually guys, another benefit is more time with your family.
  • Last siguro, Always pray and seek guidance kay God. Katulad nyan marami tayong pinagdadaanan right now. Hindi mo kayang maintindihan ano bang nangyayare, ginagawa ko naman ang kaya ko. Apply naman ako ng apply, bakit wala paring nangyayare. Faith talaga, “live by faith, not by sight”. Kasi ako, by faith ako that time.
  • Give all your best for preparation. If nakapagprepare ka ng maayos, parang mag haharvest ka nalang.

  • Journey to Freelancing
  • Karl worked in the corporate world for almost 10 years started in 2012 after he graduated in 2011. He worked in a clothing company named Zara for two years, also worked in Accenture, a BPO company. And being promoted from the lowest position and getting local and global recognitions was a beautiful experience for him.
  • Like most other people working in the corporate, he used to travel all the way from Lipa, Batangas to his work in Makati or Mandaluyong. He had to stay in a boarding house away from his family and traveling back to his hometown every week was the very challenging part.
  • The darkest part of his corporate life happened when he handled a team that was outside his own field, Financing. 
  • He felt unhappy even the first week he started and he even thought of resigning due to receiving escalations from clients, errors on his job, at the same time because of too many workloads and overtime.
  • He sought guidance from his manager, leads, and eventually talked to a professional psychologist. Though it was not effective for him to hear the words of wisdom. 
  • He became closer to God with the help of his pastor. The next two years after seeking assistance, the work environment remained the same, but what changed was his mindset and how he handled things.
  • Until he decided to give up his career in his last year in the corporate world.
  • He never thought entering the freelancing world would be that challenging despite having 9 years of experience in corporate because he had to start from scratch.
  • He started joining different freelancing FB groups including FLIP and VA Bootcamp. He was given the opportunity to find a mentor to guide him to his freelance journey.
  • Luckily, he was the chosen one to be trained by a VAB student in the bookkeeping niche. And that was for FREE.
  • With the help of his mentor and being guided in his bookkeeping niche, he eventually got QuickBooks certification. 
  • He finally found his breakthrough with the help of the FLIP group as a newbie in freelancing and guidance from his mentor. He got bigger chances to land his clients by having QuickBooks certification.

  • Question & Answer

What to do if you're not happy with your work?

Just hold tight. Lilipas din yan, di mo kailangang tambayan. Eventually, doon mo marerealize kailangan mo palang mag undergo sa stage na yan. Lahat ng darkest moments ko, naging training grounds ko siya that time kaya ako naging successful as of now.

Are you encountering a similar problem in freelance?

By that time, back to zero talaga. Akala mo "Uy, may 9 year experience na ako sa corporate, magiging madali na yung freelancing.”  Akala ko lang yun. From the tools, from different software na ginagamit. It’s a good start na meron kang  basic knowledge of accounting. Pero ung certification, setup of freelacing account sa Upwork, Onlinejobs at PayPal account, lahat inaral ko yun. During that time, wala akong mentor on my side na iga-guide ako every step of the way.

Why would this position make sense for your lifestyle?

Very practical din kase si bookkeeping. Hindi lang siya professionally. Nagiging conscious ka din kase sa handling ng finances personally. Kung nagagawa mong ihandle yung finances ng isang company, malamang dapat nahahandle mo rin yang finances mo for your own family. Dun nagiging make sense. Practical lang talaga.

Comparing bookkeeping outside and in freelancing, is there something that you need to be concerned about?

Siguro isa sa pwede nating consider is security. Minsan kase nag dadoubt tayo sa job security, kase meron kang consistent income sa trabaho. One of the reasons na nag dadoubt to shift  from a day job to a freelancing is hindi kase consistent o baka mawalan ako ng client. In terms of freelancing, it will be based on you as a freelancer or business owner. If ever na you are putting value to the client, yung security on the ability that you provide or the services that you give. If nabibigay mo naman yung kailangan ng client or may nasosolve kang problem, that's the security.

Ano ang mindset at attitude ng isang successful freelance bookkeeper?

Very important na you consider your client's business as your own. For my own client na taga US, di ko kinoconsider ang sarili ko na as an employee ng client, but as a business partner. So if your mindset is like that, you're doing your very best to make the business grow and successful.

Kahit po ba walang background sa accounting, pwede mag-bookkeeping?

Yes, marami akong kilala na hindi accounting graduate. Pero inaral nila ang basic accounting afterward if you are really interested. We need to study. Pwede kang mag-enroll sa basic bookkeeping course, kung gusto mo ng background kase you really need that basic information to be a successful bookkeeper.

Paano po ba ang income sa bookkeeping? Is it per finished project or per hour in a day?

It’s a case-to-case basis talaga, very flexible. You can negotiate it on the client depende kung gusto mo mabayaran on a daily basis, on an hourly basis, or on a project basis. Depende yan sa communication ninyo ni client.

How do I market myself as a freelancer?

Technically, you can be a freelancer without enrolling in any course. Just studying on yourself sa Youtube or sa Google pero it will take time talaga. I would suggest if ever is, mag enroll ka para systematic yung learning. If you are really aiming to be a successful freelancer, you have to value your time and your services. Kung tingin mo hindi worth it yung value, don't settle for less.

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by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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  2. sirs I have another question : I am a student here at VAB and I completed the complete course months ago. but I only landed into an online corporate job paying $300 a month, its not enough since the bills and taxes got higher, I want to be an actual freelancer and market my skills, how do I do that? how do I get clients coz its the hardest thing....

    1. Yes po, we issue certificates upon the completion of the paid courses po. Para maupload mo sa Upwork Profile mo po.

      We have an ongoing Year-end sale. For more details, please visit here: vab.ph/christmas

    1. The VABootcamp is self-paced. Meaning you can take it in 3 weeks or in 3 months, it's up to you.
      But most people finish the program with one week of studying and 1 week in our "Hustle Challenge" guided coaching program.

  3. FREE and paid courses are available in the VA Bootcamp that would really help you jumpstart your freelancing career.
    You may sign up for our FREE VA course here -> freevacourse.com For our PAID Courses, please check vabootcamp.ph/enroll. It's a LIFETIME ACCESS!

  4. Thank you for joining us in this #JASSUCCESS interview. If you want to have a community that will guide and support your Freelancing journey, Join FLIP at vab.ph/FLIP.

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