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FLIP Chat & Chill: 5 Personal Skills You Can Easily Transfer to Freelancing

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As freelancers, we pay a lot of attention to learning new skills that we can add to our profile – SEO, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Graphic Design, E-commerce, the list goes on! These are all good, and workers who have them attract a lot of potential clients; either you are highly-skilled in one niche or proficient in multiple areas. But are these enough?

Let's get real! Who wouldn't want to hire an expert? If you were the hiring manager, why would you turn down an applicant who knows what he is talking about? Right?

The truth is, YES, technical skills are important, and they usually get you in the door. But with modern advancements in artificial intelligence and automation, more and more employers are recognizing the importance of soft skills – sometimes called transferable skills or personal skills or things-you-can't-just-delegate-to-robots.

Here are the top 3 reasons why we need to put a lot of emphasis on having soft skills when applying to a job:

1. Technical skills may get outdated, but soft skills will just keep improving over time.
2. Technical skills may qualify you for a job, but soft skills will advance your career
3. Soft skills can't be faked and they are often hard to learn, therefore having them can be a huge asset.

Watch the replay of this episode to learn more.

106 thoughts on “FLIP Chat & Chill: 5 Personal Skills You Can Easily Transfer to Freelancing

  1. Team reply here..
    Frixy Ocampo eto yung gusto ko na shirt ni Phoenix, kulay blue 😭😂

    1. Ms A Anna D. Soriano meron daw po ba blue?

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  2. Thank you po sa inyo…its very inspiring

  3. coach rollyn what time ang q&a sa august 2..

  4. Hi watching from Calamba Laguna

  5. Hello po from erbil kuedistan iraq

  6. Mam anna soriano how can i start to work at home ? I dont know how to start po mam. Thank you.

  7. Hello im watching from davao city…

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  11. Nice sharing Ms. Isay your really an experienced VA. I admire your flexibility at home and work ethics😍VA student

    1. Sorry I’m Flavie my husband did not log out on FB. Pls disregard the comments under his name it was me who made the comments.😍🥰

  12. Hello guys😍watching from Bulacan. Hope to meet you in August💓💓💓

  13. Thanks for the inspiring ideas.

  14. Ikaw na talaga Master Phoenix! Galeng well said…

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    Thank you!

  16. Push lang para ma reach ang goals.

  17. thank you guys…. stay safe everyone 🙂

  18. Ang galing din insights ni Sir Phoenix, mag cloclover na rin ko 😋❤

  19. anu po pwd ei enroll sa VA Bootcamp pag mag sstart pa lng sa Freelancing?

    1. They offer General Virtual Assistance Course, pero meron ding mga special courses like E-commerce, Social Media Management and MArketing, etc.

      You can check the details here Maia Maramot

  20. Interested to join us sa VA Bootcamp and be mentored by Coach Anna Soriano together with the other resident coaches?

    Sign up here:

  21. sino kaya pwede mag mentor sa akin 🙂

    1. kapag need mo ng help send ka lang ng post sa group.

  22. As a team maintain the respect and unity to each team. Some clients are with goal or target. But as a team no matter how desperate you are to reach the target. Remain humble and look behind your team if you are working fair or maybe you’re only working for your own sake.

  23. Isa sa disadvantage yang “sipsip” issue sa corporate world. Sa team issue ganun talaga.. freelancing is not exception to that, but the reality is there is no ” I” in the word of “team” 😊

  24. Yes we cant measure a fish’s skill by it’s ability to climb a tree, nor expect a monkey to swim (they would sink). Everyone has their own specialties /niche / gig

  25. Once you are hired, you are already part of the team. There should be common objective/s and every member is expected to work towards that target.

  26. How about po if bookkeeping ang work sa corporate before pero iba ang acctg system namin not so familiar with xero. I know how to use quick book but not so excellent . Ano kayang service ang pwede ko offer as a beginner?

    1. virtual assistant-bookeeper pwede ka inform mo lang si client about sa kaya at di po pa na experience.

  27. A thousand thanks to all of you guys for the valuable insights with regards to soft skills. A very nice input for future work as freelancer.

  28. Good After3 to everyone watching

  29. Hi Is it possible for someone in Dubai to also be a freelance Virtual Assistant although skype and other videocalling apps are not allowed here?

    1. thanks for the response maam 🙂

    2. Yes pwede, I am a freelancer from Saudi, meron naman ibang tools for videocalls and chat na pwede gamitin aside from skype, basta inform mo lang si client.

  30. pwede po ba ako pa refer sa inyo sa CS job, baka yun lang po need ko to start… 3 weeks na po ako apply sa upwork oljph golance remotestaff but im not getting a response from the clients

  31. Im a Store operations coordinator. What freelancing job i can look into? Thank you po.

  32. Dogs are trying to join in the program.

  33. Thanks Mahar Delos Reyes Pedral. 😊

  34. Yes… There’s nothing wrong to be frank with your clients, that’s showing an honesty. Just be true to yourself.

  35. Question po: i am currently working as Purchasing or Importation supervisor. Anu kayang task ang pwede ko pagsimulan as freelancer? Tia

    1. data entry, transcription, madali lang, pero magandang aralin mo Ecommerce

  36. good pm po. how about po pag from medical field (nurse) san po ko pwede magsimula as a free lancer? salamat po.

    1. You can also be an assistant to doctors, therapists, and other people in medicine. They got tons of paperworks.

    2. pwede kang mag transcribe ng mga medical related audio. pede ka ding maging medical scribe

  37. all this knowledge is very useful for a newbie like me in freelancing thank you

  38. Question: When i open my monitor i sometimes find multiple chat pop-ups. if we leave the fb chat online status on sa PC, then we afk, the monitor shuts off automatically due to a power saving feature. So if may mga nag message ba sakin during those times, would that trigger a “seen” status sa message?

  39. Me I love to learn new things and eager to accept new training even If I need to start from the bottom.

  40. Agree ako dyan sir Phoenix

  41. Applicants are always on their best foot forward during interview. How can you assess na enough yun soft skills nya? In freeleancing kase nde nman lahat ng client willing to teach.

  42. Ms Rollyn ako I’m eager and always love to learn new things☺️

  43. suspended account ko sa upwork.. di na kaya ped maretrieve.

  44. Yes before your pick up a task make sure that it is fit on you or you have knowledge on it. Anyways you can explore for other task.

  45. Regarding portfolio it same as CV?

    1. Thank you Ms.Mahar Delos Reyes Pedral

  46. bakit paputol putol.. akala ko sa wifi lanf. nka Lan na ko. buffering pa rin.. sayang

  47. Same here Ms Anna Soriano 😍

  48. question to everyone seeing this thread; why do you procrastinate, and how did you overcome it?

    1. Plenty of articles to address the how. Why? Because I’m not hungry enough to finish the task the soonest. Once I get hungry enough I’m sure procrastination will become a foreign word to me.

  49. Ask ko lang katatapos ko lang sa course …saan po ba gagawa ng portfolio…????

    1. Joana Marie Caluducan thanks po sa answers nyo

    2. Pwde k po gumawa then save mo muna s google drive lht ng screenshots mo and separte per folder depnde s niche, Ecom, data entry etc.

    3. review mo yung part na creating profile sa freelancing platform.

  50. is it advisable to apply, even if you don’t have the experience connects will be deducted? sometimes specific requirements eh experienced freelancer

    1. If we’re talking about Upwork, I say no. Save your connects for jobs you have more confidence on winning.
      But with non-restricting platforms, I should say, follow your gut.

    2. Mas ok mag apply s niche mo po pr pag interview mo confident k alm mo ung ittnpng po

  51. My question is, is freelancing something I can continue if I’ll migrate to another country?

    1. Most definitely, yes. As long as you have access to the internet and you have means to do the tasks (have a computer or phone and time) then you’re all set. It’s is one of the big selling points of freelancing.

  52. totally zero knowledge about e-commerce other than what I learned from VAB. I just followed what I’ve learned, created my own and that’s what I used as my portfolio…awa naman, kinuha ako😁 tapos inexplain ko na lang during interview

  53. Hello po watching here from batangas

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