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FLIP Chat & Chill: How to Ask For a Raise/Increase?

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Have you been working with your client for quite some time?

Have you been working incredibly well with them that you feel and think that you deserve a raise?

But how do you ask for it?

We've seen some posts of freelancers on how some of their styles worked for them when they asked for an increase in their rates.

In this episode of FLIP Chat&Chill, let's hear some of the “best practices” on how to ask for an increase in your rates. It is very important for freelancers to know your value, especially when you're continuously acquiring these experiences that will give your profiles the credibility you deserve.

44 thoughts on “FLIP Chat & Chill: How to Ask For a Raise/Increase?

  1. Thank you po maam for your sharing of that topics i’m so glad to know that,my pleasure to overcome more knowledge.

  2. shayt…got late πŸ™

  3. Thank you for inspiring us. I’m looking forward to be a VA Bootcamp student and future ace VA.

  4. Inggit much tlga aq s inyong lhat,, hoping mging va din aq soon,, I admire you all,, god bless you guys for sharing your stories…

  5. At least matatahimik mga doubters diyan. 😊

  6. I know its true. I ha e seen your profiles.

  7. Maybe you guys can share your Upwork profiles as proof of concept in your hourly/project rate progression. It will be good for everyone to see how its done.

  8. I am expensive πŸ€”πŸ€”β€οΈπŸ˜‡πŸ‘

  9. Correct is easy to ask for increase for as long as maayos po tyo mag work.

  10. Thanks for sharing your stories… Very nice

  11. Totoo po yan pag foreigner di sila particular sa correct grammar

  12. Nakakalito po talaga pag sobrang dami na ng tools.

  13. Nakakatuwa yang job na yan

  14. Human alarm clock ☺️

  15. How to be you po 😊😊 hanggang $3 lng talaga ako 😩

  16. Tama po na strategy yan… Same tayu sis diana

  17. Hi. Can i be a v.a. even iam 54 and not techie

  18. Hi! watching from Lipa CityπŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  19. Hello guys watching from Las Pinas.

  20. Hello, good afternoon sa lahat..from sta rosa laguna

  21. Watching from hongkong

  22. Hi from Paranaque City! 😍

  23. Hello from Dumaguete πŸ™‚

  24. So excited po sa topic ☺️

  25. Hello po from Cabuyao Laguna here

  26. Hello from Laguna Philippines!

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