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FLIP Chat & Chill: The Negative Side of Freelancing (and ways to counterattack)

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FLIP Chat & Chill: The Negative Side of Freelancing (and ways to counterattack)

When you are planning to go mountain-climbing, you are probably excited about the amazing sense of accomplishment you would feel once you've reached the top. If you are wise, you're also probably going to prepare yourself for the worst.

Freelancing has a lot of perks:

– decent income
– no traffic
– more savings
– quality time with family
– no office politics
– and more!

These are all good and exciting stuff for the aspiring freelancer, but if you are seriously considering working freelance, you need to be prepared for the negative side of it as well.

There are pros and cons to freelancing and that's the truth. We can't avoid the fact but we can be better prepared to counterattack if we are aware.

Can you name some of the disadvantages of working from home?

We have a few things on our list that are related to the following areas:

– people
– technology
– environment
– self-discipline

We'd love to have you join the discussion and share your own thoughts and personal experiences related to the topic.

103 thoughts on “FLIP Chat & Chill: The Negative Side of Freelancing (and ways to counterattack)

  1. sorry im late to learn this vedio nice ☺

  2. Good afternoon from Pandacan, Manila

  3. Thank you so much😇

  4. Hello, Frey Eustaquio here of Marikina city

  5. yes surround daw with positive

  6. I guess everything naman has a pros and cons. depends nlng on the individuals approach lalo when it comes to challenges. its either you run, hide or face it.

  7. I am watching from bacoor, Cavite I need a job,, can I join

  8. I enjoyed watching this episode coz l learned more about the negative sides of freelancing.

  9. Anybody in VAs whose former profession was in Architecture/Civil-Structural Building Construction (former OFW)? I need some info.

  10. Team replay ako sis. Jerika. May Christian meetings kasi kami every Monday. Pero habol ako sa replay. 😀 <3

    1. Jenniscel Ruth Macaranas salamat kabsat😊❤

  11. Im glad that i tried this..from now on i can learn alot from you a high school graduate who understand english but not confident to speak. Thank u very much

  12. Sir Phoenix ,fab hair!

  13. i am here good evening….present….poor boy fm davao

  14. present po……………….monitoring….fm davao city.

  15. Good evening from caloocan late watching😅

  16. Thank you ….it ‘s awesome

  17. Sorry………my audio is not good…..I could hardly hear them…break off

  18. Sorry…..I have break off….my audio is not good…Thank you Guys….

  19. Wow nakakainspire tlga dito. Gusto ko rin gnyang work.

  20. Hi………my audio is only 3/3 from davao po

  21. tama, every weakness noticed is an opportunity for strength! banatan ng open-mind, passion, research, and practice practice! aja!

  22. konti na lang puwede na mag Chef Boy Logro Show mode sina Phoenix Jackson while Chat & Chill about freelancing. Nabalik narin ung hilig ko sa Jack&Jill snacks 😆 Motivation: Food is Life! helps me focus and keep going as well. P.S. guys keep energy drinks in moderation, too much can be too much, it’ll get you old fast

  23. Thanks for inviting me here

  24. Thanks for the vudeo

  25. hello…watching from kuwait..

  26. Gustong gusto kong matutunan ang Freelancing ayaw ko na.mag abroad at mangamuhan..mahirap makisama gusto ko na.makasama.mga anak ko…i hope i can overcome ang fear na sumabak sa freelancing😊😊

  27. hi Mr Jason😊😊watching from Baguio here😊

  28. I love what you have said sir phoenix.. “Hindi ka pa ba gutom”..

  29. thank you phoenix now i am eating my chitcheria w/ chopstick LOL it’s not messy anymore on my fingers & no trace of mumu in my keyboard & mouse 🤣😂🤣

    1. Yes! I prefer using utensils than wearing gloves.

    2. Peanuts ang chicheria ko. Puede pa ang spoon hehe.

  30. It’s not easy but it is worth it. 😍

  31. really love your webinars

  32. Sir Phoenix is a bit Gentle today 😇 so much wisdom for an hour of FREE webinar.

    1. May Clover kasi kaya a bit gentle. Ha ha.

  33. want to try freelancing

  34. Thank you po sir Jayson,sir Phoenix,ms
    Pammy and ms.Jerika sa pag share ng experiences and knowledge nio po.😊😘

  35. I redirect the newbies also sa VA bootcamp ☺️

    1. Mahar Delos Reyes Pedral thanks for watchiiiing!

    1. hello sis thank you sa tips♥️

  36. Thank you po sa lahat ng nashare niyong experiences.

  37. Paturo sir phoenix on how to chopsticks yung clover. 😀

    1. Ha ha. Practice practice lang naman.

    2. sana mabasa ni phoenix 2 LOL

  38. Hehehe sir phoenix😁 pahingi😂

  39. push lang to get clients and learn more skills.

  40. Thank you Sir Phoenix, Maam Jerika Pammy and Sir Jason. 😊

  41. In applying job post Po, sometimes hndi ako agad makapag pass or apply kse merun dun kelangan ifill up ung mode of payment, what if po pag Wala Po tlga . Hndi Po ba tlga pede mag apply or ipursue ung application.
    Thanks po

    1. Phoenix Jackson thanks sir 😊

    2. As long as hindi Upwork (na kailangan ng connects connects na iyan) you’re free to send application letters. Just be aware that if you lack something (and most especially if you don’t address that something), chances are you’ll be ignored.

  42. Yes po, enjoy much. Keep Hustling!🙂🙂

  43. Thanks for the heartfelt sharing!

  44. I really enjoy and learn a lot po.and also na inspire.thank you po

  45. yes! very interesting. thank you for this topic

  46. Yes I enjoyed this session. 🙂

  47. Yan reason bakit ako napasuko. Sobrang hirap mging working mom lalo pag homebased.

  48. yes mommy here daming work sa bahay.

  49. Guys, trivia, especially to Jason, once a VA somehow come specialize a certain niche, can he/she be already called a “Virtual Professional” or “VP” already? 😉

    1. By definition naman kasi once you start getting regularly paid for your service you’re already considered a professional. But I get what you’re saying. My answer is “yes.”

  50. Regarding rates or coming up with one, is it not that that is where the other value of completing the VAB come im? It’s not like coming in unarmed or equipped for the job. Admittedly, like what Phoenix partly mentioned, there are people who are just lucky to get clients who are generous in giving high rates, while some are not – what is important is knowing that you are coming in equipped/armed – and that starting somewhere (actually at USD5/hr as suggested – having completed VAB – and thus technically ready for any general VA work.

  51. whoaaa nag freeze sakin Y oh Y??? is it my connection?

  52. I love bookkeeping pero ayaw ko na sa corporate talaga. 😞

  53. I started reading blogs and videos about freelancing, kasama na videos ni sir Jason. Yes! I’m not charging 1$ na. haha. I wanted to join VA bootcamp kahit na 5 year VA na ako because marami pa ako hindi alam.

  54. Thank you sir Phoenix for inspiring me.

  55. Yes po kala nila kung ano lng gngawa sa laptop 😞

  56. Internet connections in most part of our country sucks! What internet provider are you guys can recommend?

  57. Is it ok to charge lower rate just to get my first client?

    1. Some advice you don’t Some advice you do. To me it depends on how you sell yourself. I strongly recommend you read up on how to negotiate. Lessen your rate only when you’ve exhausted all your options and you’re getting desperate.

  58. Thank you sir for this conversations…

  59. I am learning a lot. I can relate. 🙂

  60. I always watch jassucess to keep me going on freelancing journey…
    It helps me to boost my confidence ..

  61. haleerr beautiful peepz ^^

  62. siguro lakas lang ang loob ang kailangan to start.

  63. Thanks for the very positive and kind advice Sir Phoenix🙂

  64. Thanks for this invite medyo nabuhayan ako ng loob.

  65. Sir anung work po ang pede applayan if no experience, 11 years sa sales executive, thank you

  66. haha, i did that “unfollow” friends dito sa facebook para lang hindi mkatrigger sa depression ko noong nagkasakit ako at walang income since I couldn’t work at nakaleave kay client. tapos si client walang pakialam na may sakit ako, so no work, no pay talaga. xD

  67. Hello po. I’m planning to resign from my corporate job. I see opportunity in freelancing but is it worth it? Wala po ako ipon. Ang hold ko is ung 75% of vabootcampers na nahahire. Malapit ko na matapos ang course and planning to join hustle challenge by August. I am bookkeeper by profession po. Thank you po sa advice. ☺️

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