Former Finance and Property Specialist Now Earns Dollars Without The Risk of Exposure to Covid-19

November 24, 2021
by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.
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There's a person you need to meet.

His name is Lorens.

He's a former teacher.

An expert in the fields of finance and real estate.

But he chose to explore the world of freelancing.


Because he wants to have more time for his family, avoid the crowd of people, and earn more income in dollars.

Well, guess what.

Five months in freelancing, he's able to make 85k per month.


He is now earning more than he used to WITHOUT working in a graveyard shift, experiencing power-tripping of a Filipino manager, and suffering from adverse health issues.

ATM, he works with 3 clients from three different countries.

Let's get to meet him live as he shares with us his successful transition to freelancing on this replay.

Get to know how he started.

His challenges.

And how he gets his clients.

  1. Introduction:

Lorens was a former teacher for two years but realized teaching was not for him. He became a finance and property specialist in a bank. But pandemic hit, life turned upside down and left the corporate world. He then ventured into freelancing and now earning dollars without the risk of exposure to Covid19.

II. Notable Quotes:

  • Kapag susuko kami lahat hindi babangon yung family namin. Damay-damay kasi yung feelings nung pagnadown ung isa. So sabi ko kaya natin to, lalaban tayo.
  • Kung titigil ako parang I have this thought in my mind na baka one day tumigil ako tapos ang susunod na araw yun na pala yung ilaland ko na trabaho, so pag tumigil ako sayang.
  • yun yung maganda marami kang boss parang kapag nawala ang isa  may meron paring isa pa diba.
  • Sa lahat ng nanonood ngayon ang masasabi ko lang hangga’t may buhay may pag-asa.
  • Kung sa tingin mo nahihirapan ka ngayon, tingin mo parang pasuko ka na, parang wala ng pag-asa, kung palagay mo lagi narereject yung applications mo bakit hindi ka tumigil sa kababasa mo at sa kakatrain mo sa sarili kahit dami mong course na kinuha peru wala ka parin client… Don’t give up! Kasi wala ka pa sa happy ending, so kapag hindi ka pa happy right now that is not the ending.
  • I know you are born to be brave and you can pursue your dreams in God’s perfect timing. Hindi natin pwede i-push at pilitin yung panahon kasi baka hindi pa tayo handa kasi naniniwala ako na we are in the waiting season, waiting period right now because God is preparing you for something great. God is making you get ready para pagsinalo mo na yong big blessing na yan is handang-handa ka na.
  • Let God be the driver because if we are the driver pansin nyo kapag tayo ang driver sa sasakyan natin ang nakikita lang natin is yong dulo ng kalsada but God knows where we will be going our destination. God sees the map. So let God be the driver of our lives.

III. Journey to Freelancing

  • Lorens earned a Bachelor of Science in the English Language with 12 Professional Education units. In 2017, he worked as a teacher and passed the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers), but he realized he wasn't happy with his profession.
  • He worked at PS Bank for two years as a Financial and Property Specialist, where he excelled. He constantly goes above and beyond the quota. When the pandemic hit, the banking system took a major setback. His superiors' power tripped him all the time, making him feel belittled. Then, even amid the pandemic, he quit because he was no longer pleased.
  • He was the eldest of seven siblings and the family's breadwinner, but he had to leave his job due to mental and emotional issues.
  • He recalled how they struggled greatly in November, December 2020, and January 2021 due to a lack of funds. His father, like the rest of his family, had been through a difficult time emotionally. He realized he had to battle for his family's sake.
  • He worked in the real estate market for three months, from January to March of this year, but unfortunately, the firm and his teammate deceived him.
  • In April, he began applying for jobs online and researching how to make money as a freelancer. There, he received countless rejections and unsuccessful applications. He, on the other hand, never gave up.
  • May, he installed an internet connection even he has no client yet. He grabbed it because the installation was free. The following month, June before the disconnection, there he met his first full-time client.
  • His first job was as a full-time appointment setter for just 2 dollars from 12 am to 8 am. Moreover, he never stopped looking for a part-time job. 
  • Then after two weeks came to his second job, which was part-time from 8 pm to 12 am pacific time.
  • His full-time job was so toxic and even got fired. But still, he continued applying in OLJ. Then someone messaged him if he was willing to be a social media assistant. Full-time but flexible.
  • His second client referred him to a buddy, who in turn directed him to a third client. Also full-time work but flexible. They talked through email and got a full payment even he had not started yet. 
  • He now has three clients, one of whom works part-time, and the other two were both full-time but on a flexible schedule.
  • These became sufficient to ensure that this year's Christmas would be tremendous and joyful in comparison to last year when they had no money at all.

IV. Question and Answer

Sa tingin mo Lorens magagawa mo ba ito if you were still working in corporate? Would you be able to juggle many clients?

No, hinding-hindi talaga kasi mahirap eh kapag nagtatrabaho ka pa rin tapos nag aaply ka sa freelancing tapos hati yung isip mo. Hindi buo yung isip mong pumasok ng freelancing, hindi ka maglaland sa freelancing. If hindi buo yung loob mo, hindi ka buo as a person na magstastart sa freelancing, mahihirapan ka. So you really need to accept na sige dito ako sa freelancing. Dito ang focus ko.

What made you stop at that point, wala ka pa naman nakikitang pag-asa? So, what made you say no, hindi pwedeng matutumba kaming lahat?

Ano, yung family ko pa rin yun naging strength ko that time kasi mahirap sa magulang na nakikita nahihirapan ang anak. Mahirap sa mga magulang na makikita umiiyak ang mga anak. Peru hindi nila alam na mahirap din sa aming mga anak na nakikitang umiiyak ang magulang. So doon ko narealise sa sarili ko nga na. Hey! Lorens wake up. Hey! Lorens you need to do something. Hey! Lorens get up. Get up, shake off. Do something! I am always talking to myself that way na do something Lorens, Hanggang ganyan ka na lang bah? Nasaan na bah yung mga pangarap mo? You're born to be great.

Have you forgiven them?

Actually, little by little. I am forgiving them cause nakikta ko na friends ko pa rin sila sa facebook. I am posting na nag eenjoy ako sa life ko ngayon and I think that is already a regret to them na I am happy. Actually yung mga experiences sa life ko pina mature niya ako at hindi ako nagyayabang. But I am forgiving them na kasi. If I will not forgive people, I will sleep at night without forgiving heart. I will sleep at night na galit pag gising mo galit ka pa rin. So sila nag eenjoy sa life nila so sino ang nahihirapan, ako din. I let it go na yung mga ginawa nila sa akin before. Hayaan na natin, tao nman din sila and nagkakamali din. I am now focusing on myself. Not to the poeple that hurt me before. So hayaan na natin sila. Mas malaki na ang ating sahod kaysa kanila.

Do you want to say something Lorens?

Pursue your dreams and passion. Kahit na tumutulong ka sa pamilya mo. Kahit nagfreelancing ka, find time for your passion. Kasi mindset na natin na unahin ang pamilya. Yes, dapat tulungan ang pamilya pero hindi mo dapat kalimutan ang gusto mo rin sa iyong buhay. And sa mga young parents right now, dapat magsave ka para sa retirement or sa insurance mo para pagtanda natin, hindi aasa sa mga anak.

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by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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