Former Network Marketer and ESL Tutor, Now a VA and Podcast Manager

September 22, 2021
by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.
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Na pagod ako sa corporate job,  yung tipong mag duduty ka na walang gana,  na feel ko na talaga na I need to step up.

It's not easy juggling multiple jobs.

Imagine having an 8-5 job and doing freelancing on the side.

But that's what exact Nissa did.

She worked as a brand ambassador of Uniliver products and some other brands.

While she's on it, nag-oonline selling din sya to support her needs.

Until July 2018 when she pursued working from home (ESL teacher) because she has a baby.

And just last May 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, she decided to go freelancing.

Right now, she works as a virtual assistant and podcast manager, earning P20k a month sa bahay lang.

What are her challenges?

How did she overcome them?

Does leaving a stable job and pursue freelancing worth it?

Watch this replay!


Since she was a college student, Nissa has ventured into a lot of things ranging from network marketing, being a service crew, and online selling. Although unexpected, learn how she landed a client as a podcast manager. 

Learn about the things that gave her confidence and capabilities despite facing self-doubt and challenges 

Notable Quotes:

  • May comfort na nangyayari  everytime you pray, may mga pagdadaanan po tayo everytime na may mga gusto tayo,  if you want to step up, hindi step up na diretso kaagad sa taas,  may mga mangyayaring hindi mo ineexpect,  so better po talaga na if you have this kind of faith, faith sa anung pinapaniwalaan mo, maoovercome mo talaga kahit anung sakit. 
  • Walang mangyayari kung matatakot ako,  walang mangyayari if ganun lang,  maraming negativities sa isip ko na marami namang mas magaling, maraming mas nauna sayo, hindi ka na kukunin. Maraming negativity nangyayari sa paligid, sa isip mo. Yung battle talaga is nasa mind,  but because I have this faith, I have a weapon,  yung weapon ko po talaga na knowledge na na acquire ko for how many months,  and then I enrolled  VA Bootcamp, doon ko po nasabi sarili ko na kaya ko na,  kahit wala pa akong experience, alam kong kaya ko na
  • Pag may desisyon ako na hindi ko kaya Sir Phoenix minsan kailangan ko iset yung utak ko into prayer kasi parang doon na aayos yung decision, yung mga kailangan mong gawin.
  • Again, hindi po ako graduate, wala po akong maipagyayabang sa sarili ko na ganito ang natapos ko po, nag aral ako dito,  if you want something, there are two points po e. If you want to step up, you can’t have excuses na ah, ganito ako, wala akong pinag aralan, kung gusto mo ng resulta, mamili ka, you need to have a result or you need to do  excuses. You can’t do both na may excuse tapos may result. There will be no result if all you have is excuses.
  • “ Everything works for good.” 

Journey to Freelancing

  • Nissa was a network marketer when she was a college student.  
  • She became a brand ambassador for one of the products of Unilever while being a network marketer from 2014 to 2016. She did this while she was studying. 
  • While working, she also ventured into online selling back in 2016.
  •  Having her daughter, she realized that she wanted to spend more time taking care of her child,  she decided to pursue an online career.
  • She then became an ESL teacher in 2016 despite not having a degree, which is one of the requirements for the job. She lasted the job for around three years while having a regular job.
  • When the pandemic hit in 2020, she came across the page of VA Bootcamp and FHMoms.
  • Back then, she wasn't aware that the VABootcamp offers beginner courses for freelancers, so she attended the free webinars of FHMoms, which made her do research and watch a series of video tutorials. 
  • She discovered that someone she knew enrolled with the VABootcamp, which made her decide to do it despite hesitations.
  • As determined as she was, she finished the course for a month, and was finally ready to apply for jobs. She joined the Guided Hustle Challenge exclusive for VABootcamp students and wasn't able to finish it because she was hired right away.
  • Before landing her position, she encountered six rejections that she got hurt because she expected too much. She was prepared and have gathered the knowledge needed.
  • Then came her 7th interview, she didn't prepare for it, and she surrendered to God's will, she got HIRED.
  • Despite being a VA, she didn't know what niche she wanted yet and ventured to other courses for continues learning, the system offered clarity.
  • She was asked to choose what niche she wanted and what came first was Podcast Management, but she doubted it because it was not popular.
  • So she chose another, Email Copywriting, However, she has fears of doing it because writing is not her thing, she was not even fond of reading, so she did not pursue it.
  • She got confused about what niche, she should go with because she liked three, she then prayed again and let God bless her on what he wanted for her.
  • Then came her first Podcast assignment from her client; she was asked to edit a 10 minute video which took her 2 hours because she wasn't familiar with the tool,  she done the research, she wanted to prove to herself that she could do it.
  • After 2 hours of editing a 10 minute video, now she can edit a 1 hour long video for 20-30 minutes and finally found clarity and fulfillment in doing Podcast Management.
  • Now she's a VA and a Podcast Manager to the first client who hired her.

Q&A Highlights

Nung nareject ka, ilang araw bago ka nakarecover?

Five days, hindi ko po talaga makalimutan. 

How does it feel na hindi mo pa natatapos ang guided hustle challenge ay natanggap ka na?

At first, kinabahan po talaga, pero I have this confidence na kaya ko na, may trust ako sa sarili ko at may trust ako kay Lord na ipinag pray ko ito. 

What are the specific jobs you do as a podcast manager?

I mainly do audio editing,  show notes, email campaigns, newsletters, inviting guests, graphics, and audiograms. 

Paano mo nasabi na podcasting is your niche?

Nalilito ako nung una,  I have three main, yung top 3 ko is Copy Writing, Podcast VA, and Social Media Management. I gave up on email copywriting, naguluhan ako, then one night, itong current client ko ay may pina-edit na 10 second video that took me 2 hours,  ngayon, I edit 1 hour video for only 20 to 30 minutes,  at wala pa akong reject hanggang ngayon, although madaming ginagawa, may passion ako sa ginagawa ko,  at may clarity, malinaw na ito dapat ang ginagawa ko kahit na madami akong ginagawa dito. 

Is this a per hour job? What is this contract? Is it per hour or per audio?


Nabanggit mo kanina na mayroon kang attitude and that you constantly need guidance through prayers. Is this a regular thing that you do in your freelancing career?

Yes po,  kahit noong nag-umpisa na ako kay client, hindi ko ginagawa lahat on my own, every time na uupo ako dito sa upuan ko bago mag work, lagi akong nag pray kay God. 

Kailangan mo bang maging audio engineer para magawa mo ang mga tasks na yan?

Definitely hindi po,  hindi po ako graduate, wala po akong ma pag yayabang na nakapag aral ako sa magandang paaralan, pero if you want something, dalawa lang po, you can have excuses or you can have results. 

How heavy should your equipment be when you are podcast managing?

Core i3, midrange lang po ang laptop ko. 

Ano ang maibibigay mong advice sa mga audiences natin ngayon?

Don’t make excuses "Do the best that you can and ask guidance from the Lord" para maibigay niya ang mga tamang decisions. 

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by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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