Former OFW’s Journey From Copywriter to Chief Marketing Officer

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10 hours per day.

6 days a week.

With very low pay.

Hadn’t our JasSuccess guest got fired from his job, he probably is still working under these “unfair” conditions.

Not to mention that he has to work away from his family.

Good thing he learned about freelancing.

And fast forward today, he now works as the Chief Marketing Officer with one of his clients. (He has 3 clients by the way.)

So how did he do that?

You gotta find out on this replay.


Axle Gallardo an OFW in Abu Dhabi worked as a promodiser in Black+Decker earning 45k a month and how he started his freelancing journey earning twice or thrice his salary when he was an OFW.

Notable Quotes

-Filipino pala sa buong mundo ang no. 1 sa virtual assistant. Sa buong Asia dalawang lang ang marunong magsalita ng English and that is India and Philippines Compared sa ating mga kapatid na Indians medyo mas gusto ng mga Americans ang accent natin.

-Binili ko ang accelerated program ni Sir Jayson. Bakit ko binili natuklasan ko na legit at nalaman ko na kailangan ng mga Americans ng filipino virtual assistant.

-I didn’t stop with the Virtual Assistant Bootcamp. Search pa rin ako ng search. It opened my mind na pwede ka pala kumita ng pera gamit lamang ang iyong laptop nasa bahay ka lang.

-Nabasa ko yung libro ni “Robert Kiyosaki” ang title niya “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Meron pitong reason bakit di ka financially successful. Cynicism, Arrogance and Fear. I have those three.

-Kapag ikaw newbie you have to need your clients under your belt kasi kung wala kang experience mahirap sumabak.

-Dapat meron kang at least 6 months worth of budget bago ka mag quit ng day job mo.

-Sa lahat ng nag-offer ng courses. Ito ang the best. Simple because hindi ini-exaggerate ni sir Jason Dulay.

Journey to Freelancing

  • He was an OFW in Abu Dhabi for about 2 years.
  • He worked as a promodiser in Black+Decker but before that, he worked on many different jobs.
  • He earned 45k a month and sent 28k a month for his family here in the Philippines.
  • He was fired from his job because the executive of Black+Decker found out that he has been helping the other promodiser sell the competitors’ product which is against the company law.
  • Luckily before he got fired from his job. He started training to be a freelancer.
  • He discovered freelancing through browsing online specifically youtube and saw the video with the title “How to make money at home”. He didn’t believe it and thought it was a scam. He still clicks the video and watches it. And it happens to be dropshipping.
  • He joined some forum in dropshipping on Facebook where most of the members were American and Caucasian. Until someone told him that he should be a broker for a virtual assistant. That’s when he found out about the virtual assistant.
  • He found out about the free course of Sir Jason’s on how to be a virtual assistant. He watches all the videos on youtube until he bought the accelerated course.
  • He chose to be a copywriter earning twice or thrice his salary, and now he is living with his wife and two kids.

Question and Answer

Ano yung first job mo?

Ang pinili ko na route is copywriter.

How is your life now that you are home?

Walang katumbas yung feeling na kasama mo ang iyong mga anak at pamilya ko. Dati nakakausap ko lang sila via Skype at Zoom.

Pinagsisihan mo ba ang freelancing?

If there is one thing na pinagsisihan ko is hindi ako naging freelancer 5 years ago.

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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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