Former Store Manager Finds Financial and Time Freedom as a Facebook Ads and Chatbot Specialist

October 21, 2022
by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.
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Are you an overthinker?

You see, we tend to be anxious and overthink a lot of things that are mostly out of our control.

This can overwhelm and paralyze us.

Some people don’t even realize that until it’s too late.

Some people also tend to choose the easy or safe path.

Some people don’t want to risk their safety nets.

However, I believe that we should put more energy into what we really want to do or achieve in life.

We should stop worrying about what tomorrow may bring.

We should focus on what we can control.

We should keep moving forward and expect good things to come.

Put your thoughts to sleep.

When the time for action has arrived, let go and just do it.

Meet Carshena.

She’s a single mom who works as a store manager.

She struggled with fear and overthinking as she bears the burden of providing for the needs of her son.

In the corporate world, she also struggled to get good positions and salaries because she was not a degree holder.

All these trials and setbacks didn’t stop her from taking action and pursuing a better life for them.

She decided to venture into online freelancing as VA.

It was really difficult at first as she faced several challenges and made some sacrifices along the way.

But they are all worth it in the end.

Because of today…

She now enjoys a 6-figure income in a month.

She has more time with her family, especially her son.

She has the freedom to work anytime and anywhere.

And, she also had the chance to upgrade her skills and learn other niches.

Her courage, hard work, and determination led to her breakthrough.

Join us on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at 5:30 PM.

See you there!

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by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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54 comments on “Former Store Manager Finds Financial and Time Freedom as a Facebook Ads and Chatbot Specialist”

  1. “I was a Store Manager. I’m a single mother but I’m happy naman. Ang bata lumalaki ang gatas nagmamahal. A lot of bills to pay. Nagkautang ako before when I went to Singapore. Yung amount na na-eearn ko hindi enough.” - Carshena

  2. “Naglakas loob ako, wala akong game plan. Nag-resign ako walang plan B. After nag-resign, nagloan ng laptop tapos inavail ko yung Complete package.” - Carshena

  3. “Nakiusap ako kay mama na bigyan ako ng 3 months wala pang maitulong ngayon. When I tried working from home, I worked free to a UK client 8 hrs a day.” - Carshena

  4. “Next client, $1 client! Parang may mali. Kailangan kong mag-upskill. Nagreach out sakin si Ms Bong. Nagtranscribe din ako. Nag reach out din si Ms Holly, content writing. Tried ko din Social Media. Kinuha ako ng pinay pero ang rate ko was P10,000 a month. Tapos trabaho ko pala lahat.” - Carshena

  5. “Marami naman akong natutunan, creating graphics, social media, emails. Antaas pala ng sahod ni madam. Feeling ko kaya ko din! Kailangan ko ng mag-upgrade.” - Carshena

  6. “May client ako sa e-commerce tinuruan ako sa chatbot in social media pero they had to let me go. Nawalan ako ng work for a month. Apply pa din ako. Hanggang sa current client ko now, 3 years with them na.” - Carshena

  7. Why settle for $1? - “Sobrang bait kasi ng client. Nanonood lang ako. Binigyan lang niya ako ng tutorials. May side work naman na Canva. Na enjoy ko land din pero narealize ko na hindi ito yung gusto ko.” - Carshena

  8. Was the pay worth it? - “Andami kong natutunan, andami kong kayang i-handle. May mga free courses, free tools na around 20k kung bibilhin. Yun na siguro yung balik sakin.” - Carshena

  9. Kung sakaling tuloy-tuloy pa rin yung mga clients mo? “I don’t burn bridges naman. Nagchachat pa din kami. May offer siya pero maliit pa din so nagturn down na ako. Nagchachat pa rin siya nangungumusta, matagal ko rin kasi siyang client.” - Carshena

  10. “I’m a vocational grad. Since Store Manager ako before, I tried to apply sa corporate pero nung nalaman nilang hindi ako degree holder, tinurn down nila ako. Nung nag-freelancing, feeling ko nadala ko yun (low confidence).” - Carshena

  11. “Saan ba ako kukuha ng self-confidence? Carshena bought self-confidence by excelling. Kahit $1 yung trabaho niya hindi $1 yung output niya. When you excel at your work, your clients give you compliments. That gives you self-confidence!” - Phoenix

  12. “I gave myself a deadline - 3 months: Nag-join ako kay VAB ng July. By September nakuha ko si client ng free. Ang kapalit is 5-star sa Upwork. Kinagat ko na. After 3 months nahanap ko yung $1 client.” - Carshena

  13. “Take the leap, believe in yourself, have confidence, no matter what happens, be a better version of yourself! Always show you have the confidence. Always make sure to upgrade/upskill. Sa mga beginners wag kayo matakot kasi mahirap sa una.” - Carshena

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