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Google AdWords VS Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What’s the difference?

SEO vs AdWords

In our last video we talked about, what SEO was. Why it's important for businesses. And why you should care about it as a freelancer. And in today's video I want to talk to you about the difference between Search Engine Optimization and Google AdWords.

So let's do a search again here so let's do pizza, pizza in New York, okay. Here we go, okay let me change the results again to English here and here we have the results right here. Okay, so over here you see 4 results here let's say ad if you look at the this green area next to the URL on these 4 listings you're going to see that these are ads and that's what Google AdWords is. A lot of people still click on these ads in fact an estimated around 30% of people will click on these ads it's a big number of people who click on them 1/3 well 2/3 will scroll down below the ads and click on the results down here.

So you with Google AdWords you want to rank higher on this area here on these first 4 results and there are also ads at the bottom of every page there are 3 ads at the bottom now and for ads on top.

And the way that the ads are ranked here are based on two things;

  • It's a bidding, number one is, it's a bidding system so you could say that whoever pays higher ranks higher in Google Ad Words which are these ads here.
  • And second is a quality system so if you are if you are not selling pizza, let's say you're trying to sell coffee but you want to come up in the search results for pizzas in New York you can't just bid for the word pizza and ranked high even though your coffee shop because google also looks at the quality of your website. If it's relevant to the the searchers keywords which is in this case pizza in New York.

So that's what we call a quality scores the two factors to make your rank here are the your bid price in your quality score. And it can get very expensive because how it works is you pay per click so every time somebody clicks on your client your or your clients website let's say Patsy's Pizza,, let's say they're paying $5 per click. just around right I'd say probably even more for pizza in New York City. But let's say $5 per click if Patsy is paying $5 per click and 10 people click on it in one day that means they're paying $50 in one day. And if they make a sale from that they sell a pizza worth $10 out of spending  $50 on ads then they're losing money. And if you're paying $50 day 30 is 30 days a month that's what $1500 a month.

So they could be spending a lot of money in Google AdWords if they're not optimizing it properly. And hiring an AdWords professional will help them optimize properly will help bring costs down and revenues higher using Google AdWords on the other hand the results that appear here are for well they're not pay for their for free the companies are not paying Google to get ranked here they're paying Google to get ranked in the ads if they want to but not in these search engine results. What we call the organic search engine results. And the way that companies rank here are with their credibility credibility to on their website and credibility on what other people say about their website and there company.

We're going to talk more about the what really goes on in SEO but the basics are of SEO because it's a very complicated topic. We're going to talk more about the specifics of what makes companies rank in SEO in our upcoming webinar it's this coming month October 8, 2016 at 8 pm the details are going to be below this video so please register. If you're a Home bound Club Member then you can just register right away. If you're not you will need to sign-up for the Home bound Club but we're going to be including a lot of information in the webinar about how companies rank and SEO and what is SEO and the basics that you need to know to get started on your SEO career or SEO skill.

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