Happier and Healthier – Thanks to Online Freelancing!

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People come into your life for a reason.

Yup, even the toxic one.

Though not all encounters last, there’s a purpose for each person you meet.

Just like Criselda, who came to know freelancing through a friend.

If not for that, she wouldn’t be able to take a rest from a toxic environment that puts her health at risk.

Not to mention that freelancing also allowed her to spend more time with her son and husband.

“Gusto ko hawak ko na ang oras ko, nagagawa ko yung mga gusto kong gawin kasi hindi na tayo bumabata. Ang dami ko na din attempts na mag-resign since 2016 pa and natuloy lang nung May 2019. Gusto ko din kasi maka-ipon at makapagpatayo ng sarili kong business.”

Let’s get to know more about Criselda, her challenges and wins, in her freelancing journey.

Ano kayang business ang gusto niyang itayo?

Did her health improve after transitioning as a freelancer?

What are the perks freelancing gave her?

Find out on this replay.


Crissy inspires a lot of aspiring employees in the corporate after she got promoted from being a production operator to a Quality Control Leader. Having more duties and responsibilities, this also made her sickly, stressed and ended up hospitalized almost every month.

Find out how she changes her mindset and started transitioning herself into freelancing. Now, she enjoys a healthier, happier and content life in freelancing.

Notable Quotes

  • Ibang-iba siya pero yung experience ko dati sini-share ko din naman sa mga clients ko. Then nagugulat din sila. Minsan iba-iba din yung ginagawa ko, pero more on graphic design.
  • Dapat maging curious ka sa freelancing para matuto kang gumawa at maghanap ng paraan.
  • Dapat nasa i-mindset mo na ito na ang magiging work mo. Dapat tanggalin na yung ibang options na pwede ka pang bumalik sa company. Kasi, kaya ka nga nag-resign para dito, tapos kung palagi mong iniisip na hindi ka naha-hire at lagi ka nalang nag-a-apply pero walang nangyayari, babalik ka na lang sa company. Dapat hindi kasi stick mo yung mind mo, doon sa gusto mong tahakin. Dahil freelancing yung isa sa nakikita kong paraan para mag-succeed ako at para magawa ko yung gusto kong gawin sa buhay. Kaya ayan nag-stick ako talaga sa freelancing. Itinatak ko talaga sa isip ko na ito lang talaga yong nag-iisang susi para maging successful or way para makapagpatayo ako ng business.
  • Dahil isa akong Quality PIC noon, ginamit ko yung “5 Whys Analysis Techniques”. Sinuri ko kung bakit hindi ako makakuha ng client at doon ko nalaman na kulang ang aking skills and equipment para makapagsimula sa freelancing.
  • Dapat huwag kayong matakot na sabihin ‘yung experience nyo sa client ninyo kasi alam ko makakatulong din iyon.
  • Sa corporate, all around ang duties and responsibilities.
  • Lagi akong nanonood ng YouTube videos at na-discover ko si Canva. Si Canva kasi madali lang siyang gamitin. Gagawa ka ng logo, mga t-shirt designs at saka ilagay sa portfolio mo. Kahit simple lang, kasi noong una, simpleng design lang naman yung inilagay ko sa portfolio ko at ipinapakita ko sa client ko para lang may sample. Later on, na-hire na ako at gumagawa na ako ng mga designs niya. Actually 9,000 book designs yung ginawa ko sa client na iyon, mga simpleng designs. Araw-araw ko talagang ginagawa sa Canva ang 500 designs.
  • Let the client feel that you definitely deserve it. You have to show your potential first, kailangan ipakita mo na magaling ka sa Basic, how much more kung meron kang pang-Pro.

Journey to Freelancing

  • A production operator went up to a Quality PIC in a manufacturing company.
  • She trained newly hired employees and managed different kinds of people in the company.
  • Started looking for an alternative source of income when she felt that her job is no longer healthy for her.
  • She watched YouTube videos about freelancing while being admitted in the hospital due to pneumonia.
  • She got help from an old colleague, Tina Villamor and introduced her to freelancing.
  • Studied different tools and techniques to have Upwork profile approved.
  • After saving money, she enrolled in the VA Bootcamp last year and managed to get a client for a project with a fixed price of $5.
  • She did 3 projects for the same client, working with PowerPoint presentations.
  • She earned her Rising Talent badge and started taking graphic design jobs.
  • She created different profiles in different freelancing platforms and managed 16 clients.
  • From $5 per project, she now raises her hourly rate to $25.
  • Started her own online business by publishing her book designs in Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Redbubble.
  • She also helped other prospect freelancers to learn graphic designs including her husband and sisters.
  • Now, she’s more healthy, happy, and content with what she has.

Question and Answer

What is your experience in speaking to people?

I was a trainer for my previous company, became a line leader and went up as a Quality PIC. I also share my experiences to motivate new hire employees to work in the company. I was also given the chance to work in Japan.

When you joined the VA Bootcamp, what are the things that you discovered?

I enrolled last year during the promo. What I really like about this group is they always answer inquiries on the page.

How much time did you spend researching before you got into Upwork?

It was two weeks before my Upwork profile got approved and I was also at the hospital during that time. I tried watching YouTube videos and fixed my Upwork profile.

You said something a while ago, that bigger opportunities demand bigger responsibilities. Is it the same in freelancing?

In freelancing, your boss is your client and you have a certain job to fulfill.

Stress induced sicknesses. What were those? What did you suffer from out of stress?

I had migraine, sleepless nights, and developed allergic rhinitis because of the health hazards while working.

When was the time that you figured out your value?

When I already earned the Rising Talent badge in Upwork, I started at $5 and I tried to add different projects on my portfolio. I tried different platforms like FreeUp, Onlinejobs.ph, Hubstaff and started to increase my hourly rate up to $25 per hour.

How’s your life as a student of VA Bootcamp?

I was busy with 2 full-time clients and 3 part-time. I managed to work during the day and study the online courses at night. I also want to learn web design. I want to level up as a freelance.

What is your niche?

I’m more on graphic design, social media content and still a virtual assistant.

Do you use free Canva?

I am using Canva Pro but you can use free Canva or use Canva Pro by adding your PayPal account. I also use Freepik but you need to pay to edit designs. I also use Photoshop, Canva, Bookball for low content books, and Adobe Illustrator.

How did you consider yourself a newbie? How long did it take you to start craving for more?

For the first 3 months, if you’re a newbie, you need to familiarize with the process and tools, and learn a lot of things. After 3 months, I had to level up and get more clients since my previous clients recommended me to their friends.

How were you able to convince your husband to join into freelancing?

I showed him what I’ve earned from my long term clients. He used to work far from our house and commute everyday so he decided to join freelancing.

When you were about to resign from your former job, did your family oppose your decision to resign?

They didn’t, because they were more concerned about my health, and because I had suffered from pneumonia almost every month.

Are you healthy now?

Yes! I’m not tired and stressed now. I’m healthy, happy and content for what I have. I can also buy anything I want.

Do you have a client who pays for Canva Pro?

Yes, my client pays for our Canva Pro in making designs that come with templates.

What is next in your freelancing career?

I started my own business in publishing my own book designs in Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Redbubble and learn about marketing.

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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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