He Quit His Call Center Job To Live The Most YOLO Lifestyle

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Since high school, Mon has always dreamed about being able to work anytime and anywhere he chooses. But he didn’t always know how. He had the idea that it was possible to get jobs online but he didn’t fully understand how it works.

“But I was very stubborn with what I wanted to achieve. And through persistence, I was able to get the kind of lifestyle that I wanted…

When asked about what motivated him to try freelancing, his response was:

– I can work whenever I want.
– I don’t have to deal with traffic
– I get to spend more quality time with my loved ones, but the most
important thing is that…
– I’m able to spend time reading my favorite books, learning new
stuff by watching courses and watching movies and series without a care in the world
– I also love the fact that I can afford all the things that I want and need and get as much rest as I please.

This kind of lifestyle that I have now is what motivated me while I was
still on the way to figuring out this whole freelancing thing.”

Do you also want what Mon is experiencing right now?

Have you always dreamed of earning a decent income without getting stuck in a 9 to 5 routine?

Do you want to start living your life, instead of just existing?

Watch the replay of Mon’s interview here.

Mon was a Computer Science graduate.  He worked as a call center agent while waiting for his graduation ceremonies in college.  One day while scrolling through Facebook, he saw Jason Dulay’s Facebook ad about how to earn up to 50K per month working from home. He saved up to be able to buy a second hand laptop and enroll in the Road to 100K Master Class.  But while working at the call center, he did not have time to study the course.  He then decided to quit his job to focus on the course.  He is now a six figure freelancer aiming to achieve his next goal of becoming a seven figure earner.


Notable Quotes

  • I just really wanted to find something I’m truly driven about.  Something that I’m really passionate about. Something that I can make as a lifetime commitment.
  • This is really it. This is where everything started.  Pero at that time, I wanted to buy the course already but I still didn’t have money for it.  I emailed Jason telling him na I wanted to get that course but I still have to save up.  I was also taking a huge risk because I didn’t know anything about Jason. But that was something too big of an opportunity to pass up.
  • Until one day, nagka-epiphany ako. I woke up midnight and  I was heading straight to the shower to get ready for work.  Tapos,  I was already at the doorstep then I had like several thoughts run through my mind:    –  Why am I still going through a job that I don’t like?    –  Am I going to be stuck like this forever?    –  Why am I forcing myself to wake up to something that I don’t like?  I also had, there’s another thought.  I already had this course that I bought and I know that, that course is going to take me somewhere that I want to be.
  • I finally started focusing on the course. On the course, I just held myself responsible after diving in that course for 2 months. And I finally got a client that pays me around 25,000 per month while only working for 4 hours a day.  So the rest of the time I could spend playing video games or hanging out with my friends or just doing anything that I want.  That was already almost  Nirvana for me ‘coz I basically could  do everything that I want and I still get to work and get paid.  Pero I didn’t stop there.  I wanted to get serious with this career.
  • I still like to look back from where it really, really started. It just goes back down to me seeing that ad from Jason Dulay. I’m really, really thankful for him na he introduced me to such an industry, such amazing people.
  • I just kept pushing this client na, I know I can do more for your business, so let me handle more tasks  tapos ayun he gave me more tasks tapos he bumped my salary from 25K per month to 50K per month.
  • Show what kind of value you can provide.  Show how valuable you are to the company. And then like find yung mga problems ni client you know you can add on or improve upon.
  • I’ve been the kind of person na addicted sa growth and progress. So, I’m much more addicted sa concept ng self-improvement instead of just like playing games or watching movies. I just find those type of stuff na parang mundane.  That’s not too boring but that’s not too productive for me. Parang mas may heavy impact sa akin yung concept ng self-improvement kasi it’s something that isn’t  really taught at school.
  • A little bit of sacrifice for 2 months is nothing compared to the lifestyle that I have now.  No brainer.


Journey to Freelancing

  • He’s a Computer Science graduate, worked in a call center while waiting for his graduation ceremonies in college just to kill time and be productive.
  • While working in the call center, he developed health problems  when his body was not able to adjust to the graveyard shift.  He also felt that the pay he was receiving was too small for him to be able to afford the lifestyle that he wanted to live.
  • While he was scrolling through Facebook, he saw Jason Dulay’s ad about how to earn up to 50K per month working from home. He got attracted to it and enrolled in the Road to 100K program. 
  • He saved up money first before he was able to enroll in the course and buy a second hand laptop.
  • He quit his job to focus on the course. After diving in the course for two months, he finally got his client that paid him 25K per month while only working four hours a day.
  • He started with his first client as a VA and just kept on pushing his client to give him more tasks after which his client bumped up his salary from 25K to 50K per month.
  • Enrolling in Jason’s Road to 100K program doubled his earnings in that year and helped him see further opportunities and possibilities in the freelancing industry.


Q & A Highlights

When you decided to resign, were there any doubts?

Well, I didn’t have any doubts.  I know what I really wanted in life. And it was to not get stuck at a job like that.


Tell us more about your journey, the process on how you were able to increase your fees.  How were you able to see the client’s problems?

I just learned this sa Road to 100K program. So may email template dun si Jason na ginagamit namin to increase yung rates and it’s just to show what kind of value that you can provide.  Show how valuable you are to the company and then find yung mga problems ni client na you know you can add on or improve upon. So my client’s problem that time is parang wala siyang clarity and systems on his business.  And being like this kind of technical person who was kind of into parang order and systems, parang management, like I want everything to be super streamlined, so I helped him do that tapos yun. He appreciated it and then basically bumped up my salary.


Do you have some patterns that you follow? Was there a pattern that you follow?

I didn’t really have that much of a pattern.  I could just clearly see the vision.  Everything that I am going to do, it just has to lead up to that vision.


Do you have a habit that keeps you composed and mindful of your future or your job?  Daily habits?

I’ve been really into self- improvement.  Those are the kinds of media that I watch.  I would constantly search for books na mag-iimprove talaga ng mindset ko, my mind, my beliefs, just everything.


How do you stay motivated?

I have this mindset thing that I kind of learned  and develop. It’s something called Yin and Yang or Ghost and Flame.  For Yin or Ghost, any kind of negative thing that will be  thrown at you or will just go through you and will not affect you in any way, shape your form.  Any kind of this just doesn’t get to me or I don’t get affected.  Sobrang high or sobrang positive lang talaga yung nasa loob ng brain ko.  I just don’t get affected by any negative stimuli anymore. like For  the Yang or the Flame, I just have to be the source of fun and positiveness and be the kind of guy that lights everyone around. That kind of mindset or personality shift parang really, really helped me to just stay motivated. That’s helped me a lot along the way in this path of mine.


What is happening right now in your freelancing world and in your life?

Right now, in my freelancing road, I have this super crazy goal of trying to reach a million by age 24. And I’ve already gotten some personal coaching. I invested in myself.  It’s the first time I’m paying something na sobrang mahal just to improve, just to keep improving where I’m at right now. So from six figures hoping to hit seven figures soon.


Paano mo nadecide yung 7 figures and what made you decide to get an expensive coach?

I wanted to go 7 figures because one, I know that it’s possible and two, if I could achieve that, it proves that I can really still do what I want and achieve greater things in life.  Mas magandang motivation. Magandang kakaadikan siya instead of doing just video games, or drugs or whatever.  For the coaching naman, it’s been proven time and time again, in order for me to level up, I have to keep investing in myself and my education, to get better mentors  and just to have people who are geniuses who are generally better than me, teach me what they know.


Basing on your experience, what advice can you give to people of your age?

So there will be a lot of people in my age na they’re feeling stuck. So, what  I want them to just do is like an exercise that I give to some people ‘coz I kind of do a little bit of life coaching for my friends. I have them list down all of the things that are in their mind right now. And that maybe parang a list of may be 50 or a hundred.  And then I just have them go through that list.   Just check the things na they can, they have direct control over like yung parang may magagawa sila and just cross out yung mga things na mga wala silang control over. And since dun sa mga nakacheck I will let them choose 5 things that they can just  focus on and just cross out the rest. Tapos yung 5 things na yun has to be something  that will give the person parang clarity on what they want to do with their life. So if they just focus on those 5 things, I think they’ll have a better, easier path and to just get unstuck in their life.

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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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