How Did An Accounting Grad Double Her Salary In 3 Months?

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How would you feel if two weeks after your resignation, and after submitting numerous job applications and proposals, you end up having ZERO response from potential clients?

You’d probably cry out of frustration, right? Maybe you’d also start questioning whether you made the right decision to leave a stable job in order to pursue freelancing.

That’s what happened to Kat, an accounting graduate who is also passionate about managing her own online business.

When she first encountered the idea of working from home, it got her intrigued, so she joined several online freelancing communities including FLIP.

She no longer wants to endure the heavy traffic in Manila so she made the decision to enroll in the VA Bootcamp to help kickstart her freelancing journey.

What were the challenges that she faced when she took that leap of faith to start freelancing?

How did she manage to double her income within just three months?

What other perks and benefits is she now enjoying as a freelancer aside from the increase in her monthly earnings?

Watch the replay here.

That is Kat Lorenzo’s journey, an accounting graduate who managed to double her salary in 3 months and works 40 hours a week.

Notable Quotes

  •  Pag mas naghihintay kang matagal para sa pagbabago, mas nauubos ang oras at walang magbabago. 
  •  Ngayon sa loob ng limang buwan sa freelancing nagkaron ako ng 6 clients  na sobrang babait nilang lahat sa akin kaya ako ginawa ko ang lahat ng best ko. 
  • It takes time’ huwag magmadali at hindi porket ma matagal na walang pumapansin may dadating at dadating din, the longer you wait it gets more fulfilling.

Kat Lorenzo’s Journey to Freelancing

  • A graduate of accountancy and worked in a corporate for a year.
  • While scrolling through FaceBook, she saw a comment about freelancing and it piqued her interest.
  • Looking around in FaceBook and finally finding out about VA Bootcamp.
  • While waiting for her 30-day turnover, she already started learning the concepts since after her resignation, she would already be submitting proposals.
  • Everyday she would submit a proposal and this went on for 2 weeks, she finally had a client after two weeks and that jump started her freelancing career.

Q&A Highlights

How did you endure this kind of workload from your old job?

I struggled with my self-confidence so when a task is given to me, Grateful naako at binibigay ko ang best ko at yung mga boss ko ay mababait at what matters to me at was the experience.

What was your breaking point?

One day I woke up thinking “Ayoko ng ganitong buhay” kasi nakakapagod and I can’t save up because all my salary just goes to my expenses.

What was reality?

Hindi natin nakikita yun everyday expenses and if you take away the expenses from your salary ang konti nalang ang natitira.

How did you feel when you found out what VA Bootcamp is?

I became interested because I can see the testimonies and the day that I found out about that page curious at interesado na ako na nakapag desisyon na magre-resign at mag e-enrol sa VA Bootcamp.

Was there any doubt when you first encountered VA Bootcamp?

No pero nag-alala ako na baka hindi sya para saakin.

When you entered the office, how long did it take you to be tired of that lifestyle?

6 months into my job when I was becoming a regular, naghahanap na ako ng ibang trabaho at inuuwi ko yun stress at pinapaginipan ko sya.

How was freelancing for you?

Mahirap sya at nakaranas ako ng maraming rejections. I was excited on my first day and would submit a proposal everyday and titingan ko kung may nagreply na and nalungkot ako nung nakita ko na yun iba may for interviews na, sobrang lungkot ko nun at nag-doubt na ako pero may nag-accept ng proposal at diretso na sa offer wala na for interviews. It’s nice to know that even if you have no experience there will be someone willing to accept you.

Would you say you could have done the same thing if you just learned it solo without VA Bootcamp?

No because VA Bootcamp mayroon siyang support system kaya madali kang ma-motivate.

What was your life as a freelancer earlier on?

Yung unang client was 5 hours a week at iniisip ko na hindi siya sapat so hindi ako tumigil sa pagsubmit ng proposals at a few days after nagkakaroon na ako ng for interviews. Ang problema ko ngayon ay time management since I work 40 hours a week.

What is the difference between corporate and now?

First is the salary and the clients, Secondly, Dahil masakitin ako, kaya kong imanage yun time ko kasi yun mga clients ay time flexible and Third is the access, as long as I have my laptop and internet kaya kong magtrabaho kahit saan.

How did you reel yourself back from that absolute freedom?

When the time of payout comes and I could not reach my goal so that was my wake up call “Hoy! Ayusin mo kaya ka nga nag freelancing kasi may mga goals ka”. 

What is the difference between your online business and freelancing?

In online business, it depends on the sales and in freelancing it depends on the hour and as long as you work, you are sure to get profit from it.

Why didn’t you go back to your online business?

I am planning to get back into it pero nag-iipon pa ako para sa mas malaking capital at magiging sideline lang sya.

What is your plan to fix that (Time management)?

Kailangan kong mag-set ng schedule kung kailan ako magtra-trabaho at kung kailan ako magb-break.

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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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