How Senior Citizens Can Beat Competition and Win Jobs on Freelancing Sites

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So last time, I mentioned how freelancing provides huge opportunities even for undergrads.

Now, let’s talk about how it opens up breakthroughs for our seniors.

If you think freelancing is just for the “young,” read on.

I want you to meet Cezarina.

She hates selling but she’d been a unit manager at a life insurance firm for 30 years.

She hates traffic but she was a Grab peer/driver for 2 years.

Take note. She received awards from both these endeavors.

And now that she’s in her senior years, guess what.

“Ngayong senior na ako, sa FREELANCING naman ang peg kong e try. Sa tutoo lang, hindi mo ako mapapa upo ng buong araw sa isang lugar! Sabi ko nga sa inyo…makati ang mga paa ko, gusto ko laging nasa labas exploring the world.”

Did she succeed?

“Ngayon may sumagot na sa aking cover letter. At last, ON THE ROAD TO EARNING DOLLARS NAKO…

It’s never too late to start a career in freelancing, diba?”

Ang galing no?

It just goes to show that age doesn’t matter in freelancing.

As long as you have the determination and perseverance, it will work for you.

Let’s talk more about “How Senior Citizens Can Beat Competition and Win Jobs on Freelancing Sites” on this FCC episode replay.

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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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