How to Get Started as a Facebook Ads Freelancer

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According to the latest statistics, Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly active users, making it the biggest social media network worldwide.

With this huge number of people, it has become essential for businesses to leverage Facebook as a primary way to attract and keep customers.

What Facebook advertising can do is mind-blowing.  Imagine being able to capture potential customers’ attention because you know what makes them tick.

And you got the information without some serious digging. Instead of chasing them, you leave them curious to know more about what you have for them. Isn’t that powerful?

Additionally, it is the cheapest form of advertising unlike radio, TV commercials, or print ads. It can reach thousands of people within a few hours depending on how you set it.

If done right, it can increase the number of potential customers, sales, and profit exponentially.

No wonder, countless business owners are raving about it, paving the way for the so-called Facebook Ads gold rush.

They feel like they are missing out on a lot of opportunities if they don’t use this powerful tool. The need is intensified by the current pandemic. Even brick and mortar stores are catching up to have an online presence. 

They want to reap the benefits so badly, but here’s the thing. Most of them have no idea how to run it or don’t have the time to examine the nitty-gritty technical details. 

What’s in it for you as a freelancer?

You guessed it right! Handling Facebook Ads is one of the most sought-after skills nowadays. If you invest in your learning, it can easily translate to more opportunities knocking on your door.

Business owners will be interested to work with you especially if they see that you are competent and can give them eye-popping results. 

Unlike other fields of specialization, a proven track record is important in order to get them to trust you because as I’ve mentioned earlier, most of them have no knowledge about it.

Which begs the question ….

How do you get started if you have no previous experience? You’re in luck because I’m going to let you have a closer look at the crucial steps I took when I broke into the market of Facebook Advertising with zero experience.

Are you excited? So am I. 

Upgrading My Skills

Photo by Start-up Stock Photos from Pexels

It’s true that changes are inevitable especially with regard to technology. The good news is, they give way to opportunities. In order to adapt and be competitive, it’s necessary to upgrade our skills from time to time.  

I decided to enroll in FB Ads and learned from my mentors as much as I could.  It took me some time to decide whether I will go in depth or not but eventually, I created my own Facebook page and tried running paid ads.

The best thing about it was that there were no restrictions. I was free to explore, discover, and practice without the dreadful consequence of wasting someone else’s resources.

Pitching My Offer to Online Business Owners

Then I took my little adventure a notch higher by pitching my offer to online business owners like Jason Dulay, John Pagulayan, and Allan Ngo. They were not in my network and we were not closely acquainted then.

As the cliché goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way. To my surprise, all three of them gave me the chance to manage their Facebook advertising and fortunately, some of the posts went viral. As a newbie, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Creating a Strong Portfolio

Photo by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Next, I boosted my portfolio by uploading my certificates, screenshots of my work, including the results (number of likes, comments, and shares), statistics, Facebook posts, and case studies. In a nutshell, a case study is where you breakdown an ad campaign showing all the actions, expenses, and return on investment (ROI).

I’d like to emphasize, client testimonials are powerful because they build your credibility and the more you have them, the more reliable you become.

Writing Attention-grabbing Proposal

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Take the time to write a customized, well thought-out proposal. You can do this by paying attention to the job post and addressing all the requirements and qualifications. 

It’s time-consuming and draining and you may only be able to submit a few proposals in one day but at least, you can get results. You’ll get the hang of it later on. Sending generic cover letters is fast and easy but it will get you nowhere. 

Preparing for Interview

Photo by Norwood Themes from Unsplash

Make a great first impression during the online interview by coming prepared. That means you’ve already researched the company’s nature of business and culture as well as thought about your matching qualifications and values. 

Here are some of the most common interview questions for FB Ads VA:

  • Explain how you are going to help increase the ad spend month-over-month while maintaining a high ROAS or Return on Ad Spend
  • How might you improve ad rank in Facebook Ads?

These are technical questions, but I just want you to have a sneak peek of what you might encounter once you apply. I suggest doing some research as early as now. Don’t worry, you will know these terms once you study FB Ads. 

I have one more gift for you since you’ve read this far.

Getting Inside the Mind of an FB Ads VA Recruiter

As I navigate deeper into my career, I was given the opportunity to scout and hire FB Ads VA applicants. Here are some of the key things or activities that I look at: 

  • Who are the influencers that they are following? What are the podcasts, websites, or blogs that they are focusing on? Their answers give me an idea on how they keep themselves in the know of the latest trends and updates.  
  • Do they have a good grasp of FB Ads policies? Why is it important for a recruiter to know? Being completely familiar with the rules means lesser occurrence of violations, otherwise it’s very easy to get banned or have someone’s Facebook account shut down.  
  • How do they handle adversities when their business manager, ad account, Facebook page or profile gets shut down?

I hope by now you have gained a certain level of confidence to help you get started.

If you want to step up your game, have a steady stream of income during this time of crisis, and even work with premium clients on a shoestring budget, check out my Facebook Ads Intensive Webinars.

Part 1: Basic Fundamentals

As the title suggests, this is perfect for newbies and beginners who want to acquire basic knowledge and skills in Facebook marketing.

Part 2: Intermediate

In this stage, you will dive deeper into marketing funnel with the right objective, audience, targeting, and checking your ad’s performance.

Part 3: Advanced

Level up your Facebook ads skills with experiments, re-targeting strategies, conversion campaigns, chatbots, and more.

And finally, the Freedom Package, where you can get all of the 3 webinars at once at a discounted price.

Start your own rewarding career as a Facebook Ads freelancer by clicking this link: FB Ads Intensive Webinars

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LJ Jose

LJ Jose

LJ is the founder of FB Ads Intensive and the Facebook Marketing Consultant of VA Bootcamp. He started working online as a programmer in his college dorm room in 2011, dropped out a year after and then joined the call center industry. In 2016, he said goodbye to corporate slavery and turned his passion into his current profession. When he’s not building ad campaigns, LJ loves to write, shoot photos and help improve Filipino lives through freelancing education. He normally hangs out at his Facebook Ads Marketers PH group. Follow LJ here.

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