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How To Make Clients Chase You (Instead of you chasing them)

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How To Make Clients Chase You (Instead of you chasing them)

Chasing down clients can be one of the most frustrating parts of a freelancer's life. Competition can be tough. It's a harsh reality that there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of other people offering the same type of service that you do, so standing out and becoming more attractive to clients can be difficult. Now, having clients chase after you instead of you chasing them – is that even a thing? How is that possible?

In this episode of FLIP Chat & Chill, let's talk about some practical ways that you can accomplish this. We'll talk about the basic concepts of branding and marketing and discuss specific measures you can undertake whether you are a newbie or an experienced freelancer.

93 thoughts on “How To Make Clients Chase You (Instead of you chasing them)

  1. Thank you guys for the info god bless

  2. Hello… From Bacolod..

  3. Hello po watching from bicol 😊

  4. Ganda ng hair ni Phoenix!

  5. Thank you so much, I have learned a lot

  6. Thanks for that tips..

  7. Monday is the best day of the week.. for me, specially attending “Chat & Chill” for us newbie you give us encouragement and push to start the week more to strive…

    1. thank you po Mam Honey Alfafara-EduqueπŸ˜€

    2. you can reach out to them via FB messenger Brian S. Zenarosa, Gel Galag, Jasmine Dooma

  8. summarize mo na lang sir phoenix heheπŸ™‚

  9. Wow powerful message maam

  10. Thank you ms. Honey..I agree “acknowledge what is special about you”

  11. “know your value”-thank you jasmine..

  12. Thanks to all, may natutunan na naman akoπŸ™‚

  13. Team replay po! Thank you

  14. Will there be a replay avaialable later?

    1. Yes Jhoms Reazon, there is😊

  15. Mabuhay ang walang niche!

  16. links po pang tutorial

  17. Uno momento, por favor (Gracias, senorita)

  18. Thank you po πŸ˜€

  19. Nakaka-miss mag-panel πŸ˜€

  20. Post daw po yung links sa comments

  21. Walang hiyang plug: Paki-like naman po FB page ko Writing Jing Maraming salamat po

  22. Plugging Time: Like and share my page: Writing Jing

  23. Sa pricing ba… Dapat set it a little higher para pag mejo tumawad si client ng mas mababa mejo nasa mataas na range pa rin?

    1. Phoenix Jackson nice. Thanks. Helpful.

    2. Since Freelancing is a business, ganyan ang approach ng iba. I, for one, do not practice that since (as I just mentioned) may mga clients who will not haggle. They’ll see your price and either say yes or no (which is also the way I buy things).
      Find out what works for you. Depende sa pag-approach iyan eh. If you are skilled at talking, or if you can attract people the more you talk, then by all means, initiate a haggling scenario.
      Or if you’re like me who just don’t want to be bothered by too much talk, go for fixed price negotiation.

  24. The moment na mabulol ka sa sagot mo sa tanong na “Are you worth that rate?” magdududa si potential client kung confident ka ba sa rate mo

    1. I am not worth that rate …(much more actually.)but my work does! πŸ˜‰

  25. Mam Honey..penge po…🀣🀣

  26. can build your own brand recognized and attract through your website porfolio to chase clients?

    1. A good example is Coach LJ here in Virtual Assistant Bootcamp or VAB. He has his own agency

  27. There are lots of good inputs today about freelancing. Thank you guys.

  28. Wow! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ thank you brian. ..

  29. subconscious thing. I know it

  30. Im noob like april nag start but currently at $10 per hour dahil dinaan sa confidence. Hahaha… At dinaan sa honesty at pagiging vocal on bad the clients are currentlybrunning his team. Hahaha

  31. Im noob like April lan nag start but currently at $10 per hour dahil dinaan sa confidence. Hahaha… At dinaan sa honesty at pagiging vocal on how bad he is in running his team. Hahaha
    Akalain mo nagustuhan nya. Lol. Sinabihan ko ba naman outright na ang bossy ng dating niya kaya naiintimidate magsalita ang employees. Hahaha

  32. “… tapos hindi ka na masaya” – Ghost your client (charot)

  33. Pusa na yung nakikita ko sa halip na husky πŸ˜€

    1. Nasa behind the curtain yung iba. He he.

  34. Yung nagbenta siya ng por kilo

  35. Hi. Watching from Cainta Rizal

  36. Thank you! Well addressed.

  37. Indians call them Dear

  38. Pag lalaki, bro. Pag babae, bru.

  39. We, Filipinos, are preoccupied with titles tapos yun ding GMRC, focus yun

  40. Since competitive na ang field sa. Kahit ano niche, dyo suggest that we learn first as noobs, or bank on our current skill set na lang muna and be confident na lang muna?

  41. May FVA ba na Architectural/Building Construction ang background?

    1. Phoenix Jackson Sa cover letter palang siguro, need ko na to mention ung skills, jobs I can do plus samples if they will require.

    2. Yes. Many come from the Engineering side.
      The thing about freelancing is (unless you choose to) you don’t belong to a specific box. Regardless of your past, it’s a question of whether you can do what the client asks you to do.

  42. “Always go into student mode”

  43. one way to make clients chase you is that do your work well or the best you can,finish it on time of before the time, and be amiable or open to them.

  44. You should be confident with what you have on your skillset as a newbie with the courage to walk the talk that you are willing to be trained and learn countinously.

  45. Go Jas! Jasmine Dooma <3

  46. Yes, you can. As long as younknow the worth and quality of your skill set

  47. Tama miss honey no?don’t get sad or attached kung masyadong “tyani” yung potential client..walk away kung di nila alam value mo..pero mahirap minsan kung nangangailangan ng pera or walang wala..heheπŸ˜‚

  48. Lowballer = buraot (hehehe)

  49. “I can only afford this much” Not always true but the key is in the negotiation

  50. Can you also do that even if you don’t have experience yet sa freelancing?

    1. You need to have “GANAS” in life & enjoy every single thing that you do. Everything will follow through your skills, learning things, and your client will recognised by your client and or other people including your family.

    2. Kindly read insights in this link, and it will he helpful to aspiring freelancer.

    3. Yes, especially if you believe in your skills and you can prove your competence in the offline world

  51. Galing bryan..
    “stand your value”

  52. How long did you achieve that kind of position?

  53. How to create a good portofolio po?

    1. Thanks Emman for responding to this

    2. You can start with simple things Like editing your photo.. Edit photo a dim photos is a good example, make it vibrant by adding filters… And the result could be a sample of your portfolio..

    1. Parang hirap nun! Hahaha

  54. Don’t call them “Sir” or “MaΓ‘m” because sometimes it comes across as sarcastic or you don’t remember their name

  55. Hi po!.watching from South Korea..

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