Inspiring Freelancing Lessons From A Fitness Trainer-Turned-Social Media Marketer

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“…I lost my father on my birthday.”


This happened to Janross in January this year.

What a great way to start 2020, right.

But life happens.

And it usually comes in three’s.

The company he’s working for in Qatar announced their salaries are questionable.

He needed to cancel his (much awaited) vacation plans to see his family.

And you know how he handled ALL these adversities?

How he was able to transition to freelancing?

How is he doing now?

Watch this replay to know!


 Watch this video as Janross Anthony Gutierrez shares his life, career, and freelancing journey. 


 Notable Quotes

  • Pag nagbibigay ako sa kaibigan ko ng advice pag problemado sila ganyan, ma-ingat ako in a way na hindi ko sasagasaan yung principles nila kasi alam ko kong pwede ko siyang matamaan don. Pero magbibigay nalang ako ng hint don sa mga part na yon na kailangan mong baguhin to, may kailangan kang ayusin at kailangan mong i-let go to.
  • Pag na-gear mo or na set mo yung tamang thinking kung ano ang magdedesign ng happiness mo then you’ve won, nanalo ka na. Kunwari di ka masaya na underworth yung ginagawa mo. 3 hours ka lang nagta-trabaho tapos 7 figures earner ka pero you feel undervalued of the 7 figures then you’ve lost versus someone earning 5 figures that they feel that their value is there with the client with their friends and with their family then I choose the 5 figures earner over the 7 figures earner.
  • Natutunan ko na nung nag-enroll ng free courses kaya nga yung mga free courses importante yon sa mga nag start diyan. Yung free courses, importante po yon para malaman mo kung paano mo mag-gage, paano mo to ma-start.
  • Time management is a skill kahit saang freelancing industry ko na talaga yan na-encounter. Hindi yan something na it comes natural with. It’s a skill that you have to learn and you have to dedicate time into practice yung time management.
  • Hindi lang pera ang pantulong sa tao, pwede mong tulungan yung tao sa kahit anong paraan na kaya mo. Basta maniwala ka na yung tinutulong mo di ka mag-isip ng pabalik. Kasi yon ang natanggap ko sa VAB at ibang community na tumulong ka pero di mo kailangan mag isip na tutulungan ka pabalik. Kaya ka tumutulong is just to help others to pay it forward doon sa mga taong mas mangangailangan pa sayo.
  • Be always grateful, empathize with people around us, and prioritize kindness. If you understand negativity, you will have a deeper knowledge of what is happening to that particular person. We should all have a big dream to have an impact and build a legacy. Prioritize selflessness, and at the end of the day, the biggest winners are those people who are humble enough when nobody is paying attention. Just learn how to approach it to achieve your goals.

Janross Anthony Gutierrez’s Journey to Freelancing

    • His first job was as a Nike Salesman for 9 months where he was a top seller. Then he worked in Starbucks as a Barista and Coffee Master. After a year he worked in a call center as an agent for 2 years wherein he improves his English skills. He also worked in Casino for 3 years and seen the entertainment industry.  Because of his work experiences, he realizes that there are a lot of aspects to run a business. He learns that Nike is great when it comes to branding, Starbucks is great in human investments and Telus is great in social responsibility. 
    • And then he worked as an OFW in DOHA Qatar. He was a Supervisor, managing in Petron station including the food area which is 7/11 where he was able to let the team feel the team effort and reverse engineer the mindset of the team to their goal.   
    • In the year 2017 he discovered WFHR, he received a newsletter from Jason Dulay and stunned as he learned that he can earn dollars while working in The Philippines.
    • He enrolled in free and paid courses and within 2 months in the program. He had worked as an appointment setter in a Real Estate. He worked 3 to 4 hours a day and get paid $4 to $5 an hour. He was earning Php 20,000 to 30,000 on top of his earnings as an OFW.
    • During chat and chill, he knew he can give advice through coaching but he resists as he waits for the perfect timing up until he became an OFW while working as a Freelancer and gain more experience. He prefers coaching using his own experiences as an example that comes from the heart which is a very good way of coaching as he practices what he preaches.
    • But then the client discontinued the contract and decided to pursue being a fitness trainer. He became a Children Fitness Trainer in DOHA Qatar. And he has been working as a Fitness Trainor for Kids for Child Development & Physiotherapy for more than 2 years now. 
    • March 2020 aside from working as a fitness trainer for kids he decided to go back to freelancing. March this year, Ms. Bong helped him to go back and access his course again and realize that he supposed to have a strong fundamentals in freelancing back then. But he has no regrets as he is now stronger, he knows his skill set, how to approach the client and how to reach his goal.
    • He has now a Client with OSocial, collaborative with Ms. Annie and he is prospecting client with FB Ads and also doing VA work as a graphic and content creator as an intern and found several communities to niche down and focus on other things that he has and he is in a bit good place.



Q&A Highlights 

 When did you start to have confidence in yourself in coaching? 

Just this year, I am more confident in giving my friends an advice when nobody is looking or listening and being careful in giving advice is making sure I will not step on to their own principles but just giving the hint to change this and let go of this same strategy with my siblings. 


Why did you quit freelancing back in 2017? 

During that time, I get a higher offer as a Fitness Trainer and I have to take some particular courses to improve my skills and I found happiness in training kids, seeing their progress.


Is your background and life experiences helped for you to be successful? 

Yes, it’s a big help because every work I had contributes to how I can now work with clients and experiences taught him a lot. It’s just always over-delivered para walang masabi ang client or else take it as a compliment and find a way to make it positive and because of my previous work in a call center and I know how to deal with foreigners. 


What is the one thing that you can tell future freelancers to be as successful as you? 

If you are in your current situation, like me as I am in the middle of my journey in freelancing, where I have just figured out my niche and what industry, I want to focus on its fitness, health and wellness are all related to my current work. If you want to see the future talk to the older person and if you want to go back to your past, then talk to the younger person than you but what you have is your present. So you will have to decide which advice to pick and you need to be grateful in any situation you are in.


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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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