Nag-struggle, Nag-juggle, Nag-hustle: Ngayon 6-Digit Earner Na!

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Have you experienced getting promoted pero walang increase sa sahod?

Bad trip di ba?

It’s something that we don’t want to happen, but it’s a situation that a lot of Filipinos are in.

Just like Ruthy.

She was a Guest Relations Assistant at SM for 2 years. Then she got promoted and assumed the supervisory role for 7 months.

“I was so desperate to get that supervisory role at SM because I financially struggled in providing for my family. I also had to work 15 hours/6 times a week. It was physically and mentally draining. I was earning for 7k minus the tax, SSS, and the like at SM as an Assistant. I, unfortunately, didn’t get any raise even I got the promotion for some reasons which I found unfair.”

So after she celebrated her 1st year, she worked as a part-time ESL teacher.

“One of my supervisors from SM resigned and worked as a VA. She heard I worked as a part-time ESL teacher and it just so happen that there was an opening in the company that she was working with. She offered the job first to her friend but backed out at the last minute. Praise God, she remembered me all of a sudden. It was ordained by the Lord.”

Let’s show our love and support for her by watching this JasSuccess interview replay with Ruthy.


Ruthy is from Davao and the only child of her parents. She used to work as an assistant staff at SM Davao where she eventually got promoted to a supervisor position. While working at SM, she had a part-time job as an ESL online teacher. Currently, she’s enjoying her 6 digits income and continuously helping her friends to transition from corporate to a freelancing career.

Notable Quotes

  • I accepted the job as a VA. It was a leap of faith for me kasi stable na ko dito sa supervisory, kahit walang increase, so it was a leap of faith for me. 
  • But I knew too well that God was walking with me, kasi right after napakaganda na ng buhay ko.
  • So yung freelancing, sabihin na nating yung iba maybe they’re having second guess or second thoughts if mag VA ba sila. It’s worth the wait. It’s worth the risk.
  • I believe in divine transition. Diba kahit hindi ako nagkaroon ng increase, hindi man ako na promote, may mga tao mang ayaw sa akin, kung anu yung plano talaga  sayo ni Lord, no man can ever shut the door kung ano yong para sa iyo.
  • Pag God ordered naman yung work, God will always provide.
  • Yung nasabi ko na lang na Lord thank you. Mapapaiyak na lang talaga, kasi lahat talaga binigay ng Panginoon pag sumusunod.
  • “Ruthy I trust you”, yun yung sabi niya. Tapos it made an impact to me na how can a stranger, hindi nga ko kilala nito pero he trusted me. So how can I break that?
  • If the client trusted you, wag nyo sayangin. Be resourceful and do your part.
  • Yun yung kiniclaim ko palagi, na pag inallow ng Panginoon yun, He will give you the strength. He will give you the provision. Hindi ka Niya pababayaan, but you need to do your part.
  • Hindi mo kailangang mag-aral ng sobrang daming skills na parang okay aaralin ko tong lahat kasi  papasukin ko to lahat. Parang the art of minimalism naman na kung ano lang yung kailangan mo, doon ka be wise.    
  • The goal of the VA Bootcamp is to help us improve our lives. So yun din dapat yung puso natin na hindi lang ako yung aangat gusto ko sabay tayong aangat.
  • There would always be differences around us, yung people, yung mga character, but alam mo you need to focus on, kung ano yung importante. 

Journey to Freelancing 

She used to work as one of the pioneering staff at SM Davao, earning Php 7,000 a month, just enough to provide for her family.

Worked for almost 2 years as an Assistant at SM when she decided and prayed for an additional income. She thought of working at a BPO company, but knowing they would not offer a part-time job, she didn’t leave her job at SM.

While on break, she’d read books, magazines, and newspapers. That’s when she saw one of the ads looking for a part-time ESL teacher.

Zero-knowledge about freelancing and online teaching, she took the courage to apply and got hired. 

She worked 12 – 14 hours a day just to earn a living. She started her shift at SM from 9 am – 6 pm, then had to rush to get home and prepare for her 7 pm online teaching.

Feeling drained with the long hours of working but only earning a little, she prayed to God to give her strength to love her work.

Then she had the opportunity to be promoted as a supervisor. Knowing that it’s still unsure whether she’d get it or not, she planned to quit her job if she would not get the promotion.

While she waited for the news on her promotion, she applied for jobs online and on Jobstreet. When Ruthy received the news that she got the VA position, she also got the news that she got promoted.

Out of pride, she accepted the supervisory position. But as a supervisor, she didn’t get the salary increase that she thought she would have.

Then she received a message from her former supervisor, who worked as a freelancer, saying that they have a vacant position.

It was the year 2015 when she started freelancing. She experienced ups and downs but blessed with a client who gave her the things she needed, such as a computer, internet, etc.

She enrolled at VA Bootcamp year 2018 for her client because she thought it would benefit them if she upgraded her skills. 

Ruthy was able to help her friends kick-start their freelancing career and transitioned from corporate to freelancing.

Currently, she’s now enjoying her 6 digits income and continuously providing her family’s needs.

Question and Answer

What is your first struggle on being a VA, nahirapan ka ba?

            Yes nahirapan talaga ako. First and foremost, kinabahan ako nung nakausap ko yung boss ko. Napaka bilis nya magsalita, hindi ko maintindihan yung sinasabi, tapos yung accent pa. 

And yung internet connection, netbook ko, napakaliit ng screen, yung keyboard hindi na nagwowork, nag freeze na sya, and yung power outrage din.

When did you start praying to God about getting a better life?

Maybe in high school

How did you gain the trust of your client?

             Ang time ko was 7 pm to 3 am pero 4 pm online na ko, nag aaral na ko. Tapos hindi ako tanong ng tanong sa boss ko. Naging resourceful ako, nag backread ng email, at nanuod ng videos. Inaral ko talagang mabuti.

When you’re doing the tasks, you seem to be giving all your heart out.  Bakit hindi kaya ni value ng past employments mo?

            Because it’s not for me

Anu pong niche nyo? 

            Customer service and technical support. Naging customer service ako currently for a real estate owner, sa isang nursing school, and yung isa naman for e-commerce.

How did you get to 6 digits?

            First, I’ve become a good steward of the little money that I have first. I’ve become a good steward not just with my finances but with my work. Winork out ko yung trust ng client ko sa akin. I fell totally in love with my work.    

Alam ko namang naging mahirap ang journey mo but you seem to make it sound easy, parang sayo napakadali lang. Is that because of your attitude as a strong believer, na parang di ka galit sa mundo? 

            Maybe because I really have a good foundation about growing up. I’m very thankful first for my parents. 

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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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