PWD No Longer Has To Worry About Discrimation At Work

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Call center jobs are still in.


Wherever you go, there are call centers accepting applicants.

Kadalasan nga, may mga namimigay pa ng vouchers to encourage you to apply.

They offer higher pay and numerous perks plus more growth opportunities.

Not to mention that you don’t need a college degree to join them.

But while BPO seats are desirable, they come with considerable high levels of stress.

And you have to adjust to shifting schedule.

Madalas pang-gabi ka.

Minsan, overtime pa.

Admit it or not, it’s not healthy.

And it will soon take a toll on your body.

Like what happened to Juan Rafael Saulo, a PWD who worked at a call center before.

“I always got sick in my call center days because I lack sleep. I was doing a 15-hour shift everyday.”

That led him to get out of it and just help with their family business.

Until he learned about freelancing.

And providing for his own family, saving for his own business, achieving financial freedom and traveling have motivated him to pursue working from home.

His perseverance didn’t fail him.

He’s been doing freelance work as a virtual assistant for some time now.

Get to know his success story — from being discriminated at work to doing what he loves the most on this replay.


Juan, also called as Chin, is a business owner, part-time freelancer. He is a PWD, he has a positive mindset. He works from home and earning enough for his family. He turned his disability to ability.



  • Nung malakas pa yung tuhod ko because I commute, I have two crutches. I commute on my own, taking buses, jeepneys, tricycles, lahat ng MRT, LRT na-akyat ko na. I was looking for a job.  Sabi ko muna kay Papa, “I’ll try on my own.”
  • Luckily, when I was going to a job interview, hinanda ko lahat. I went to a well-known bank, parang HR Assistant ‘ata ang inaplayan ko ‘nun. And then without looking at my credentials, sabi niya, “Hindi ka dito bagay, umuwi ka na.” Parang ganun, kasi nakita lang ako. Of course, ‘di ko ‘yun matanggal sa mga tao. Sometimes we fear what we do not understand.
  • But luckily, noong 2008 I got my first job as a call center agent.
  • My first six months with them minumura ako araw-araw ng TL(team leader)ko. Siyempre I have to stick it out, matira na lang matibay.
  • Luckily nung gumaling ako, I was known as a ‘Monster,’ kasi kahit 50 calls on queue I would literally solve each case. Fifteen hours ang shift ko araw-araw, tapos yung day-off ko double pay. Sige pa rin kahit umuulan.
  • When typhoon Ondoy hit Metro Manila, I was in Makati standing for five hours, waiting for a taxi. I was soaking from head to foot and got sick. Sabi ni Papa,  “Enough!”
  • Then I worked as a Health Insurance Agent. My main job is client management, but the salary is not much.
  • While working naghahanap pa ako ng sideline jobs, hanggang nakita ko ang VA Bootcamp. Nanood ng mga success interviews nila Ms. Holly, Ms. A., Ms. Bong, Ms, Dea, and a lot more. Sabi ko, “Legit ‘to.”
  • Sabi ko sa misis ko, ‘yung birthday present ko ito na lang, mag-enroll sa VA Bootcamp. We set aside money, I enrolled complete course, it was a big investment. Medyo umaray ako dito ng konti pero sabi ko, “Okay lang mababawi ko naman, hindi naman ‘to scam.”


  • He is a Psychology graduate
  • He worked as a Call center Agent. He experienced hardships especially going to and coming from work. He got sick because of the long-hour shifts.
  • He worked as a Health Insurance Agent on his father’s insurance business but the salary is not much.
  • While working, he was still looking for an online part-time job. It took him four years to get hired in Odesk, but the experience was bad. 
  • Browsing on Facebook, he stumbled upon VA Bootcamp. It took him a couple of months before he enrolled, making sure that it’s not a scam, and it took a lot of work. He then joined the Guided Hustle Challenge. 
  • A couple of rejections, but he didn’t stop there. He rested for a while then got back.
  • Right now, he is with a very fantastic team, a non-profit organization, and his client is happy with him. According to him, medyo nakakapagod lang at times, but he just thinks it goes with the territory. You all get tired, you all get burned out, but the process works. It didn’t come easy kasi from the time na nag-enroll siya VA Bootcamp, to the time na nagkaroon siya ng client, more or less seven months. He really has to face himself, ‘yung mindset niya is for the long term. 
  • Timing lang ‘yan.  If it’s for you, then it’s for you, just keep on trying.


What drives you to become independent?

 I think it was the upbringing nila Papa, was not treated and given any special treatment. Nung malakas-lakas pa ang paa ko, I would clean my own room. When I was younger I was handful kahit na differently-abled.

Sa mga inaaplayan mo do you tell them that you are PWD?

Yes, I do tell them upfront! I’m a PWD, I type slow, this is how much I need. Kung gusto n’yong maipagawa just tell me ahead of time. Be specific so that I can follow, para walang mali. Kasi kung may mali, dinadamdam ko ‘yun and it also reflects on me.

How do your parents feel kasi napaka daring ng journey mo?

My mother is very supportive, si Papa lang ang need ng a little of bit explaining. Hindi na lang siya kumukontra, as long as nagagawa ko ‘yung duty ko dun sa business.

Do you have a particular goal for a month or year?

Noong wala pa akong client at least an i5, at kapag nagkapera upgrade ang hard drive para mas mabilis ang computer. Travel.

During your learning journey, dumating ba yung time sayo na gusto mong mag quit? 

Yes, I’m only human. I think it’s a mixture of pagod, burn out kasi natapos yung Hustle Challenge wala pa din akong client.  Kaya sabi ko mukhang kailangan yata nating magpalit ng plano. Nag-volunteer muna ako bilang moderator to get experience.

What is the biggest advice that you can give to everybody?

Just keep on going, never give up, basta tuloy lang.  If it doesn’t work, change your plan, modify, execute.  Mindset and attitude are more important than skills. 

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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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