Q&A Session: Is Freelancing Really Right for Me?

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Hey, good morning everybody and we are back. I think we had an issue earlier with the first video I posted so hopefully this one works properly. I’m just gonna make sure that we get to share again on the facebook groups. So welcome everybody who’s watching this video. For those that are attending live thank you for attending live. We’re having this session every Saturday morning at 10 o’clock. We may change the schedule in the future but for now, we’re just having it every Saturday morning 10 o’clock. Q&A session where I have a topic that we’re gonna talk about and you can ask any kind of questions you want with regards to freelancing, with regards to working from home and with regards to the topic. Okay, so we do have a couple of people now. I hope that this one works properly. Okay, it looks like it’s working properly and we are good to go. So feel free to ask any questions at any time during this presentation this is more of a Q&A rather than the presentation.

So, is freelancing right for me? And let’s see if we can up there we go my face gets covered by the question. So that is the question right now. Okay, there we go it’s working. Free course for newbies, freevacourse.com.  So I’m going to, good morning Andrea thank you Enzo for confirming that it is working. And if you are a newbie and don’t know anything about freelancing yet we do have that free course over at freevacourse.com. I know some of you guys watching maybe new to this so head over there get a 5-day free course so you can get started with your freelance career.

Okay, so the question today is, is freelancing right for me? Is freelancing right for me?

First of all, let’s take a look at the different pros and cons of freelancing.

So when it comes to freelancing we have a couple of pros;

  • Our first pros here, is that there there’s no commute we just saw this Anna just shared a topic this morning in the facebook group that there is no commute you know you don’t have to spend hours on you know, that MRT or on EDSA or in Cebu, I think on Escario or in Lahug where you spend hours just getting to work. So there’s no commute you just wake up in the morning so as you can see well that’s the bed right there, that’s that’s my bed and this is where I can work from.  So I just get up and within a couple of seconds I can get to work. I don’t even have to fix my hair. I don’t have to wash my face. I usually don’t do that but there’s no commute. The commute is from  my bed to this chair over here. So there is no commute. That’s a huge advantage especially right now with the traffic getting worse and worse. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better in the Philippines. So that’s one big pro right there.
  • Secondly, one of the good things about freelancing is that you have more time right because there’s no commute and because of a lot of different other factors, you know,  we can take our lunch breaks while we’re working. We can, you know, have snacks about while we’re working at the same time we just work on the computer we work from home so we have more time to do what we want to do. We have more time to spend with our family. We have more time to watch TV if that’s what you want to do. And in my case, so we have more time to travel and travel around the world because we’re able to work from anywhere and that’s another benefit being just able to work from anywhere. You can be, you know, I remember when I was visiting my friend I was supposed to be working for a client but I was visiting my friend. We were just hanging out and he was having a party and a client calls me up because I was supposed to be working at the time. So I have my US number linked to my cell phone so it rang and I had to go into his bathroom and take the call and said, ‘okay’ and the client asked me to do to do some work on the website so I said, ‘okay I’ll do it right now.’ So I brought my laptop with me I just, you know, in my friend’s house you know there’s a party I just spent like 15 minutes updating the website and that was it. I was still paid for that time even though I was at a friend’s party. So I could still work there. Right now I’m in Thailand, I’m in Chiang Mai I can work from here. If you’re in the Philippines, you know, you get tired, sometimes you get tired of the environment working at home, the same background the same environment, so you want to change you can always go to a coffee shop or wherever as long as there is an internet connection.
  • Next Pro of working from home is that you have more control over the kind of work that you do.  Just, you know, freelancing is very similar to a business. In fact, you can consider yourself as a small business owner if you’re a freelancer because you’re responsible for yourself. And with that comes more control over the kind of work that you do. For example, when you’re working in an office, you know something, we apply for jobs I remember when applied to the call center and I was assigned to a specific account. One of my first accounts was an outbound sales team. So we’d call companies and we have to sell them telephone lines and I hated it. I hated doing that but I was stuck, right. If I could quit my job and look for another one that was my only option. Whereas with freelancing, with freelancing you have more control. You can choose what kind of jobs you want to apply to. You can choose what kind of jobs you want to accept.  For example, a few months ago I was doing SEO I was doing a search engine optimization. I was doing that and then I just, I wanted to do something else. I got bored of it. I wanted to do something else. I wanted to go into facebook ads I wanted to go into online courses and help clients with that. So I just shifted. I shifted my focus and I have control over the kind of work that I do. If somebody asks me tells me, ‘hey can you do this for me, can you start working on my Instagram.’ I can just say, ‘no I don’t want to,’ and I have full control over the kind of work that I do.
  • Next is there is, there can be more money. It’s  not a hundred percent certain, it depends but for most people, for most freelancers they earn more money freelancing than they did when they were working in an office. There are a lot of reasons for this but one of the major reasons is because we’re working directly for US companies most of the time were working for  UK companies, Australian companies sometimes European and since we work directly for them we get paid in, you know, Philippine Pesos. I mean we still get our money in Philippine pesos but the client is paying us in US dollars and this is a very big benefit because as we know the costs of living are getting more and more expensive, you know. I remember 10 years ago I was earning something like 10,000, 12,000 pesos a month including allowances and I was so excited for 12,000 pesos a month but nowadays12,000, 10 years ago is not the same as 12,000 pesos now. You can’t buy the same things.  Things are getting more and more expensive then salaries aren’t increasing its high. So the need for more money nowadays, the need for more money is continually increasing. I saw a comment that there was a stop. I’m just going to continue. I think you should get it back it might have been a technical glitch, okay. The need for more money, okay it’s still going. Just try refreshing. Try refreshing well you can’t hear me if you can’t see the video, anyway. The need for more money is getting more and more important as where as things are getting more and more expensive as time goes on.

Okay, let me just check the comments here and see if you have any questions. Good morning. Good morning Fritzy, Karen, Arlene, Baby, Jamaica. We have Melanie good morning. Good morning Olga. Okay, my connection went down momentarily but it seems we’re okay. Okay the connection,  my connection got disconnected and came back on but it seems that we’re okay.  So Jelusel, if you’re asking, paano po, if you’re asking how? I have that free course just go to freevacourse.com. As you can see it there. There is bad weather right now in Cagayan let’s, if you can say a prayer for our countrymen who are experiencing bad weather. We hope that everybody is okay in that part of the country.

Okay, so we talked about the pros of freelancing there’s no commute. There’s, we have more time. You have more control and they can potentially more money for most people who are freelancing. How about the cons, what are the bad sides of freelancing. Ok so it’s not always good there’s always some bad with it compared to working in an office.

  • So first of all, you don’t have a social life when you’re freelancing. Well not necessarily but there’s less opportunity for you to practice a social life when you’re freelancing. You know in the office what we used to do especially in the call center like after, work after shift we’d go out we hang out. And a lot of people would, you know, drink a few beer and just hang out after shift especially like on the weekends. If you’re, if you don’t have work the next night not the next day because we work at night. You know they will just go to bars start going karaoke and start singing. And there’s a social life, you know, during breaks you hang out with people, you have, you also have lunch with a lot of your officemates and you know when you’re getting water, you have talks there’s tsismis and all of that. There’s, unfortunately that’s not present really in say freelancing. For some people that’s a good thing. For a lot of people it’s a bad thing because you might miss working around other people, you know, maybe have your kids with you. You have your cat or your dog with you. For me I have my girlfriend with me. We do work together. So we do have that social life. You can work in court, in space but it’s different. So that there’s much less of a social life when you’re working from home.
  •  Next are, there are no benefits really like no, when I say benefits I mean medical benefits and like Social, well  SSS and Philhealth. There’s no SSS, no Philhealth. There’s no health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance. Doesn’t mean it’s not available for you because you can still avail of these benefits. In fact, we’re talking to a partner right now, a potential partner who is planning to offer these benefits to freelancers. But you’re gonna have to look, pay your own taxes. You have to sign up for your own health insurance, life insurance and so on.

There’s so many saying that it’s cutting in and out, I’m not sure if it’s your connection but Anna you’re the only one complaining that so far that cutting in and out. So hopefully it’s not everyone’s not experiencing it. it might be your connection. Alright. Okay we have a couple of people who are having some issues and well okay Baby’s having, Baby’s not having an issue so that’s good to hear. So it’s not just, it might just be your connection alright. So I’ll move on with the presentation it seems that where everything is going smoothly I hope for most of you guys.

  • Okay, so next the cons of freelancing is you have more control over, you know, your time over the kind of work that you do when it comes to freelancing. Okay. So you do have more control over the  time. You do have more control over the kind of work that you do. You have control over what kind of jobs and what kind of that you accept. You can just say no to things .that’s both pro and a con. Because for some they don’t work well if they have their own control. Some people like going into an office, like being told what to do, you know, they like getting orders from the boss every single day because it’s simple. And that’s very simple,  simple life, going to the office start work, have the boss tell you what to do. you end work and then that’s it.  With freelancing it’s a bit different because you’re  essentially you’re your own boss. You tell yourself what to do. You’re gonna have to tell yourself, ‘okay now I have to study this, I have to attend this training, I have to enroll in this training, I have to search for these jobs, have to do my own things. And for some people it’s not good for them because they don’t like that. They don’t like having that control they just like going into an office. being told what to do and to just go home and that’s it. Same thing more time, one of the cons of freelancing that you have more time, it’s both a benefit and  I don’t know what the opposite of benefit I can’t think of it.  But it’s both good and bad. That you have more time because you have more time to spend with your family. But for some people  because they have so much time because they have that freedom of time they end up not doing the work they’re supposed to do. In an office you don’t have a choice. You work 8-9 hours a day sometimes 10 hours a day and you’re stuck in the office. You don’t have a choice but to do the work but when you’re working from home you do have that choice. You do have a choice to not work right now. If you don’t feel like working you the choice is not working in the morning you can work in the afternoon but for some people they say ‘oh I don’t feel like it right now in the morning or in the afternoon I don’t feel like it Oh at night I don’t feel like’ and they never get any work done. Believe me, I’ve experienced that myself where I was so lazy just didn’t do any work and of course my income got affected.

Okay I’m going and seeing if you have any questions here. Okay, Herman, German ask ko lang, what are the things that you need to consider before leaving your regular job for freelancing? So let me just take this of okay and we have this question here, ask ko lang what are the things that need to be considered before leaving your regular job to freelancing? It’s very good question and if you’re working in an office right now if you’re working in corporate, call center or if you’re OFW or anything and you want to go freelancing you want to start working from home there are a number of things that you need to consider. Because like I said, because you have more time because you have more control it’s different. It’s something that’s very new if you’re not used to it yet and because it’s something new you might have difficulty transitioning. You might have difficulty getting used to how things are. My advice, number one, my advice is, well of course, you have to have a computer very important to have to have internet connection that works properly very important as well. But aside from that you should also have some savings as much as possible. I’d say at least three months worth of expenses. If you spend let’s say 10,000 pesos a month you need to have 30,000 pesos in the bank first before you leave your job and go freelancing unless the the other side to  that, unless, of course, you have a husband or a wife month then my suggestion is to have at least three months worth of living expenses before you go into freelancing. Second is your mindset okay. You have to be ready to take control over, to be responsible for yourself. You won’t have a boss anymore, You’re gonna be your own boss so that mindset is also very important. Okay, I hope I was able to answer that question.

And I mean Mi Nanick yes that’s true if you’re already earning that you can also have those benefits so what I was saying about the benefits if you’re earning then you can pay for the benefit. You can pay for the health insurance, the life-insurance the SSS and Philhealth on your own.

Mae has a question how to win an hourly job book po? Yung job success, rising talent at hourly job na na experience kasi fixed price lang na experience ko. That’s an interesting question. So you and this is for those who don’t understand what’s going on here this is in regards to Upwork, Mae says, she was, Upwork is one of the main places that you can get freelance jobs and Mae have been getting what we call project-based work or fixed priced work and she that bidding for hourly work and Mae it’s basically the same thing. The way that you are able to win fixed price contracts is the way that you can win hourly contracts. You still have to, you know, write your, you have to have your job title that specific to the job you’re applying to. You have to have your cover letters that are specific to the job description that you’re applying to. And you have to do good in interviews same way that you win jobs. It doesn’t matter if it’s an early or a fixed rate job. Maybe it’s the kind of job that you’re applying to. And if I’m not mistaken you’re a student of our of our bootcamp so you can feel free to shoot us an email as well if you have additional concerns regarding this.

Okay so once again feel free to ask any questions that you do have. Hopefully, you’re watching this live so I can answer it live. If you’re watching the replay you can still answer, you can still ask your questions.

Okay so I’m on to our next, I’m just gonna  copy and paste this here. Our next concern here, what kind of person do you need to be in order to successfully  that’s not yet, not yet this one this one sorry. What skills do you need in order to freelance? Okay, and this is very similar to this question here by Sy, katulad ko na not really good in computer even idea about VA or SEO, pwede ba ako mahasa pa sa ganitong langaran, don;t what that word means, para magkawork at home as VA sir. So good question if you’re not and that connects to our current topic right now which is this is our current topic. What kind of skills do you need when you’re to be a successful freelancer. So like Sy, is that your first name I’m not sure, you’re saying that you’re not very good at computer just right so you want to learn about VA or SEO or things like that. So when you’re starting  to become a successful freelancer you have to  I’d say you should be okay with computers. You don’t need to be very good you don’t need to be able to do programming. You don’t need to be an expert but you should be okay with computers. What I mean by that is can you surf the internet? Can you do Google searches? Can you manage, can you check and receive, can you send and receive? You can surf the internet as long as you can create Microsoft or Google Documents then you should be okay with working online. You don’t need to be an expert in computers just browsing the internet. Checking sending email and creating documents that’s okay. My suggestion is if you’re not very good with computers don’t do SEO, SEO is technical, requires expertise with computers, requires understanding of computers. I’d say start with VA, virtual assistant and admin work because that’s an easy place to start. You can start, you know, doing the transcription you can start doing data entry and those are good places to start .We do have our free course here freevacourse.com and that’s a tutorial and that’s an introduction to working online as a virtual assistant, okay.

Jules is saying good morning everyone looking forward to learning more things about freelancing. Okay so you’re here and Mjhay kailangan ba ng more trainings and experiences para matanggap sa trabaho? The quick answer to that is no.  You don’t necessarily need any trainings or experiences as long as you’re able to do the work and convince the companies, the clients that you can do the work you don’t really need trainings. You don’t you need experience to get started okay. Of course, if you’re applying for more difficult work you do need trainings you do need experience but the start off you don’t necessarily need them. I know that I offer a training course, right, so why am I saying this because well the training course gives my students experience. It gives them that training and experience that they need so that they can tell clients, ‘I know how to do this.’ It teaches them the basic skills but a lot of people don’t need it especially if they already have the skills. If they know how to manage emails. If they know how to do transcription. If they know how to do data entry and admin work they don’t need to go through trainings and they can get started. Or if they know how to do customer service work they don’t need trainings they can get started immediately. So not necessarily but it is recommended to increase your chances of success.

Enzo is asking how long does it take your proposal in Upwork before withdrawing it? I’d say most clients respond within a week. When you send the proposal. When you tell a client I want, when you’re applying for a job basically within a week some take longer some take shorter but I’d say one week is a good amount of time.

Myke, how can I be successful as a freelance web developer? Do I need to focus more on the front end or back end? Good question it’s a bit technical, a little bit of a technical question so I don’t,  I won’t expect everyone to understand what we’re talking about here but when it comes to web development, are you, Myke a designer or you’re more of a developer? If you’re more of the designer focus on front-end because front end requires design skills requires you to be good with CSS HTML to know colors and fonts and a little bit of JavaScript. If you’re more of a developer if you know PHP if you can do ruby-on-rails PHP or Python then focus more on the back-end that’s more of the programming side. So depends on what your, where your skill and where your interest is.

From Indian mas mababa rate nila pero ayoko po magbaba ng tulad nila kasi ang skills ang mas importante sa client kesa mababang rate, Tama po ba? Yes I hire- in Upwork yet. So even when I was very new the minimum rate was $1 and I’d be bidding my rate at that time let’s say was $10 at that time I was bidding $10 and they were bidding $1 but I’d still be able to win the jobs why because I’m able to prove the clients that I can do the work. I’m able to tell them he’s bidding $1 I can do 10 , I’m bidding $10  but I know how to do this. I know what you’re talking about. I have the skills. I have, I can show you that I can do this work. Skills are more Important I don’t want you guys to be under bidding just because Indians are bidding less and because there will always be somebody who will do the work for for less than you. There’s always gonna be somebody if you say okay I’m gonna pay, I’m going to bid $5. I’m going to do this for  $5 now or somebody will always say, I’ll  do it for 4. If you say 4 someone’s gonna say I’ll do it for 3 so don’t  start that. Don’t fight on price, Fight on quality. Fight on the skills that you can do. If you don’t have the skills yet, if you don’t have the quality then attend trainings improve your quality but never fight on price.

Good morning. Sofia is saying. good morning and Jen can have a data entry job if I only have an average typing skill? Yes you can and this is similar to Baby’s question earlier. Yes you can if you have average scale but my advice and improve your typing skills. Get better so that you can charge higher so that you can get those jobs.  If your speed, if you’re typing speed, and you can go to typingtest.com to find out your typing speed, if you’re typing speed is 40 words per minute then practice. Keep on practicing increase that speed so that to 60 increase it to 80 to 90. So that you can be better at data entry jobs. You can apply for jobs saying I can type faster. I can type faster than these other people and you can eventually you can even charge higher rates because if two people are applying for the job one person types at 40 words per minute the other person types of more than twice as fast, so the other person to charge more than twice. So improve your skills if you’re only average improved to be above average. Keep on practicing. That’s what I said about freelancing is that you’re responsible for yourself. If you don’t improve yourself, if you don’t improve your skills you won’t be able to succeed. Okay, very important.

Okay, once again please continue to ask questions. -my presentation so you may want to ask your questions. I’m just going to this question up this topic here. What kind of person do you need to be in order to successfully freelance?

  • So you need to be somebody who’s hard-working okay that’s very important. Like I said you are responsible for yourself so if you want to succeed you have to be hard-working you can’t be lazy. If you’re lazy then you might as well work in the office because you are not going to succeed in freelancing. You have to be able to be determined you have to know what your why you’re freelancing because there are times you’re gonna fail. When you’re in freelancing you are going to Fail. You’re going to fail over and over and over again ok but then after failing multiple times that’s when you succeed and once you find out how you can succeed and you focus on that, you focus on what mean you succeed then that’s how you can continue to be successful. You can become better and more and more successful but when you’re starting out during the first few weeks during the first few months when you’re freelancing you are going to fail. So you have to have- Okay my connection got lost there. I was just saying, I’m just saying you have to have to keep pushing. You have to keep fighting in order to succeed even no matter how many times you fail you have to say, ‘okay I know I’m doing this and I am going to succeed.’
  • Okay, next is you have to be flexible. If do you wanna be a successful freelancer  you have to be able to adjust especially when you’re failing. When you’re feeling the first few times you have to be able to still  look at, to take a look at what you’re doing and say, ‘okay I’m going to do things differently. I’m going to adjust. I’m going to be flexible to what the jobs, to the kind of jobs and applying to I won’t stay the same I’m going to become better. I’m going to improve myself.’ If you don’t improve yourself than you actually won’t succeed in freelancing.
  • And lastly, you should also, you should be kind of person that wants to learn new things. If you just want to do the same thing every day for 10 years of your life. not learn anything you but you might as well stay in the office. Might as well  work in corporate. But if you want to learn new things, if you want to know more about psychology, know more about marketing more about development, design and things like that then freelancing is a very good place to go, okay.

And my last discussion point today is, who are those who should not freelance? Okay, who are those who should not freelance?

  • Those who should not freelance are those that want something easy. Some people tell me, well I see it all the time in the facebook page and they say, ‘okay I’m looking for something very easy, I just want data entry work, copy paste work lang. I just want easy work that will pay me lots of money.’ That’s what  they want but that’s not available in freelancing. And yes you can make lots of money and keep on saying that. You can make lots of money but it’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it, right. So if you want something easy work in an office work in Jollibee, work in McDonald’s that’s the easiest kind of work that you can do. But if you are willing to be challenged if you’re willing to fight to improve yourself then that’s how you concede with freelancing.
  • Second, those who should not really be freelancing are those who very very, you know, who live and are very involved with like office social life, office politics office tsismis. you know, working with the boss. Maki-close boss to get promoted and things like that. So if you’re that kind of person who loves the office tsismis, who loves the office politics then you shouldn’t be freelancing because there’s that doesn’t exist in freelancing or it exists very little in freelancing. So freelancing might not be the right place for you,  if that’s what you enjoy. I’m not saying you’re a bad person, I’m just saying that you might be better served in an office. Where is office social life and politics and tsismis which doesn’t exist in freelancing.

Okay.  So I am actually done with the presentation right now and I will still stay on to answer your questions. So we have a couple of questions here, how can I improve on selling myself? I can’t seem to put the right words that is a whole different topic, Sophia  but you should be studying sales skills, the psychology of sales. And once you study that apply it in your application. Apply it in your cover letters. Apply in your job title, in your profile overview. Apply the sales skills that you learn but study sales skills. We do have some, a couple sales skills. They’re selling skills you have to study there are books, there are websites available that you can study this.

Arlyn, I’m 45 now but very newbie in this field, willing to learn naman.  Does someone like me  have a greater chance of getting hired? Well tp answer that question I’m gonna say that it doesn’t matter.   It doesn’t matter how old you are.  It doesn’t matter what kind of experience you have and if it’s not related then you have an equal chance. You have an equal chance as somebody who is 65 years old and is a newbie. You have an equal chance of somebody who at is 20 years old and is a newbie. Age doesn’t matter. Your skills matter. So if you’re if you’re if you all have the same skills a 20-year-old, a 40 year-old and 65-year-old, age doesn’t matter. You all have the same chance of getting hired.  It’s up to your skills. It’s up to your ability to sell yourself. It’s up to your ability to be able to do the work so you have the same chance of getting hired as everybody else. So how do you make yourself more hireable? Improve your skills. Get experience. Improve your sales skills as well.

Rey, newbie here, where do I start? Kahit data entry lang. Okay. So Rey, please check out the free course that I have here, freevacourse.com. That will tell you how you get started and give you some tips as well.

Anna, oo naman ako din asa 40’s na eh. So Anna is in her forties as well. She just started freelancing was it three months ago four months ago, tama ba Anna? And she’s very successful now. She’s one of our students so we’re very proud that she’s successful and she’s one of our success stories. But yeah she’s in her forties, started a few months ago is very successful now.

Julz, this is my first time to freelance how much should I charge for building websites? I’m just a newbie web development but have 15 years experience in IT, thank you. Websites, there are easy website and they’re difficult websites, Jules my advice for you right now is charged by the hour. Don’t charge by the project if you have don’t have any idea how many hours going to take but, but if you do have an idea how many hours gonna take then, let’s say you estimate let’s say your hourly rate is $5 or let’s say $10 an hour, okay you’re charging  $10 an hour and you estimate that this project will take you 50 hours then you can charge $500 for the website. So my advice, if you’re still new, you don’t know how long it’s going to take then charge by the hour but if you do have an idea then you can charge a flat rate. Just multiply your hours by the number of hours it’s gonna take.

Jane, are their training online for those who would like to be a software developer? Yes, there are trainings online unfortunately I don’t offer software development trainings but there are there are a lot of trainings online for those that want to be, to go into software development. My advice Jane is to start,  there’s a website that has that I can’t remember right now but you can start on codecademy.com that’s right. That’s the site codeacademy.com, they do have some trainings there I think it starts free. They starts up with some free training and you might, for the more advanced training they need to pay but codeacademy.com is a good place to start.

Celeste. Hi sir, good morning. I’m about to try freelancing, work-at-home na po pero natatakot ako siguro I just don’t know what’s gonna happen, any advice po. So Celeste if you haven’t taken the free course already then I highly suggest that you do.  If you haven’t taken it

yet but if you already have you’re still scared I’d say that just do it. Or if you’re- connection yet life is that I was saying I, just know, something’s up with my connection. But how things that life is short take those challenges, you know. It’s a challenge to start freelancing. You wanting to do it means that you’re you’re one of those people that is probably going to succeed in freelancing so it’s going to be a challenge. It is scary. It’s very very scary. I know it’s very scary but go ahead and do it. You’re going to fail at first. Be ready for failure but just keep pushing. Just keep fighting. Just keep praying. Just keep adjusting and you can succeed. Of course, we have the courses to help you out but, you know, that’s your option.

Baby is saying 40 plus she started transcriptionist tas basa, research, aral ngayon may konti na alam sa web design. Yeah. Age doesn’t matter like what I said.

Anna has been working five months na. That was fast five months na pala.

Willing to do this going to earn for this in a few days from now.  Some people can. Some people can but most people can’t do it in a few days from now because you have to learn. Learning is a process. It will take time. It can take days for some people. It can take weeks for some people. It can take months for some people. For most people it takes at least one month. Okay, to learn. To learn this whole freelancing thing. So if you’re new to this expect to work hard. Expect to learn a lot. Expect that you’re gonna have to study a lot. If you’re not ready for that then don’t start. A few days from now, you can if you really study hard and work hard and then study the entire and work the entire day and you can earn from this a few days from now.


Norz is saying code academy is perfect. Yes. They have very good tutorials there.

Most of my jobs were in the food industry do I stand a chance in freelancing? I’m gonna answer this with the same answer I gave to Arlene earlier. It doesn’t matter what your previous work was. It doesn’t matter how old you are you have the same chance as everybody who is starting. I started six years ago. I had no experience in freelancing and I succeeded. So many people, well everybody starts from scratch, everybody starts from zero. We have people who were, I even know people who used to be domestic workers, OFW domestic workers, maids, and they are successful. People who used to work in the food industry like Jollibee, Greenwich they’re successful. They feel it doesn’t matter where you came from. What matters if you’re able to do the job and able to tell clients that you can do the job.

Joey. I want to have a real estate agent. I’m not sure you’re in the right place we’re not talking about real estate here we’re talking about freelancing.

No audio for Arlyn and I think other people have audio sorry to hear that.

Maria. I want to start freelancing as well if I’m willing to study again what we recommend for me to take the course to help me with my knowledge and skills as a freelancer. Maria well I have a free course here. This is my free course that I do have available. It’s a free course that you can take. I do have a paid course as well this is a 5-day free course. Let me just

keep that on the screen, freevacourse.com, boom there we go. This is a 5-day free course and we do have a more advanced paid course. So this is what I’d recommend that we’ve had so many success stories from our students. I’m very proud to say that this course is very successful in getting people, giving people the experience and the training they need in order to succeed.

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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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