Q&A: Which Freelancing Field Should I Pursue?

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Hello. Hello, everybody good morning. Sorry about earlier had to reconnect the facebook live session but we are live right now. I think the library now we currently have 0 viewers if you could log on and let me know. Just type in good morning and tell me where you’re tuning in from. I’d really appreciate that. 

Today we’re going to focus more on a Q&A session. This is more of a question and answer session wherein we’ll be answering this specific question; what freelancing field I pursue? And just making sure, can you guys can you guys hear me? Can you hear me? Let me know if you can hear me or not. Wanna make sure that we’re able to broadcast properly. And if there are any problems. Good morning April from Makati. So I guess you could hear me April, thank you. Thank you for tuning in.Let’s see who else have we got here so just say hi guys. If you can hear me there we go. Yes, okay we are all good with the audio. We have 12 listeners with us right now and we should have the link shared in the work at home pinoys facebook group but today yeah well I’m setting aside this time just to answer this question. Good morning Andrea thank you for joining us. I’m taking setting aside this time just answer this question, what freelancing field should I pursue? For those of you that are replying in the facebook group please make sure to comment on the Facebook page not in the group. When you comment on the page I’ll be able to see it in the group I won’t see it. 

Okay, so today we’re gonna answer this question what freelancing field should you pursue or what area should you specialize in. As we all know there are so many different freelancing fields. There are so many freelancing areas. There’s search engine optimization. There’s virtual assistants. There is bookkeeping. There is websites. There’s social media, Facebook Ads, eCommerce and all that. So we get this question a lot well what should I pursue because it becomes confusing for people as to what they should focus on because they’re just too many choices and becomes overwhelming for a lot of people. Can you guys share with me, let me know what areas are you currently focusing on as a freelancer. Just comment on the broadcast that I should be able to see it. Like are you a virtual assistant? Are you doing bookkeeping? Are you doing writing? Are you doing SEO? Are you doing web development? Are you doing programming? What currently is your specialization. I’d love to hear from you. Let’s see if we have some responses here. What is your, like my specialization is more on online marketing and in Facebook Ads. And it’s important to know what your own specialization is. What area are you focusing on when it comes to freelancing. Admin, writing or so on. And also what than one question you should be asking and one question I want to ask you in answering what freelancing field you pursue, ‘is are you a beginner or are you more experienced?

Hi Nico, thank you for joining us from San Pablo. So whether you’re a beginner or experienced it does matter as well because if you are a beginner there are certain fields that might be a bit technical for you like the search engine optimization or the more technical fields you may need to study those areas before you actually pursue them. So when you’re thinking about what area to pursue that that’s a very con first question to ask a Johanna thank you for joining us. Very common question to ask, are you a beginner are you someone experienced.  For most people that are starting out in freelancing, I suggest you start off with something easy. The reason for this is because if you are used to working, let’s say in a corporate environment, if you’re used to working in a corporate environment and then you’re just you know you just started freelancing you’re a new freelancer then it’s it’s a big transition to make. Working, moving is a big transition. It’s a difficult transition to make. So I suggest you start with something easy. And what do I mean by something easy? Easy fields are the fields like customer service fields, virtual assistant and writing if you know how to write. Doing things like data transcription doing things like data entry those are the easier field that I suggest that freelancers start with. When you’re first time freelancing if you don’t have any experience yet. But when you do have experience that’s when you can venture into the other areas. 

Hey Vangie from Davao City glad that you’re joining us. And Joe from Manila also glad that you’re joining us here. So starter whether you’re a beginner or whether your experienced it’s a different, I’d give you a different answer depending on whether you have more experience or not because when you have more experience you know how freelancing works you have the confidence to be able to apply for I’d say more complicated job and you know how it is to learn you know how different it is working in office versus working freelancing. And April thank you for responding. I’d like to go into the VA field

I’m very green when it comes to working from home. You’re still very fresh so good to hear that you’re joining us. You’re more of a beginner and yes virtual assistant is a very good place to start if you’re a beginner. Some beginners ask me should I pursue search engine optimization, because you know you can make a lot of money with search engine optimization. It’s how I made was able to break over a 100,000 pesos a month initially was with search engine optimization. If you heard my interview with Jason Dumana he can make something like 200,000 pesos a month with search engine optimization. So a lot of newbies ask me that question, should I study this but  I tell them all the time this is very technical. I’d suggest you start with something easy first. Just relax and slowly you can increase your income to get a 100,000 200,000 whatever but you have to get started first with something that’s a lot easier.

Rizzy hello as well thank you for thank you for greeting. And when it comes to fields, a lot of people are just happy working in virtual assistant fields or in writing and they’re happy earning let’s say 30,000 to 50,000 pesos a month.  And you can do that even if you’re a virtual assistant. It’s very possible and if that’s your goal, if your goal is just to reach around 30 to 50,000 passes a month I suggest okay you can you can learn virtual assistant or even if you’re okay let’s say with 20,000 pesos a month you can stick with becoming a virtual assistant and you don’t need to learn anything else. Just become a very good virtual assistant and that’s it. So you don’t need to study all these different technical and difficult fields. 

Hey May Love thank you for joining us from Agusan del Sur. And yes Rizzy, used to work in a BPO I also used to work in a BPO so I know how difficult is, Sherry, hello as well thank you. So depending on how much you want to earn that will also determine whether you should pursue these other fields if you’re okay turning 20, 25,000 30 pesos excellent you can just do become a virtual assistant. Stay with that you don’t need to stress yourself out. You don’t need to learn new things and you can just be happy that’s what will make you happy. But if you do want to learn more if you want to reach the 100,000 peso level then maybe you do need to focus on some other skills. Learn some other areas. That’s what this session is focusing about.

Azelle Somar, you’re currently working as an online teacher and well Azelle, what I suggest you do is you sign up for our free VA course because that will help you out more. A virtual assistant does a lot of admin work. It’s like a secretary for online work, for online businesses.  So if you go to freevacourse.com  that’s freevacourse.com then you’ll be able to get the free course. When it comes to that. 

I’m just questions here Cherry, Upwork account has been suspended. Sorry to hear about that been working as a VA but not lucky enough to find work from home. Well Cherry I think you can take a free course and our paid course really helps out people in your situation. We have a lot of newbies asking questions here. Teresa no experience yet currently working as a customer consultant. Same thing as a said to Azelle you can start off with a free course as a very good starting point. 

Magdalene, I’m sorry. I’m not sure if I’m saying your name correctly.  Being a virtual assistant is the best thing that ever happened to me and my family. That’s great to hear. I’m glad you’re sharing that with us.

 And  I was saying earlier when it comes to, if you’re trying to learn search engine optimization, websites, social media marketing and so on so if you have those questions related to that, related to learning other fields I’d love to hear them. Please post them in the comments so I can answer them directly but if you’re still confused about what field you should pursue then ask you what are you, what do you want to do? What are you comfortable doing? Are you okay doing marketing? Are you more technically inclined? Are you more focused on designing or do you have designed inclinations? Are you good with numbers? Are you good with accounting because what, when you’re focusing on a field when you’re trying to choose what species specialty or your field or field that you’re going to pursue, it should be something that you love doing. That you enjoy doing because if you don’t enjoy doing it you can’t do a good job. You won’t be able to to to make a lot of money in charge higher rates because if you don’t do a good job, if you don’t love what you’re doing you don’t do a good job I mean clients will be able to see that and you’ll be stuck earning let’s say $5  an hour or even like $3 an hour. You won’t be able to charge $10 an hour and so on like you want to. So find something that you like doing. What it is, what is it that you enjoy? Do you enjoy numbers? Do you enjoy design? Do you enjoy marketing? And that will help you identify what specific field that you should pursue when it comes to freelancing. And my advice is to choose a specific categories, choose a specific category of learning. So we know about search engine optimization facebook, ads and so on. We know about data transcription about google docs about Microsoft office and so on but what I want you to do is not focus on those specific fields but choose a field. Sorry, not focus on the specific skills to choose a category. Choose a category of skills. For example, in online marketing,  I started off with websites and SEO that was what I started learning and eventually I was able to move into google Adwords and Facebook ads because I understood the entire online marketing category. So when you’re choosing a field, choose a category, not just one specific skill because today Facebook Ads is very popular tomorrow maybe Facebook is going to change their policies and then it’s going to become the focus is gonna be on Twitter, or going to be on Instagram.So if you just focus on facebook ads, if that’s what you invested in and nothing else then you’re gonna have to start all the way from the beginning. But if you invested in learning about how online marketing works then you can apply that knowledge in SEO. You can apply that knowledge in Facebook, in Twitter, in Instagram and so on. Same with writing, you know, when you learn how writing works, like right now sales copywriting is very popular. If you learn how writing works and not just specifically, let’s say email writing, if you only focus on email writing by itself and then the trend changes and then email becomes obsolete all of a sudden. Then you’re going to start from the beginning but if you focus on writing or copywriting in general then you can write for websites you can write for emails and you can write for social so being able to be flexible, you can focus on a specific skill area but you should be able to be flexible and change and apply what you learn in other fields without starting from the beginning.

Jho at sina Sean it doesn’t affect sir I’m not very good in speak speaking English well you can communicate in English, right. I can understand what you’re saying right now even though you’re saying it in English so what’s important with clients is that they can understand. You can understand one another. They can understand what you’re saying and you can understand what they’re saying. You don’t need to be fluent. You don’t need to be an expert in English but what’s important is that you can understand one another. 

 Mary Lyn. I was wondering if you’re considering letting students doing an OJT task like we’re building up our profile. So and I’m not sure if you’re talking about the paid students in the VA boot camp but we, in our virtual assistant boot camp, which is our paid, program we do have the students do assignments which is kind of like OJT we give them specific scenarios and assignments for them to do. So they get that hands-on experience even though they’re not working with a client they can get that hands-on experience. Know how it is to work as a virtual assistant. They get the same feel and yeah, they’re able to build up their profile, you, with our assignments and activities that we give them which are somewhat like OJT. It was something like OJT experience.

Okay. Please continue to ask questions. I’m, so we’re talking about, what freelancing field should you pursue? What freelancing field should you pursue? 

Okay. So like what I was saying earlier choose a category not a specific field. Whether it’s online marketing, whether it’s admin, whether its design, whether it’s programming, whether it’s your writing choose a specific field and then make sure it’s something that you’re gonna have fun in. Make sure that you enjoy doing that work and if it’s something that t you’re, if you’re not sure what you’re gonna have fun, if you’re not sure okay I wanna work online, you know, I’m already a virtual assistant I wanna specialize, I wanna focus on a specific area but I’m not sure what field to focus on. I’m not sure what I’m gonna have fun, I’m not sure what I’m good at then what you can do is you can just try out these different tasks. You can try out these different skills whether you want to enroll in different trainings, whether you want to apply for different small projects that let you practice these different skills that’s up to you. And then once you test out these different things then you can find out what you enjoy what you like. Just like when you’re testing food, right. when you’re taste testing food you’re not sure what flavor of ice cream you want to eat,  you won’t know what your favorite ice cream flavor is until you try, let’s say five or ten different flavors. So that’s another option for you. If you’re not sure yet if you’re not sure what you’re good at and what you’re going to enjoy doing then you can try out these different flavors. Try out these different field. Try out these different skill areas. But if you already know what you have fun and if you’re he didn’t know what you’re good at then I suggest focusing on that because that’s gonna make, that’s really what’s gonna propel your freelancing career forward. Don’t focus on what the where the money is. That’s what I’m going to tell you. Don’t focus on, okay I know there’s so much money in an SEO but let’s say you’re not good with computers you’re not you don’t have any technical skills or you don’t know, you can’t do programming. You don’t understand how websites work then you’re gonna do a bad job at SEO because you don’t understand. It’s not your skill area. If you’re not technically inclined you can’t really focus on SEO. Same thing for writing a lot of people say, you know, I know a lot of people are making money with writing but I can’t write my grammar is bad, my English is bad then study English. If you really want to do it but the English first. You can’t, if you’re not good in a certain area don’t focus on that.

I’m just go ahead and answer these questions here. Ivy Lyn’s asking, ‘hi sir I’d like to avail the homebound Club what premium courses are included? Not really related to the topic but if you available at home bound Club you can access to all our porches or if you’d like, if you sign up for one year, you get all our courses for the year. Even the courses that aren’t out yet. So we’re releasing courses in February, in March you’re gonna have, get access to those courses as well.

Marv de Leon, and thank you for joining  BeLive. Yes we are using BeLive. Marv’s the guy who introduced me to BeLive so thank you for that. It’s a very convenient way of doing Facebook live sessions.

Renzo, pa shout out po. Okay there you go, shout out to Enzo you wanna say hi to your mom that’s fine.

Freny. I am adept in telesales and customer service lately I want to be away from voiced projects. I wanna try SEO, social media management or article writing, where should I start? Ok so this is a very good question that we have from Freny and maybe you won’t be able to answer this right away but are you doing telesales and customer service as a freelancer? Or are you working in a BPO because if you’re still working in a BPO, if you’re still working in a call center my first advice for you would be to start freelancing. Start freelancing maybe as telesales, customer service or admin at home first, okay. That’s the first thing you should do. Don’t  jump into SEO freelancing right away because while you’re learning about how freelancing works, when you start freelancing as a telesales, customer service or admin person you can start learning how freelancing works. Whereas, if you jump from BPO into SEO freelancing right away you’re not only learning at SEO, you’re also learning of freelancing works. How the different feelings platform works. How dealing with clients works so it’s a lot to take in. Start freelancing first with an area you’re comfortable with and it seems like customer service and telesales are areas that you’re comfortable with. Okay so that’s my first step, step 1 for you. Step 2 is I do want to ask you, why are you choosing these fields? Why are you focusing on SEO, social media management or article writing?  It’s a very important question for you to understand if you’re just after the money then don’t focus on those areas. Focus on what is more, you know, what seems like more fun to you if you are technically inclined then you can get into SEO, social media management. article writing.  Now from these three fields. the three different fields social media, the easiest here I’d say would be social media or article writing.  Those are the easiest but if we, social media management and article writing but if we deal with social media marketing, social media marketing is a different field because then you’re dealing with facebook ads. You’re creating campaigns to in order to bring in more customers and that’s very related to online marketing which is connected with SEO.  So if you really want to get it online marketing, I’m not saying SEO, social media.  if you really want to get into these in study online marketing first. Study how all these different fields connect. How SEO works, how pay-per-click works? How social media works and so on. Article writing is a totally different field though so choose one. What are you going to focus on? Are you gonna focus on online marketing or are you gonna to focus on writing. You can both, you can be successful in both areas. What’s important is something that you’re good, choosing something you’re good at and choosing something that you’re going to have fun in, okay.

 Let’s move to Azile’s question. I tried applying for VA before however they need experienced people so we really won’t know what the skills are and your recommendation to condition where we can apply first for beginners. Okay so to answer Azile’s question, well if you’re for and I understand that you’re still a newbie freelancer there’s still a newbie virtual assistant, as a newbie I wouldn’t really highly suggest that you like study SEO or these other areas first. Get some  experience first. Get some get some jobs first before you focus on these areas. You can you can focus on the VA related things like I’d say Microsoft Excel or data transcription or customer service, you can focus on these areas. And just find something that you know how to do and that you’re, I’d say you’re you’re good at. You don’t need to be an expert in these areas. If you’re good at excel you can create charts you know how to manipulate the data and charts. You know how to filter, you know how to sort and those kind of things and you can be a, you can be a virtual assistant who hasMicrosoftt excel expertise. Or if you learnWordPresss you learnWordPresss development then start at WordPress development, WordPress management then you can be a VA who focuses on WordPress management. Okay so since you’re still new, focus more on VA with some skills. Don’t try to jump into SEO or facebook ads or things like that yet or programming because those are a bit more technical and those are a bit more complicated. So find out what your strengths are and one thing I wanna create here, I’m trying to type that’s why I’m stuttering, focus on your strengths. Focus on your strengths. Focus on what you’re good at okay.

We have a question here,  Vangie,  how do I improve, increase my ID proof online jobs there’s an, if you do a Google search onlinejobs.ph ID proof, there’s an entire article that teaches you how to do that you can do it by adding driver’s licenses or different kinds of IDs but look at the article. Online jobs has a very good article about that they wrote themselves.

Bryan Molina. How can a newbie  without experience make his or her profile impressive to clients?

That’s a pretty complicated question but when it comes to, well, you’re dealing, I understand your dilemma here, you’re dealing with, I’m checking your, sorry. You’re dealing with other people who are applying to the same job, right. You’re dealing you’re applying for a VA job or 50 other people are applying to. You’re applying for transcription job where 50 other people are applying to, so how can you be impressive? ow can you capture client’s attention? And the way you can do that is by applying sales principles. As much as, we don’t you know, I hate sales I used to do sales when I was in a call center, I hated it. I’d call people they don’t want to talk to me. They hang up on me. They curse at me as much as we don’t talk about sales, as a freelancer, as somebody who’s on, you know, freelancer or business person. You have to be able to understand how seals works. How psychology works and you have sales principles when you’re applying to jobs. We, this is a pretty complex question I, you know, in my courses I have around 5 hours just answering this single question. So it is pretty complicated where I teach different sales principles but my advice is focus on sales principles and capture attention don’t be like everybody else.Like a lot of the people applying for the same job the day right the same cover letter. They have the same profile, don’t be like them finally a standout capture clients attentions, okay. You should be customer service before and technical support. So you can be a virtual assistant with 5 years of customer service experience, right. If you do have five years and  that can be attractive to people. 

Since I’m new and still studying how to be VA, how do I make a resume for it. Well and i’m assuming that you’re talking about Hubstaff talented because they are asking for resumes. Well you can still put in your experience you can still focus on, well you’re still studying right now give me a second to think here. You can still put in your resume that you have experience doing a VA skill and Janelle I know your student in our be a boot camp so you are getting the experience. If you are, you’re taking I’m assuming you’re you saw the assignments, you saw the action items where we asked you to create charts in excel and things like that. And you can put that in your resume you can say I was able to do this chart and take a picture of it. Have it as like a portfolio. I was able to do research on these topics like we have in our our module 5 about internet research. I was able to do research on these topics includ it in your resume because those are things that you have experience even though it was part of the boot camp that still counts as experience because you did the job. You were able to do X, Y and Z.

For newbies in work at home set up, from Freny, for newbies in work-at-home setup, how do you make sure that you are getting legit jobs and how do you make sure you get paid? So there are a number of ways to enter this. The easiest way is well I do have a, article about finding scams there are a lot of scams online just like with anything else. There are a lot of scams will be careful Ii have some articles on the blog, wfhr.io, and let me just type that in here. I have a bunch of articles on the blog here that talk about scams. So to prevent, so that you don’t get scammed you can probably, what read those articles as well. And some platforms offer payment protection so if you’re a newbie VA maybe you can sign up for Upwork. They do have some payment protection policies but like when I  deal with clients right now, there’s almost no payment protection. It works on the trust system. If you’re still new, it’s hard for you to identify which clients are scams in which aren’t. For those that are more experienced we work more on a trust system. It’s easier for us to identify which ones first are scam, which ones aren’t. Like I’m sure I know Marv de Leon here, if you’re still special listening, Marv. He  I know that Marv doesn’t do Upwork jobs he deals directly with clients. So it’s more of a trust system that works out.

And Lorraine right. This is Angela aLorrein. I’m currently of QA but I really wanted to work from home and 7-year-old son and wanted how would my profile be. So I can’t really walk you through the entire creation of a profile, I’m not sure if you’ve taken the free course, freevacourse.com, If you haven’t, I highly suggest you do we have some tips there. Check out and we do have an article on the website on how to create your profile in Upork and if you’re a newbie we do have some tips there. If you need to gain more experience like in our VA Bootcamp we have ways that you can gain experience though our activities and we teach skills as well.

B-hing, I’m working in a BPO right now at the same time free web design courses and programming online. It kind of interests me and finding do to make it as an online career. Do I still have to start as a VA, what do you suggest? if you already if you are confident in your web design skills honestly and programming skills, well by the way those are two different fields, web design and programming, so just pick one. Focus on it. Study it and become good at it. It may take you months, for programming it may  take you years but  if you can be confident in your skills, if you have a portfolio to show then you can start applying for those jobs immediately. If, because it also depends on your confidence,  confidence level in your skills but what’s important, like my advice for you, if you do plan to jump into web design or programming immediately is have portfolio the show. Have some websites you created. Have some programs on github that you created to show to clients.

Abby Maricar, new here I am currently working full-time as email customer support for a bank answering product and account related questions, I’m not sure email handling at the VA is the same as my current job. Does my experience fall under customer service. I’d say it can fall under more customer service and a little bit of  email management. Email management deals more with also categorizing emails not just replying to them. So your job experience falls more under customer service but I‘d say that you can still apply for jobs that require experience in email management as well or email handling.

Can you suggest field for those who are more technically inclines? So I’m gonna, the two fields I’d suggest, two fields I’ll suggest are programming and web development. Oprogramming well those are, those can overlap a little bit. If you don’t know how to do any programming yet, then you can study something like python. python is a very good easy language to learn and from Python you can move on to PHP you can go into wordpress plugin development but take note you won’t become a freelance right away. If you want to become a freelancer right away then that’s when you go into the last technical field like VA, admin, customer service. But if you do want to really focus on the technical stuff then you can learn python programming, PHP, wordpress plugin development, you can study your Ruby, Javascript and focus on those areas. Once again it will take at least six months from studying before you apply for your first job. And you can be confident applying for jobs so it does take a lot of time because you have to study a lot you have to learn a lot.  

Myla, hi sir for a newbie VA was trying to gain experience, do you recommend specialization and will that increase my chances. if you can specialize as early as now then yeah. Try to specialize as early as you can. If you can focus on like a set excel, Microsoft excel or email management if you can just focus on one area or WordPress management or social media management even as a VA. If you can be a VA with WordPress management experience cause that’s your specialization, then I suggest you do it as soon as possible. If you can and that’s  what we teach a lot of our students to do.

Arch, I enjoy building websites/webdev but I don’t have  any work experience yet. You actually can, cause somebody, you have to start somewhere. So Arc if you have two, you have two choices. Your first choice is to work as a VA first and then do some web development work or web design work for your clients because a lot of the clients who require VAs is also need help with a website. So you can be a VA with web design experience or VA with the wordpress expertise or something like that. So I’d say yesm be a VA your first choice be a VA and then start doing some web  site work for clients now because they’re gonna need that help as well and then you can add that to your portfolio and then you can transition from being a be a website experience to a full web designer or web developer. Yyour second option is to create your own portfolio. Create sample website that you can show the clients and say, ‘okay these are some sample website that built.’ And that can be your experience.

Janice, sir besides Upwork and Hubstaff are there any legit websites that hire newbie VA? Do you also have courses for web researchers? In the VA Bootcamp research is included. It’s one of the primary skills that we teach in the VA Bootcamp. So as well as some other basic skills. We focus on the skills that you really need to start off. Whether or not you pursue different fields these are skills that you should have no matter what. So I would highly suggest you take a look at our VA Bootcamp. Besides Upwork and Hubstaff another website  I recommended online jobs.ph but in all these different web freelancing platforms, In all these different websites there will always be scama it’s unavoidable. Oh and we also have our own jobs, jobs website if I jobs.wfhr.io so we have some jobs there, I almost forgot but there are there going to be scams so ou anywhere so you can’t really avoid it 100%.

Freny, how can a homebounder ensure that he/she’s getting a fair pay commensurate to the job requested by the client? It really is up to the agreement between you and the client before we even apply for the job, you should have an idea of how much you want to charge. How much you want to make from the job. Whether it’s an hourly rate or a fixed price and make sure that the agreement is strong with the client, okay. You’re going to get be bidding, let’s say $8 an hour, $7  an hour then that’s very specific. No matter how many hours you spend then you’re going to get paid $7 an hour. Just make sure that your agreement with the client is sure. If you’re not confident and applying for fixed priced  jobs because they’re not, you know, you don’t know how long it’s going to take, apply for hourly jobs first or  one thing you can do is you can estimate the number of hours it’s going to take you and multiply that by your hourly rate. So  if you think the job is going to take 20 hours and charged $5 an hour then you can say, ‘I can do this for a $100 or something like that.

Okay. We did have a lot of questions today. I’m just gonna stay on the line for a couple of more minutes. I did find to end this at 11:30 Philippines time. So we’re a bit over time and but we did start a bit late. So we’ll still give you guys three minutes more to ask questions before we end this session because I’m also running out of water I’m getting thirsty. But I hope that you guys learned a lot of the session.

My advice once against to to really figure out what area you want to focus in. Are you a beginner or are you more experienced and how much do you really want to earn. Do you really want to become a top earning freelancer are you just going to be happy with the earning 25,000 pesos a month from home. Depends on your priorities, also focus on your strengths. Focus on what you love doing and focus on what you’re good at. And lastly choose a specific category that you’re going to learn. Not one specific skill set but like online marketing the category, writing is a category. Admin is a category. Design is a category.

Okay. So let’s see if we have any more questions from you guys. You’re welcome Arch, thank you very much. You’ve been great. Hope you can inspire more senior high school ICT student. I  don’t know how to reach those students.  I do most of my stuff online. So if you can, if you can hook me up with the online session that would be good. I see brighter future in this industry help provide employment. I see it too. I really believe that filipinos can make a difference and really focus on working online and ,you know, freelancing working online and working from home and because of our, you know, we speak good English. We can really succeed in this area.

I have no experience yet please some advice if any. Same with Peewee, I’m going to, Peewee please go to this website so that you can get our free course.

Jelly, you’re welcome. Enzo, my skill is an excel I can manipulate data, great, but I’m knew in freelancing. Most excel work  requires 90% how can I apply those job if I don’t meet those two requirements. Look number one, Enzo, look for jobs that don’t require, don’t require those. Number two you can get a rising talents badge even and your a student in our Bootcamp, if i’m not mistaken, you, I have a lesson, I have a video on that in module 9. I forgot which lesson but have a specific video about getting badges somewhere in module nine it’s there and you can get an RT badge even without experience. So number one, try to apply to jobs that don’t have that. Number two get an RT badge try to get an RT badges at least and you can still apply to job that even if you don’t have to, even if you don’t meet all the requirements. You just have to have a killer job title, a killer cover letter, okay.  Just focus on that more because when the client is choosing who to hire you have to beat them in sales marketing experience.  Have a strong portfolio. Have some screenshots and yes your job title and cover letter are gonna be very important.

You’re welcome, Christine. Rey, I’m assuming that’s like a thumbs-up or something. Thank you, thank you, you’re welcome as I should be saying.  You’re welcome guys. Thank you for coming.

My accent didn’t improve, why is that? Should I go practice non-voice now. It’s up to you, RJ,  if you wanna stick to voice accounts then it’s up to you. What you what you’re

going to have more fun and where you think you’ll have more success in.

All right you’re welcome guys. Bong, yes we’re gonna have the replay. Thank you guys for attending. We went a bit over the time but I really appreciate you tuning in and next week

we should have another topic setup. Alright guys, see you next week.


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Jason Dulay

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