Raketerang Real Estate Agent: Paano Naging 6-Digit Earner in 6 Months

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What motivates you to do freelancing?

Is it to travel anywhere in the world?

Is it earning 6-figures consistently?

Or dahil ayaw mo nang ma-lock sa bahay ang anak mo for 45 minutes?

Believe it or not, that’s what pushed Joan to become a freelancer.

Wondering what happened to her kid?

I’ll let her tell you the whole story.

Watch it on this replay.


Joan was a born-again Christian, married,  with one son.  She and her husband teamed up for ministry and freelancing. Both of them are full-time freelancers focusing on social media and the real estate niches.

Her faith in God and humble demeanor put her where she is right now. 

Let’s find out her strategy on how she ended up earning 6-digits in 6 months.

Notable Quotes :

  • Prayers lang kailangan, humingi ng guidance kay Lord.
  • Dapat may initiative ka, hanapin mo yun love mong gawin, kung marketing love mo, o e-commerce, admin support, or customer service, yun ang  i-filter out mo sa job posts, at huwag paiba-iba ng pag-aapply.
  • Hindi kasi advisable, kasi hindi mo mau-update ang cover letter mo kung paiba-iba ang niche na gusto mong gawin.
  • Kung di matanggap, sige push lang, go lang. May tamang client para sa ’yo. I-update mo rin, tanungin mo ang sarili mo “ Bakit di ako natatanggap?”. Tignan mo cover letter mo, i-update mo cover letter mo.  Same pa rin na niche applyan mo. Pasasaan ba, makakakuha ka rin ng ‘the One’.
  • Yun sa akin kasi, hindi full-time kinukuha ko, lahat part-time, in a way na rin kapag mawala si client no.1, no.2, no. 3, no. 4, no. 5, hindi masakit kasi yun income mo nandun pa rin. Intact pa rin na malaki. 
  • At least 5 clients, kung marunong ka,  kung good player ka, makukuha mo rin ang technique na ganito pala dapat. 
  • At dahil sa Bootcamp, ang laking tulong po ng course natin, lalo na sa post pa lang panalo na, lalo pag may question dun, kahit di ka mag-comment, may mga iba na sumasagot dun, makakakuha ka ng insights eh.
  • During interview, dahil alam mo na ang niche mo, sinasabi pa lang ni client na kausap mo, alam mo na ang karugtong nun, kasi iisa lang ang niche mo eh, parang alam na alam mo na ibig sabihin ni client, kaya tawanan na lang, imbes na nag-iinterview siya.
  • Maging fix lang tayo sa gusto natin na goal mo na itaas yung rate. 
  • Know your worth lang talaga. Lagi natin isapuso yun, ipamuhay natin yun, lagi nating naririnig yun ‘Know your worth’, at wag nating baratin ang sarili natin, kasi kapag baratin natin sarili natin, tayo din ang kawawa.
  • Ang kagandahan ng iisang niche lang eh, isang utak lang. Hindi pressure, parang mag-eenjoy ka pa, enjoy ako sa trabaho ko. Kapag love mo ang ginagawa mo, talagang may passion ka.
  • May owner mind set ako na kagaya ng clients, hindi lang mindset pang freelancer. Dapat parang client ka rin,kasi yun skills natin, business natin ito eh.
  • Minsan sarili lang natin talaga eh, sinasabi natin wala akong ganito eh, hindi ko alam kung paano, pero nandyan na lahat eh, i-re-research mo na lang, kailangan mo lang sipagan.
  • Nag-enroll ako ng Bootcamp sa Accelerated, very helpful talaga sa akin, kahit di pa natapos sa Accelerated, nag-upgrade ako kasi investment ko yun.

Journey to Freelancing.

  • She worked in an Accounting Payables Department for ten years before resigning last March. She and her husband joined together in freelancing. Her wages were not enough to sustain them due to lots of financial obligations, that is why she became a “Racket Girl” by selling different products offline and online. 
  • She became a real estate agent when she worked with a freelance broker. She made sure that she closed a sale or more every month;  even during her rest day, she spent it doing her “racket”.
  • One time, as she was going to work, she prayed to God for guidance as she wanted to stay home and work there instead. She stumbled upon an interview Sir Jason Dulay did on YouTube, then she became curious about freelancing. 
  • She enrolled last June 2019 in VABootcamp even though she doesn’t have an internet connection yet. A friend blessed her with a laptop and soon she had to set up her internet connection even with a strong repulsion from her husband. 
  • She started studying the VA Module but was not able to finish the course because she got her first client. Although she was still working on her corporate job, she looked for her niche.  Because she loved marketing/selling, she ended up being a Real estate freelancer; a job she truly enjoyed doing. 
  • She applied only as a part-time freelancer. She finally resigned from her corporate job when an incident happened at home with her son. She realized that she wanted to stay at home & do freelancing full-time.
  •  Her strategy was that every time she got a client, she raised her rate until she was able to get 17 clients in all. Her goal was to increase her rate every new client she gets; that is why she was able to reach her goal of 6-digits in a month.
  • She had this owner-mindset like that of a client. In the back of her mind, her skills were her business. She admitted that she can’t speak English fluently, yet that didn’t hinder her in pursuing her freelancing career. 
  • She strongly believed that her skills were gifts from God, and she wanted to use it for the benefit of many. Her goal was to help new freelancers who are just starting up to build their careers. She doesn’t plan to keep them with her forever. She wanted to help them spread their wings. 
  • She also emphasized the beauty of having one niche because you enjoyed and loved it, having no pressure at all.

Q& A Highlights  

Is freelancing stable?

Marami nagsasabi hindi stable, pero na-realize ko na stable din siya basta marami kang iba’t-ibang client. Huwag lang tayong mag-focus sa isa. 

Do you still complete your 8-hour sleep now that you have 17 clients? 

Pinaka maigsing oras ng tulog ko 4-5 hours, minsan sinasabayan ko ang tulog ng anak ko , kasi hawak ko yun oras ko. Basta ma-deliver mo need ni client sa business at strategy nya sa marketing.

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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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