She Stepped Out Of Her Comfort Zone To Be With Her Parents When They Need Her Most

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We all have fears.

Probably yung iba takot sa tubig or sa heights.

Others are scared to explore new things because they might fail.

And still, some are afraid of their future.

What lies ahead of them.

Just like Roxanne.

“If I do nothing to change my life, baka I will end up begging and asking for someone to look after me during my old age because wala akong pera…

Kelan ko kaya mabibili ung mga gusto ko, kelan at paano ako magkakaron ng passive income, kelan ko mailalabas family ko at least for a day off…

Kelan ko sila madadala to a fine dining restaurant na hindi mo iisipin yung perang gagastusin mo, kelan kami lahat makakanood ng sine and all other things that will start with the word… paano, kelan at sana….”

This kinda woke her up and get serious in freelancing.

Not to mention that the health condition of her parents is on a roller coaster ride so someone needs to be with them 24/7.

Sometimes, all we need is that ONE BIG PUSH to act and do something to change our situation.

But what’s good about her is that she stood up and step out of her comfort zone.

Let’s get to know more about Roxanne, her challenges, and her victories in this JasSuccess episode replay.

Be inspired and moved by her story.


I’d like you to meet Roxy Encila, someone who is very family-inclined since she was young. She became a working student during college to help her parents financially and to boost her confidence as well. 

After working in a BPO company for several years, she decided to pursue freelancing to look after her parents especially her mom who is sick. 

Now, she knows how to overcome struggles in freelancing, earning more than before, and self-fulfilled at the same time because she can take care of her parents.

Notable quotes

  •  “Hey Roxy, you have to wake up..tama na yan..” as in literally kinausap ko young sarili ko. You still have to convince yourself.
  •  The greatest competitor mo is yourself.
  •  You have to do something now.
  • I have to wake up, I have to apply for a job, I have to convince myself. Ikaw lang kasi makakatulong sa sarili mo eh..Kahit anong tulong ng mga tao sa paligid mo, kung ikaw ayaw mo i-absorb, ayaw mismo ng sitema mo na sumunod, wala rin silang maitutulong sayo.
  •  I conquered the fear.
  • Proven na kapag may nawalang isang bagay, may ibibigay sa akin na magli-lead sa akin sa mas magandang daan.
  • Kalmahin po natin ang mga sarili natin kasi hindi tayo makakapag isip ng tama kapag bombarded tayo ng lahat ng mga problema.
  • This is effective for me, kumuha po kayo ng papel at ballpen, hatiin niyo yung papel sa dalawa. Isulat nyo po kung ano yung problem, on the other half, ilagay nyo po ang possible resolutions.
  • Alam natin ang sagot sa mga tanong natin sa sarili natin, it’s just that we need someone to slap that on our face, so why don’t you vent out by writing it down and reading it out loud, nakakatulong po yun.
  • I-boost mo yung sarili mo, watch motivational videos, makinig sa mga tao na positive.
  • Lahat po tayo dumadaan sa pagsubok, kung mapagod man tayo, talk to yourself.. para kanino ba tong mga struggles mo..kung sa commercial pa “para kanino ka bumabangon?”

Journey To Freelancing

  • She has been into a BPO industry and played different roles from customer service, became technical support, SME, became a part of the escalation team, and then implementation specialist.
  • She became a Conference Administrator for 8 years and experienced a lot of struggles and challenges in her job.
  • What pushed her to start freelancing was her mother’s rare health condition.
  • One of her friends is working from home so she also started as chat support which is 2.25/hour.
  • Although she continued to work from home, she experienced a lot of challenges in transitioning from a corporate job.
  • One day, she saw Mr. Mark Belosa (one of the VAB’s Administrators and who happened to be her neighbor) being interviewed on TV about freelancing, so she approached him and soon started as his Virtual Assistant until she was introduced by him to WFHR (now VA Bootcamp). He guided her from enrolling, studying the lessons, upgrading to complete package until getting her first client.
  • All the lessons from the VA Bootcamp, with Mr. Mark’s guide as well, really helped her to be equipped from applying to jobs until passing the interview.
  • She still chose the customer support niche because it’s a self-fulfilling for her if she pacified irate customers.


In what way did Mark Belosa be able to help you?

First, I enrolled in VA Bootcamp, I applied the “AIDA” rule and followed all of the instructions with Kuya M’s guidance.

How were you able to deal with going through freelancing when you were starting?

I really stick with my decision that I have to do something, that I should have been working while taking care of my parents. Even it was really hard to transition from corporate to work from home, I really did find a way to deal with it.

Do you have regrets in working from home?

I voluntarily work from home because my siblings were out of the country and I really wanted to be with my parents. I have no regrets in working from home.

What are your ups and downs now that you don’t have guidance?

After losing clients for the second time, I was really depressed for more than a week, I shut down my work station, there were times that I was drunk and just do nothing but lay down on my bed. But I have to rise up again and pursue what I started.

Was there any doubt in VA Bootcamp?

I didn’t hesitate. Kuya  M. (Mark Belosa) is my living proof. And what really excites me is the video (in FLIP) of an adult teacher that made me think that in freelancing, age doesn’t really matter. So, why shouldn’t I grab the opportunity? If I enrolled, there’s nothing to lose, there’s more to lose if I don’t try.

Did VA Bootcamp assist you in getting clients?

We have a “Guided Hustle Challenge” that would really guide you on getting your first client.

How is life nowadays?

I was able to pay the bills that I have to pay, increasing my savings for my surgery and paying government dues as well. I was able to buy my mom’s necessities and was able to budget my finances well. Freelancing really helps a lot, especially in this pandemic situation, you have to find another way, so the VA Bootcamp is a great help.

How are you right now?

Okay naman po. Nakakapag save naman po. I was able to meet both ends. Nakakapag budget po ako ng maayos.

What are your advice to people to do to lighten their mindset despite this pandemic?

Please be calm and relax. Write down in the piece of paper the problems you face and the possible solution, in that way it will make you decide better in making decisions. You can also watch motivational videos.

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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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