Simple Hacks to Make a Good First Impression on your Job Interview

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Relate ka ba dito?

Malamig na pawis.

Lakas ng tibok ng dibdib.

Nangagatog na tuhod.

No, I’m not talking about the experience when watching a horror or suspense film.

I’m talking about what others usually feel whenever they’ll go for a job interview.

Especially pag first time.

You feel anxious.

Ang daming what if’s.

I want you to know that it’s normal.

But whether we like it or not, we have to go through this process.

It’s a necessary part of the hiring process — so figuring out a way around the anxiety is the key.

Here’s the thing.

Interviews are a business meeting.

I mean, do we want to do business with one another?

That’s all it is.

If you’re invited to an interview, it means that they think there’s a good chance that you’ll be someone with whom they want to do business with you.


Because, if not, clients won’t waste their time messaging you about it.

If you are a good prospect, then it’s just a matter of developing the right amount of confidence…and make a good impression.

And that’s what we’ll talk about tomorrow in our FLIP Chat & Chill.

If you wanna know how to make a good impression during the job interview, watch this replay.

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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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