Next Level Freelancing 101: Creating an Irreffusable Offer


I Will Teach You How
You Can Earn P100k/mo
Working Less than 8hrs/day 
Even If You're Not an Expert

Next Level

Formerly known as the:

Top Earning Freelancers earn P100k, P200k, and some, even P500k every single month.

These freelancers work in various fields such as Writing, Online Marketing, Admin Support, Programming and more

Some top-earners are able to earn P100k/mo within 6 months from the day they started freelancing

If they can do it, so can you...

Lorenzo Dupa

Ecommerce Data

The Road to P100k Masterclass helped me a lot to find my niche. It gives me the bullet that I need in my freelancing career. Before the master class, I got less than 5% response rate in my proposals, but after the master class, I got more than 50% response rate. I'm now more confident dealing with a high-value client.

Thank you Sir Jason Dulay for being the best mentor in online freelancing.

Road to P100k Masterclass is the best online freelancing course that I would recommend to anybody who wants to accelerate their freelance career.

In July 2017,Wave 1 of the Road to P100k Masterclass finished. Now, we have multiple students who have crossed the P100k/mo milestone.

I want to teach you how to hit the P100k/mo goal

Are you joining us?

Honey Eduque

Social Media Management

The Road to P100k Masterclass has helped me opened my eyes to a lot more opportunities with the online world. It has also opened me up more to my abilities and skills. I thought that I knew everything, and if I didn't know something, I could always search about it online.

There is nothing better than having someone teach and mentor you based on their experience. The quality and value of the lessons you would pick up from a mentor is priceless! And definitely I have picked up so much more than I could imagine from the masterclass!

Here's what you'll learn:

Next Level Freelancing 101:
Creating an Irreffusable Offer

Create a High Value Mindset

It all starts with a mindset. Without a proper mindset, you will not be able to consistently perform the actions to make you a top-earning freelancer.

Attract and Find High Value Clients. Finding your niche.

What do high-value clients really want? If you want to be a top-earning freelancer to have to know where to find and how to attract these clients.

Position Yourself As Income Generating, not an Expense

What are important to clients? Time and money. Prove to clients that your work directly benefits clients by bringing in money or saving them time.

Skyrocket Your Rates

You may be charging $3, $4, or $5/hr right now, but in reality, you may actually be worth $15 or $20/hr. Learn how to gain the confidence to charge what you're worth and not only increase your rates - skyrocket them.

Create You Irresistible Offer

Imagine this - you tell a client what you offer and they won't care how much you charge...they'll be willing to pay your rates no matter how high they are. You are Irresistible.

Next Level Freelancing 102:
Obtaining High Value Clients

Strategies Make Your Clients Want You

No matter how good you are, if you don't know how to make your clients want you, they won't. Learn how to tap into your client's mind and make yourself irresistible.

More Strategies Make Your Clients Want You

One week isn't enough to cover all of the strategies to make clients want you. Let's dive into more advanced strategies this week.

Create a Public Brand that Would Make Your Mama Proud

If you want to become a top-earning freelance, you have to have an impeccable image - one that when clients try to find you will make them go 'WOW - I want to hire this guy/girl.'

Reaching Out to Direct Clients

Most freelancers are happy working with freelance platforms or having clients approach them. But did you know that clients that YOU approach are usually open to paying you 5x higher?

Crafting the Perfect Proposal

When working within freelance platforms, you don't have to create proposals - you create letters of intent, but with direct clients - proposals are expected. Not just cover letters, but actual proposals with timelines, terms and conditions and so on. Learn about it here.

AJ Garay

Online Course Building

The Road to P100k Masterclass opened my eyes with the rights mindset.

1. Importance of finding your group how the support you get from each other
2. How to price rights
3. How to position myself so that the clients will see me as a high value

It has changed my life!

About your Guide

As a freelancer for the past 9 years, I've worked in multiple industries and multiple clients. I've worked with clients face-to-face in the US and remotely from different airports all around the world.

Clients often come to me asking for advice on how to grow their business.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that most clients want the same thing that we do - to succeed.

"The biggest problem with Pinoy Freelancers is that we don't know how to prove our value to clients. With the Road to P100k/mo, not only will you increase your value to be worth P100k/mo, but you will be able to prove to clients that you are the high-value freelancer they need to grow their business"

Jason Dulay

AUNLP Certified Business Coach

Online Marketing Trainer (for Washington DC)

Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

LeadPages Conversion Marketing Certified

Anna Soriano

QuickBooks and Bookkeeping

Before I enrolled sa master class I had hesitations bukod kase sa costly I didn’t think na kailangan ko pa mag enroll. Kuntento na ko kung magkanu yung naeearn ko at that time at akala ko madame na ko alam at enough na yun.

So it turned out mali ako. Going thru the class with my fellow classmates made me realize na marame pa ako dapat matutunan. Importanteng may right mindset and attitude para maging successful sa pag freelancing.

Malaki ang naitulong niya saken. So if you want to learn more and earn more I suggest you enroll and don’t hesitate like me 🙂

Is This Class Right for You?


  • Freelancers who have at least 1 month experience
  • High-performers willing to invest time, effort, and money into becoming top-earning
  • Those who believe that they have the ability to become top-earning


  • Newbie freelancers who haven't been hired yet
  • Those not able to allocate 1 hour every day to be part of the masterclass
  • People looking for easy money without putting in a lot of work

Ron Quetua

WordPress Design and SEO

It help me gain knowledge and strategies on what should I do to become a top earning freelancer. In just 3 months I'm able to increase my rate and provide more value to my clients. I'm looking forward to achieve the road to 100k by doing and implementing what I've learn in this class. There is a lot of work to do and I should be consistent to it.

Thank you sir Jason for helping and teaching us on how to achieve our dreams.

The Road to P100k Masterclass was P30,000 and it included weekly calls and live sessions.

However, we understand that not everyone can afford that.

So, we made the Next Level Freelancing lessons more affordable and accessible.

For only P2,990 per course! We've also divided the course into two to make it more accessible: NLF 101 and NLF 102

What did we change?

Well, instead of live sessions, you now have pre-recorded sessions (which are of higher quality than the live sessions). We've also removed the weekly calls, but we're working on something to replace them.

Next Level Freelancing 101

Creating an Irrefusable Offer

You will learn how to:

  • Change Your Mindset from an Employee Mindset to a Business Mindset
  • Identify your niche with our Niche finding methodologies
  • Understand the different pricing models to find the right one for you
  • Create an offer that clients cannot refuse

Next Level Freelancing 102

Obtaining High Value Clients

You will learn how to:

  • Get noticed by premium clients
  • Get experience and a portfolio to get you started
  • Find premium business leads that you can reach out to and offer your services
  • Create profiles and proposals (cover letters) that attract premium, high-value clients

Eleazar Jose

Facebook Ads

I earned my first 100K month before the graduation of the Masterclass! Yay! It has helped me become a better freelancer not just on skills but understanding how the industry works and how the clients think so I can use it to my advantage.

Learn the Basics

Join Our FREE Virtual Assistant Course which will teach you the basics of working from home as on online freelancer
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