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Virtual Assistant Bootcamp

Start Your Virtual Assistant Career from Home

There are over 1.5 Million Pinoy Freelancers who earn an average of P30,000/mo from home

I will show you the exact steps you need to take and teach you the exact skills you need to know in order to get your first virtual assistant work from home job within 30 days*

*Your experience may vary depending on your application of the lessons. Not guaranteed.

She can now take care of her four kids and earn from home:

(she now earns more than P100k/mo)

We Give You Exactly What You Need to Get Hired Online:

Specific Action Plans You Should Take To Ensure That You Have Consistent High Income

Strategies that the Top Freelancers Use to Make Clients Fall in Love with Them (& Keep Them Forever)

Become a Client Magnet: Promote Your Services and Make Clients Find You Easily

Common Mistakes Every Filipino Freelancer Makes (and How to Avoid Them)

Tutorials for Skills That’ll Make Clients Waiting in Line to Get Your Services

1-on-1 Guidance and Mentorship to ensure that you get your first online job

You'll Get All the Support You Need to Succeed:

  • Learn at your own pace. With our pre-recorded lessons, you have access to all the modules at once.
  • plus
    Don't get left behind or slowed down in your learning
  • plus
    1 year access to over 100 hours of lessons to review at your convenience
  • plus
    Personalized mentorship, tips, and coaching for your online career
  • plus
    Build relationships and get the accountability, support and feedback you need
  • plus
    Ask questions anytime and get actual answers within 24 business hours
  • plus
    Watch the training classes on any smartphone, tablet, or computer

Tutorials, Strategies, and Best Practices to succeed the following Freelance Platforms and more:

The Virtual Assistant Bootcamp is officially Endorsed by Freelance Platform: FreeeUp
(VA Bootcamp has created all content and FreeeUp is not involved in the training in any way.)

My first month, I got P25,000.
Many of our members earn more than P50,000/mo
Let me teach you how.

In-Depth Skill Tutorials to Get You Hired:

Data Entry:
The most common job online - how to move data from one form to another.

Transcribing audio and YouTube files into documents that clients can use.

Email Management:
Filtering, prioritizing, and delegating, your client's email to 'Inbox Zero'

Internet Research:
Secrets to finding anything online and delivering it in a concise document

Office Applications:
Utilizing the right tools to deliver documents and the best formats of doing so

Social Media Management:
Maximizing a business' use of social media to communicate with customers effectively

Schedule Management:
Ensuring meetings between business leaders occur smoothly

Website Updates:
Getting new and updated information on your client's websites without taking down the internet

Ecommerce Management: 
Helping clients who sell products online manage inventory, customer service, and product listing

Search Engine Optimization( SEO)*:
Getting your client ranked on the Google and Bing Search Engines

Web Design*:
Creating and Designing a Website from scratch

Email Marketing*:
Sell your client's products and services using the most effective method - email

Content Writing*:
Write blog posts, social media posts, and more for businesses

Handle the financials for small businesses with QuickBooks

Facebook Advertising*:
Utilize Facebook (and other social networks) to advertise, build relationships, and sell to your client's customers

MORE courses added every quarter at NO ADDITIONAL COST*

*part of the membership in the Virtual Assistant Bootcamp Complete Package

The VA Bootcamp has changed lives:

Maricel now helps her husband earn while taking care of the kids

Lovely, 1st timer, got a $7/hr job right away after enrolling!

Glen keeps getting more jobs with his $15/hr rate

Von put his faith in God - and enrolled in the Bootcamp

Mavi only had to wait 3 weeks before she got hired

Rina immediately got an interview a week after enrolling in the Bootcamp

Bernie lost everything - his job, his health, his possessions before he found online work through the VA Bootcamp

Bernice loves the lessons - even though she feels like she's a toddler

Maria tried on her own before enrolling

Marijen got hired within 5 days of enrolling

Our Successful Members Consist Of:

Power Moms who are now successfully earning while being able to take care of their kids

Former OFWs who can now earn more at home than they did abroad

Former Call Center Agents who were tired of working throughout the night

Filipinos who wanted to enjoy the freedom of being able to spend more time with their families and doing the things they love

Imagine that you could wave a magic wand and be earning P25,000 per month from home...

  • How would it feel like to no longer be stressed from work?
  • home
    How much more time would you be spending with your family or friends?
  • home
    Where would you go on vacation?
  • home
    Would you move back to your hometown since your location doesn't matter?
  • home
    Would you start saving for that car or house you've always dreamed of?

Now imagine if you could make P50,000/mo from home
How much will your life change?

Let me help you turn that into a reality..

We Have Multiple Members Who Earn P25,000/mo, P50,000/mo and even P100,000/mo
Less than 3 months after completing from the course

Detailed Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
New, Updated Courses every Quarter
Personalized 1-on-1 Mentorship

What more could you ask for?

Sign-up today to Get Immediate Access to the courses:

*prices may change at any time without prior notice so SIGN UP TODAY!



  • Complete Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • Proven Best Practices on Getting Hired
  • Access Anywhere on Any Device (with internet)
  • Email Management, Calendar Management, Social Media Management, Website Management, Transcription, Office Applications, and Internet Research Modules
  • BONUS: Ecommerce for Virtual Assistants Course
  • Over 15 Hours of Lessons in Total
  • My Step-by-Step Process on Creating my $150/hr Upwork Profile
  • Profile and Job Cover Letter Templates and PDF Modules
  • Personal Guidance & Exclusive Group
  • Certificate of Completion once you complete the course
  • Guidance and Mentorship to help you get your first online job
  • Weekly LIVE webinars (40 per year)
  • Money Back Guarantee (see below)

Pay with: Bank Deposit, Remittance,
Credit/Debit Card or Paypal


every 15 days

Complete Package


  • Everything in the Accelerated package
  • ​BONUS: Bookkeeping and QuickBooks for Beginners (worth P2,990)
  • BONUS: Basics of SEO (worth P990)
  • BONUS: Better English for Online Success (worth P1,990)
  • BONUS: Freelance Writing for Non-Writers (worth P2,990)
  • BONUS: Facebook Ads and Social Media Marketing (worth P3,990)
  • BONUS: Search Engine Optimization - the Way Google Likes it (worth P3,990)
  • BONUS: Web Design with WordPress (worth P2,990)
  • BONUS: Email Marketing Mechanics (worth P3,990)
  • BONUS: Next Level Freelancing 101 (worth P9,990)
  • BONUS: Getting High-Value Clients (NLF102) (worth P9,990)
  • BONUS: Growing Your Freelancing into an Agency (worth P9.990)
  • BONUS: Stories that Sell (by Allan Ngo worth P4,990)
  • Guided 'roadmaps' to help you select which area to specialize in
  • New Courses every Quarter (4 per year)
  • COMING IN Sept 2019: Facebook Chatbots
  • Over 15 Certificates you can earn
  • Support via Facebook Group, Email, Live Chat, and Live Webinars
  • Money Back Guarantee (see below)
  • Total Value over P50,000!

Pay with: Bank Deposit, Remittance,
Credit/Debit Card or Paypal


every 15 days

P2,990 to start enrolling?
That's the equivalent of either:

10 Restaurant Meals or

15 Starbucks Coffees or

12 Two-Way Taxi Rides

Can you go without restaurants for one month to earn P50,000 every month from the comfort of your home?

But wait, there's more!


I'm 100% confident that you if you do what we teach, you will get hired within 6 months! In fact, if you follow the steps outlined in the course and don't get hired after 6 months...

I will give you 100% of your money back!*

If you're really serious about improving your work and your life, 
you only have two options right now 
(and NO, staying at your job isn't one of them)

Option #1

Spend your time manually learning this stuff. Go through the hard work and years of learning all the skills, collating all the information you can find, figure out what works and what doesn't work, realizing what clients like and don't like, making big mistakes along the way, and learning from your mistakes.

Option #​2

Signup for this course and I will teach you everything you need to know to start your work from home career. You can learn from my 5 years of experience, of experimenting what works and doesn't work with jobs and clients. You can get started TODAY and start earning from home within 30 days.

What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which option (Accelerated or Complete) do you recommend for me?

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