Guest Post Guidelines

Want to contribute an article to VA Bootcamp?

Fill out the Guest Bloggers Form here (By filling out the form, means you agree to the Guest Post Guidelines. Please make sure you read this page from beginning to end.)

Why is it a good idea to contribute an article to VA Bootcamp?

The VA Bootcamp blog is the biggest freelancing resource in the Philippines.
We have an audience of over 57,000 email subscribers and over 87,000 Facebook group members. Publishing your posts on the VABootcamp blog might help you establish your authority and credibility as a writer.

We are here to help Filipino Freelancers become world-class and we are always looking for people to join us in our mission and we welcome contributors who can provide quality content that helps improve Filipino lives through freelancing education.

What topics can you write?

Any topic that aspiring and experienced freelancers care about.

  1. Freelancing tips, best practices, and strategies.
  2. "How-to" articles
  3. News about working from home /online freelancing
  4. Freelancing niches including but not limited to social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, freelance writing etc.
  5. Freelancer stories
  6. Tools for virtual assistants, freelancers, marketers, and online business owners.

What are the rules?

  • Minimum word count is 1500 words.
  • Your post must be original content that’s never been published anywhere else.
  • Refrain from self-promotion in your post. If your post gets published, you’ll get an about the author blurb at the end of the piece where you’re free to link back to your website, social media profiles or your products.
  • If you include photos in your document, we prefer that they are your own. However, you may use free stock photos should you wish to do so.
  • You must make proper attribution of quotations, images, data, and other content referenced in your post.
  • You are responsible for making sure that the article has been proofread and edited. The article should be well-written and checked for grammar mistakes and typos.
  • The article must be readable with headings and broken down into paragraphs. Otherwise, we will send you back your article to make the necessary edits.
  • Please note that the VA Bootcamp editorial team reserves the right to edit and update your piece as we see fit.

How to submit?

Our content team follows a content calendar. To save you time, please DO NOT start writing your article ideas before pitching them to us.

Pitch your article ideas by filling out our Guest Bloggers Form and provide us the following:

  • 3 possible headlines of your topic.
  • Outline of your points and subheadings
  • Links to published posts you've written in the past. In case you haven’t published anything yet, please send us your writing samples.
  • Note: Before submitting your pitch, do a search on and check if your topic has already been published on our website.

What will happen after pitch submission?

We will let you know once your topic gets approved. Please note that it may take us weeks before we contact you.

Once your topic gets approved, you may start writing your article. 

Approval of your pitch does not mean it is fully approved. We will review your post before we publish them.

If we think that your article needs editing, we will contact you and give you suggestions on how to improve your piece. We limit the revisions and reviews up to three rounds.

Once your article gets fully approved and published, please write and submit your author bio (maximum of 50 words). This is where you’re free to link back to your website, social media profiles or your products.

Payment Process

Once your post has been published, please send your Paypal invoice to [email protected]. Mention in the item description that it is a guest blog post and include the blog link.

You will be paid P1,000/published post via Paypal for your contribution.

Looking forward to publishing high-quality content with you! 

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