Upgrade from Skills to Accelerated

Accelerate Your Freelance Career with the VABootcamp Accelerated Package‚Äč

  • Get additional specialized courses
  • Get guided coaching and feedback in the Hustle Challenge
  • Learn the sales techniques and templates for cover letters and profiles (AIDA and ROPE)
This comes with LIFETIME ACCESS!

Courses Included:

E-Commerce for Virtual Assistants

Learn one of the most in-demand virtual assistant skills and become an ecommerce virtual assistant. Includes hands-on training in Shopify as well.

Bookkeeping and QuickBooks

Every business needs their books and records taken care of. Learn the basics of bookkeeping and how to use QuickBooks in this course.

Better English for Online Success

Improve your mastery of the English language in order to better communicate with clients and be able to demand higher rates.

Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired with:

AIDA and ROPE templates for Cover Letters and Profiles

Learn our highly effective cover letter and profile formats, ROPE and AIDA to increase your chances of getting hired.

This is the format that Jason has used successfully as well as thousands of VABootcamp students.

The 30 Day Guided Hustle Challenge

Get guidance, feedback, and direct coaching from our coaches and your fellow classmates.

The Hustle Challenge is our most successful program to get VABootcamp graduates hired for their first job.
Your Special Discount
As an existing VABootcamp Skills Package member, you get a special discount when upgrading to the VABootcamp Accelerated Package.

Instead of P6,990 or three installments of P2,990, just pay either a one-time payment of P4,000 or three installments of P1,490 every 15 days.
Upgrade to the VABootcamp Accelerated Package today!

Learn the Basics

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