7 Practical Ways to Feng Shui Your Freelancing Business

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One night, my mom reminded me that our electric bill was due the following morning. So I said, “No problem, I got it”. Morning came and for all you know, I was searching high and low for that freaking bill. My table was brimming with papers, a chipped mug, a little notebook and the latest copy of Nora Roberts’ book. I even found a wrapper of Snickers sticking out from underneath those stacks of papers. Yeah Yeah. I’m a slob, sue me!

I could use the organized-chaos excuse, but I know you would not believe me.

This may be the reason I’m stressed out at the moment? My work is not moving as productive as I envisioned it to be. So much negative energy is weighing me down, I need to do something now! Practice Feng Shui maybe? What do you think?

If you’re like me, read along and find out how Feng Shui could help. 

What is Feng Shui and what does it really do?

Feng Shui is not a foreign concept to Filipinos. It’s a Chinese philosophy that has become entrenched in our culture.  Most people buy Feng Shui ornaments to ward off bad luck and misfortunes. These items presumably ensure harmony and prosperity in their homes, business and relationships.

It’s an ancient art form that has crept its way to Western cultures. According to reports, Feng Shui has influenced entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Richard Branson; and companies like Nike, Coca-Cola and The Body Shop.

Feng Shui focuses on the philosophy that there must be balance among the 5 elements (Water, Wood, Earth, Metal, and Fire) to ensure harmonious flow of energy in the homes or work environments. This philosophy lies on the premise that positive energy will move freely, if items and furniture are arranged correctly. 

So, how could we incorporate Feng Shui in our Freelancing business?

We’ve come up with 7 practical tips to make your office and even your computers, Feng Shui friendly.

1. Declutter

Remove all the stuff you don’t need and keep them out of sight, in drawers or cabinets. These stuff blocks the energy and thus ensue bad luck. This negativity leads to decline and arduous progress in your career. It’s not only the desk or room you can tidy up but also our computers or laptops, even our phones. I bet you’ve downloaded many apps before that I’m sure you’re not using now. Deactivate them now and uninstall them. Delete files that are out of date and don’t need anymore. These will not only make you more efficient in your work, but will also make your devices run faster. Another thing to look at is your email. Learn to categorize your messages and maintain an efficient zero-message inbox.

2. Furniture placements

One of the tenets of Feng Shui is the furniture placements. We need to arrange our desks in a particular way to promote prosperity and success. You should avoid placing the desk near or opposite the door, otherwise you’ll suffer from career loss. The desk is your command center and should be facing the wide majority of the room and near a solid wall. If this is not possible, you should sit on a chair with sturdy backrest. This stops bad elements harming you from behind. Another thing to avoid are the ceiling beams or you will face difficulties and poor health when you work under them.

3. Add visual components

When decorating your office or workstation, think of the things that makes your happy. That feeling of happiness has a ripple effect and reflects on how you tackle your work. Having said that, don’t go crazy with ornaments and colors. No point of painting your walls with red when it clashes with the color of your furniture! Aim for balance and a living environment that evokes positive energy.

An example would be a large landscape painting on the wall or a picture frame of your family on your desk. You can go wild with decorating your workstation, the possibility is endless! Remember, harmony is the word.

4. Lights, lights, lights

Light is the manifestation of energy in Feng Shui. Be in homes or businesses, lighting is very important. The room you’re working in should be bright, but not harsh. Wide windows and skylights should bring the natural light in. If this is not ideal, install appropriate lighting fixtures. In any room of the house, light should be predominant and illuminates the whole area.

5. Water therapy

Water is the key element in Feng Shui. A clean flowing water signifies wealth and prosperity. Some people install fountains to attract positive energy into their homes and businesses. We can incorporate the water element by using any art depicting water, as well as water vessels. Decorating the interior of the house in blues and aquas will also help. Mirrors and glasses, and any art with rounded images are also good representation of water.

6. Get an indoor and ornamental plant

In Feng Shui, live green plant symbolizes growth and wealth. It diffuses toxic energy in the room and purifies the air. The best choice is the one without thorns or sharp edges. Water it every day and replace it if it has withered. Don’t have a green thumb and think it’s better to leave the plants out? Don’t fret, you can replace the plants with a forest landscape! Decorate your room with green and brown hues as they would best describe the wood element. You can also download a lush greenery in your computer and save it as your screensaver.

7. Keep organized

Organized room or work station promotes creativity, inspiration and greater productivity. This runs alongside the concept of Feng Shui: balance and harmony. There are many ways to keep you organized. Create a routine and plan your activities. Focus on what is important and stick to your to-do list. This way, you would not miss any important tasks and appointments.

Feng Shui – the practical way

We hope that these simple and practical applications of Feng Shui will help you in your freelancing business. Keep in mind though that these practices are in vain if you, yourself don’t take action. Do you know of other ways to apply Feng Shui in our freelancing work? Share them below. 

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Leah Papat-iw

Leah Papat-iw

Leah is a top-rated freelancer at Upwork. She is a notorious online courses hoarder, and a babysitter during the day. She's a sucker for a good romance and still believes in happy endings, despite what happened in the Games of Thrones! You can find her at LinkedIn and Facebook.

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