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Can A Nurse Earn Dollars Without Leaving the Country?- Interview with Ruth Concepcion

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When you're a nurse here in our country, it's either you push yourself to do a lot of hard work with not enough pay – OR – work abroad to earn dollars and be away from your family.

Others resort to changing careers, just so that they could cope up with the increasing prices and needs of every family.

Just like Ruth. She almost changed her nursing career so she could be there for her baby. She transitioned from being a nurse to a freelancer but was not getting jobs that are related to her career before.

Until she found out about the Virtual Medical Scribe opening for VA Bootcamp students. She grabbed the opportunity and is now working comfortably at home with her baby, earning dollars without even leaving the country, with a career that's totally related to her field in nursing.

In this interview, Ruthie will talk more about her freelancing journey, including:

✅How She Landed a Job as a Virtual Medical Scribe

✅How She Handled Rejections and Stayed Motivated Despite It

✅How She Earned Dollars Without Having to Work Abroad

And a whole lot more…

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Ruth will tell her story about how she has transitioned from a nurse to a virtual medical scribe.

Notable Quotes:

  • You have to keep believing in yourself. Any hard works should be coupled with prayers.
  • Huwag bibitawan po ang belief sa sarili. And that if you have this hints na you'll do good on this, you eventually find something like this, you have to fight for it.
  • Once there is an opportunity kasi sabi nga nila, “Opportunity knocks only once.” So you have to grab it and you have to stay focus. And of course, ask for the support and assistance of the people that might be helpful for you so kapit lang.
  • It's not really about the skills because you can learn it, the VA Bootcamp can help you improve your skills. But what is more important is your attitude on the things you do.

Ruth’s Journey to Freelancing:

  • She is a nursing graduate and worked as a nurse in one of the major hospitals in the Philippines for 6years.
  • She quit work because of schedule conflicts and can barely see her daughter.
  • She eventually landed a job in a BPO as Medical Coder, which is related to her previous job and worked for 3 years.
  • She quit BPO because of some problems with the nanny.
  • She always dreams of working at home while she was working in a BPO.
  • She came across with the VA Bootcamp course and enrolled last April and finished the course last August.

Q&A Highlights:

Were you doing side businesses while you're enrolled in the Bootcamp?

Yes, I resell bags and sell pasalubong from Bulacan. Even when I was still working in the BPO, I used to sell delicacies to my colleagues like chicharon and pastillas each time I went to visit my mom in Bulacan. I even have a page for online selling but it's inactive now.

Does it take a lot of your time or parang sideline lang?

Yes, it is like a sideline lang like if somebody orders me chicharon then I will tell them the day when I'm going to visit my mom so I can deliver them their orders. So it's like hitting two birds in one stone.

What happened when you finished the course last August?

I was hired by a small German company that does T-shirts designs. All you have to do is to look for popular T-shirts designs in the US in Amazon site and then check on the graphics if how popular it is and the copyrights if it has the same designs in the Europe counterpart and if there is none then you can submit it to them. That was my first job as a freelancer.

Did you get it from Upwork or OnlineJobs?

I got it from OnlineJobs. It's not in dollars, it's in euros for me. I have to gain experience since I know how to make researches so I can do it that was my mindset during that time.

Was that a short time gig lang?

Yes, because it started in August and it lasted last November. Because by November, somebody from medical device company noticed my profile that I have this medical or healthcare background and she approached me in OLJ to be her Virtual Assistant.

Would you say that your background in nursing helps?

I think it was an edge since dealing with medical devices like if there are medical terminologies I could relate to it. So if she asks me to research on something that is medically inclined, it would be not so hard for me to produce the output that she wants me to do.

Puwedeng maging Virtual Medical Assistant po kahit no knowledge in medical?

To be honest, it would be challenging. Pero if you're up to the challenge, then it's okay for you to try. But it really depends on what the client is looking for. Because in my case they're really looking for someone with at least 1-year experience in hospital, so you got this familiarity of things because you have to understand that the doctors in the US are so busy. Although they train you, they don't have this luxury of time from training you to get familiarized with the medical terms. I'm not closing doors but if you have this desire of learning it on your own and you are up to the challenge then why not give it a try.

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