Handling Client Rejections (and Turning them into Opportunities)

March 8, 2018
by Bong Isleta 
Batch 2017 Graduate of the VA Bootcamp and has been working as General Admin Assistant, Project Manager and HR Recruiter since then.

When I started freelancing, I wasn't prepared for rejections.

I’ve been warned that it wouldn’t be easy, but I still felt depressed the first time I got rejected.

I could picture the scenario in my head: my proposals being ignored, dropped to archive and not even worth a second look — not at all!

I've always thought that getting a client was as easy as making a good cup of cold brew coffee.

But I was wrong. Very wrong.

Rejections are not just normal, they are NECESSARY parts of the process.

Fast forward to the present, I have been freelancing for more than a year now. And guess what, I no longer get miserable even when my proposals get rejected on the first day it was sent.

After surviving through countless rejections, here’s what I realized:

Rejections do not define you.

They don’t mean that you are not good enough.

They don’t mean that you would never succeed in this field.

They simply mean that something needs to change and improve.

And oftentimes, the client doesn't realize what you have to offer.

You see, clients are usually clueless of what freelancers CAN bring to the table. So, if you didn’t get hired, that means there was somebody else who sent a better, clearer proposal.

Clients will always choose the freelancer who stands out best - the one whose skills will give them a better value for their money, that's why understanding their criteria expands our chances.

Since then I took rejections as a challenge.

Rejections do help you improve.

Yes, they can be depressing but how you handle rejections determines the entire future of your freelancing journey.

And fortunately, they do lose their sting each time. The more you get rejected, the better you react to them, the stronger you get.

See why it makes sense to face rejections repeatedly ASAP?

If you're still afraid of rejections, that's normal. But do NOT allow that fear to stop you from reaching your dreams.

Here’s what I suggest to make them bearable:

1. Self-Assesment

Ask yourself:

Do I really want to work at home?

Am I ready to face more rejections?

Write down your goals and how you want your life to look like.

I did the same and re-reading my goals helped me realize what I wanted.

It helps to watch the JasSuccess interviews and listen to successful freelancer’s stories too. I’ve learn a lot from their experiences and made me think, “If they succeeded, there’s no reason I can’t too.”

2. Keep improving your skills.

As a VA Bootcamp student, I’m thankful that I get access to the course. I kept going back to the lessons on creating profiles and cover letters.

I continuously looked for ways to improve my writing skills. I did not stop editing my Upwork profile and drafting cover letters.

Now, I can craft cover letters that will stand out and leave a mark to clients; enticing them to respond to my proposals.

Find out what it is that you need to improve and LEARN it. There are many free and paid resources online. Investing in knowledge is always worth it.

3. Focus on a specific job post.

I've always been searching for VA or admin assistant jobs that I've totally forgotten my background in HR Management.

I realized that I needed to be more specific.

So, I used my strengths and voila!

Upwork job invitations started flowing.

Upwork contracts got accepted.

Rejections are part of everyday life.

It's inevitable, even in the outside world.

If you aren’t getting rejected on a daily basis, your goals aren’t ambitious enough. ~Chris Dixon

If you want to be successful in freelancing, you have to learn how to deal with rejections and accept them in a way it will work for you.

Now, my question is: How badly do you want this? Are you going to let rejections make or break you?

It's your choice.

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by Bong Isleta 
Batch 2017 Graduate of the VA Bootcamp and has been working as General Admin Assistant, Project Manager and HR Recruiter since then.

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