How to Become a Top Rated Online Bookkeeper

July 6, 2022
by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.
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Rejection hurts,

in whatever form it may take.

We can’t avoid—whether in our personal or work lives.

It’s part of our journey.

But that doesn’t mean that you get used to it or that it hurts less.

Rejection still stings at whatever stage we are at.

But there will also be plenty of opportunities to learn and grow from it.

The pain that comes with it is inevitable.

But don’t allow that pain to ruin the rest of your life.

Use it as a springboard for your future victory.

That being said,

Meet ***Shine.***

She used to be a corporate worker with a strong background in accounting.

To achieve her goals of achieving financial freedom, spending more quality time with her family, and leaving a toxic boss.

She used to do her corporate job and side hustles simultaneously.

But the pandemic brought new struggles.

This includes getting discriminated against by her boss after she suffered from COVID.

This prompted her to explore better opportunities in the online freelancing community, despite her fears.

Her grit allowed her to overcome her first heartache in freelancing and earn a Top Rated badge on Upwork.

Truly, her trials and struggles led to her victory and breakthrough.

Let’s get to know her more in our JasSuccess on this replay.


From Accountant to Supervisor to Assistant Manager to Top Rated Online Bookkeeper, she went through challenges but did not stop pursuing what she wanted.

She started her freelancing career as a Social Media Manager but ended up doing what she loved and practicing her expertise as a Bookkeeper.

Notable Quotes

  • Dapat, alam natin kung anong worth natin dahil pinaghirapan natin kung ano tayo. Magagaling tayong mga Filipino and detailed tayo magtrabaho. We go extramile, lagi ko itong narerecieve na comment sa mga clients ko. After those comments, may kasunod na bonus.
  • For beginners, sa simula palang pray and entrust with the Lord lahat ng mga gagawin natin.
  • Ang pagiging Freelancer, di talaga madaling gawin. Maraming challenges and building blocks every step of the way. Ang madalas lang kasi nakikita ay mga success stories, good sides sa freelancing.
  • Dapat magsimula sa sarili natin, magmanifest kung ano talaga ang gusto mong gawin. Hindi lang para sa money, kundi pati sa betterment of our family. Isipin natin as a beginner, kung ready ba talaga tayo? Kung hindi kayo mag show up and take action, hindi ito para sa inyo. 
  • For seasoned freelancer, di talaga maiiwasan ang procrastination and limiting belief. Marami akong kakilala tumitigil muna pero bumabalik ulit. “Susuka pero hindi susuko, magpapahinga pero hindi hihinto.”
  • Lagi din tayong magcelebrate ng mga progression natin, mahalaga kasi ito bilang freelancer. Magkaroon ng mindset na malayo pa, pero malayo na. Kung i-compare natin ang dating sarili natin from the start, ano na ba ang narating natin? Huwag i-compare ang sarili sa iba at mag-focus tayo sa sarili natin. Masasabi natin, malayo na ako sa dating ako.

Shine’s Journey to Freelancing

  • At the age of 45, Shine had worked for almost 3 decades. As it runs in the blood and being a Chinese daughter, Shine started working at 15 years old. Even though she’s not a breadwinner, she loves earning money for her expenses at a very young age.
  • Having a degree in Accountancy she worked as a finance staff, where she stayed in her first job for 3 years. 
  • She stayed at the next company for 7 years and at her last corporate job for 15 years. At first, as an accounting supervisor, and then, got promoted to assistant manager in the Accounting Department.
  • She discovered freelancing through her best friend’s sister. Shine got curious about working as a freelancer. It caught her interest about how it worked and asked about the earnings.
  • Initially, she doubted if freelancing may be effective in doing traditional bookkeeping with lots of papers and considered it to be just a side hustle.
  • She enrolled in a course to pursue freelancing and joined internship programs to improve her skills. 
  • Along the way to her new journey, she experienced heartbreak as her Upwork account got suspended. From there, it did not stop her from finding ways to resolve it and get her Upwork account back.
  • The VA Bootcamp Internship Program helped her a lot. She found her very first client while doing a side hustle and being employed in the corporate world. 
  • A pandemic happened, and she was discriminated against and rejected from working because of being a COVID patient, but she did not lose hope and thought that everything happens for a purpose. Fortunately, she’s well equipped and knows about freelancing ahead of time. 
  • She invested in a more in-depth course specializing in her chosen niche. She got clients related to accounting and created a good connection with them, up to earning a talent badge from Upwork.
  • Being a top-rated online bookkeeper, she is now working with four clients, enjoying her passion while working at home. 

Question and Answer

As you transitioned from corporate to freelancing, masasabi mo bang worth it?

Opo naman, worth it siyempre, in terms of dollars unang una yun. Halos lahat naman tayo kaya nag-aspire na maging freelancer. Sa freelancing, iniisip natin na ang clients outside of the Philippines, and may conversion into Pesos. For family naman, talagang napaka worth it kasi kasama ko na ang pamilya ko at nasa bahay lang ako. Dahil naging COVID patient ako, nakita ko ang positive things habang nasa bahay lang. In those times, dapat hindi ako nagkaroon ng COVID dahil nagbi-biyahe pa ako dati. Tapos, naranasan ko rin maging officemates ang mga anak ko habang may online schooling sila. Ang isa kong anak na mausisa din tulad ko, na-curious sa ginagawa ko na encoding of receipts from local client. Tinanong niya ako kung anong ginagawa ko and kung pwedeng i-try. Pina-try kong magrecording and summarizing, mga tasks bilang bookkeeper, at para sipagin sinabi ko may share siya. Wala naman sigurong magsasabi na hindi worth it ang pagiging freelancer, I doubt it.


What time ka nag-aaral habang nasa corporate ka pa?

Since ang courses naman ay self-pace and mayroon akong 8-5 job and also nanay ako at nagluluto pa, tuwing gabi nag-a a lot talaga ako ng oras para mag-aral, take down notes, and take action sa napag-aralan by doing the action items. Actually, sa dami ng courses, di ko pa tapos lahat and since lifetime access naman, it's worth it talaga. Ngayon, mas marami nang Free Courses and there are more pa with paid Courses. Kung meron naman budget, hindi niyo ito pagsisisihan talaga. Just like any investment, for sure may ROI, and anytime, pwede mong balikan ang Courses.

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by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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