How to Stay Motivated (even when things suck)

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Hello and good morning everybody. This is our Facebook live session for February 4th 2017. So if you’re watching this after February the fourth then you’re watching the replay. Just letting you know that.  Let me just adjust the mic here. So good morning I am here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’m here by the mountains, it‘s really nice view. I don’t know if you can see it. I’m just trying to show it to you over there. So there’s mountains in the background.

And today we’re going to talk about how you can stay motivated even when you feel demotivated. Even when you think that everything sucks. That nothing is going right. Even when you’re tired and it happens all the time. It happens to everybody.It happens to me. It happens I’m sure it happens to you if you’re a normal person. So we’re gonna talk about that topic today. It’s not going to be so much a Q & A today, it’s more of well, it’s more of a lesson that we’re going to talk about but if you do have questions related to the topicplease comment below this video and I will be sure you to read them.

So good morning. Thank you, Rheng. Thank you, Anna. Here we go, just saying we have some good morning greetings from everybody and please, please if you know anybody who needs to be motivated it doesn’t have to do with, doesn’t need to be with freelancing or working from home but if you know somebody who needs to be motivated then please click on the share button. Please share this video with them.  Share it with your Facebook friends, your wall or in facebook groups and really appreciate it. It’s, you know, doing this for free so being, you being able to share it is something that we really appreciate. So if you have any struggles with motivation, if you have any struggles with what you’re doing right now I want you to please share them as well, cause, you know, that’s why I’m here. I’m here to help you guys. I’m here to help you achieve more so if you have any struggles just let me know.

Good morning, Eden. Good morning Mah. Okay so about motivation so, you know, how it is usually when we when we start something new we get very motivated, right. Just like I know most of you guys here listening are freelancers, are working from home when you first heard about, ‘oh can I make money from home,’ it’s really exciting, right. You hear about, you know, freelancing, being able to work at your own time being, able to watch your kids while working at the same time, it’s very exciting di ba. Or even if it’s something else like maybe it’s about the gym, you know, you wanna have those abs you want to have the beach body so that by May, you know, you can, I don’t know wear two piece or wear trunks and then look really nice. So it’s very motivating especially when you see other people. When you see like in at the work at home Pinoy we see so many success stories. We see people who’ve succeeded. We see it’s very inspiring. It’s very motivating. If we’re going back to the gym example, if you see somebody doing, you know, somebody has a really nice body and then for me, you know, if I see Brad Pitt I can get motivated to try and look better because, you know, he’s nice he’s got the muscles.

So, it’s really exciting when we start to get motivated. When we start something new, we are so happy. When we start to get motivated and when, we’re like a baby. We’re excited like a baby. Something is very new. And one very good example is during new year. When new year’s resolutions we say, ‘you know what I am going to do this, I am going to get an online job, I‘m going to go to the gym, I‘m going to quit smoking. It’s very exciting but later on when we realize how hard it is how hard it is to actually succeed online, when we realize how hard it is to go to the gym every day or every other day we start, we start getting tired you start losing motivation and it’s like this for everything we start, you know. For everything that’s exciting. We start losing that drive. It’s not as exciting. It’s not as. we’re not as happy to do the things anymore, you know, maybe at the start of the year we wanted to write a book or start a blog and then we said, ‘okay I’m going to blog everyday, I’m gonna blog once a week,’ and then later on you get tired and that’s normal. Everybody faces that. Okay, everybody feels that, feels tired. Everybody realizes how hard it is to maintain and gets tired. I’ve done that. A lot of people have been through that, reality sets in. The truth sets in. You find out how hard it really is to keep doing what you’re doing. To keep, to stay motivated and then what happens next is that you lose motivation. You totally lose motivation, wala talaga. You don’t feel like doing it anymore maybe you’ve been applying on Upwork, to jobs every day at the start your say, ‘okay I’m so excited to start working from home and then later on, you know, you slowly goes down, you slowly lose motivation and eventually wala, flat line. There’s nothing there’s no motivation left. And that’s how motivation is. That’s the nature of motivation.

It’s like you’re your friend, you know, we all have this friend who, you know, we say, ‘hey you wanna hang out on the weekend you text them, ‘kamusta ka? Meet tayo this weekend or something like that.’ Sorry, I’m Bisaya I’m not Tagalog. In Bisaya, ‘uy bay kamusta naman magkita ta kaong sabado’, you know, you text them. And then he text back, saying, ‘sige,sige walang problema, you know, will do it Saturday, 4pm,’ ganon di ba you’re ready. You already have your plans and then Saturday comes, you text him in the morning you say, ‘oh kita tayo mamaya ah.’ and then he says, ‘sige, sige sure,’ and then you text him again. like you’re on your way, ‘papunta na ako sa starbucks’ and then he text back, ‘ako din papaunta na ako’ and you’re there at four o’clock. You’d say, ‘oh andito na ako.’ ‘Traffic, traffic, traffic’ and then 4:30 he texts ‘uy pare hindi pala ako pwede may iba pa , may emergency pala o may ibang lakad.’ So and then he just leave you there, you’re already in starbucks and then he’s late, he texted and he never shows up. We all have that friend di ba, it’s a very familiar story especially in the Philippines that happens a lot, and motivation is like that. Motivation is like a friend that says, ‘oh yeah I’m gonna be there, I’m gonna help you out,’ but when the time comes when the time comes that you really need motivation it’s not gonna be there. It really is not gonna be there and everyone who succeeded has experienced that. You know a lot of people would consider me as successful as freelancer, I help other freelancers succeed help them learn lots of money online and so on but I have felt that, there is no more motivation because that’s how motivation is. Motivation is not reliable and you always want you won’t have that motivation all the time. So that the trick is you shouldn’t rely on motivation. You shouldn’t rely on motivation because it will not be there at times. It will disappear. I‘m gonna promise you that. If you have motivation right now been then great. You might be motivated for a while but in time that motivation will be gone.

So what you should do, what you should really do is create discipline. And discipline is defined as the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior and you’re gonna implement your own discipline. You have to train yourself. Di ba in the army, in in the army, you see military officers are disciplined. You know they just stand up straight, even if they don’t believe in the orders, They’re  given command they have to do it because they’re disciplined.  Even if they don’t feel like it, they have to wake up at like four o’clock in the morning or sometimes three o’ clock in the morning because they’re disciplined and that’s what you have to do you have to create that kind of discipline.

And I know most of us are Christians are Catholics so I’m gonna quote the Bible here in Hebrews 12:11 it says,

“For the moment all disciplines seem painful rather than pleasant but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”

So at the moment discipline will feel, it will be painful, it will not be pleasant but that’s how you get the fruit of righteousness. That’s how you get the reward it’s through disciplines, it’s not through motivation. And then tell me that you have to build a discipline and not only when it comes to freelancing, not only when it comes to getting online jobs or whatever but you have to find discipline in multiple aspects of your life. Yet if it were waking up in the morning going to the gym, even simple things, as reading a book you have to build discipline, because if you can’t build disciplinary life then you will not succeed as a freelancer. Discipline such as going jogging maybe once a week or some people do it every day. If you can’t build that if you can’t keep on doing that even when you feel demotivated, even after the motivation is gone then you are going to fail when it comes to freelancing.

So how do you build that discipline? You build a system, build a discipline by creating systems that allow you to do it. You create systems to let you do the same thing everyday. For example, one of the things that I’m doing right now, one of the things I’m doing is doing a podcast, and with this Podcast, I have to Podcast, I have to write 1,000 words a day that’s my thing. Every single day I have to write 1000 words for my Podcast episode script, you know it’s just writing about different topics. And there are days when I really don’t feel like it but it’s there in my to-do list, it’s there, it’s really right there what I do is I turn off the, close the internet, you know, turn off , get off Facebook ko, email put my phone on silent and I just sit down in front of the keyboard and just start typing even if I don’t feel like it. I just start writing even when if I feel you know sometimes you wake up, you know, you’re not in the mood but it even when I‘m not in the mood I have to do it. And sometimes there’s there’s this voice, you know, there’s this voice in my head that’s telling me, ‘you can’t do it, hindi ka naman magaling kaya mo ba ‘to, you know, you’re not gonna succeed, you’ve failed before,’ so there’s this voice in the back of my head that’s saying that.

And we’re going to quote, Vincent Van Gogh or Vincent Van Gogh depending on how you pronounce it, he’s a famous painter if you don’t know him and he has a quote that says,

“If you hear a voice within you saying that you are not a painter then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced but only by working.”

You have to create those systems in place so that even when the motivation is gone and you will keep doing it you will keep looking for jobs online. You will keep working on your profile. That’s what you have to do. Sometimes, when I feel demotivated, when I feel like, you know, I don’t feel like writing or I don’t feel like doing the work what I do is I take a deep breath, just closing my eyes for, and count for a couple moments and I tell myself, you know, I have to do this if I want to succeed I have to do this. And for you guys, you guys that are watching this Facebook live session you guys I see you’re very fortunate. You’re very lucky kasi if you’re just starting out with freelancing you have so many people to follow. You have so, you can see so many success stories and you have so many interviews. Like I have a lot of tutorials on the site that tell you what to do in order to succeed. We have the courses we have like things like the VA Bootcamp that teach you what exactly, what you need to do exactly. And we even support our students when they have questions and concerns. You guys are lucky because you can follow that, those who are successful. You already can see what they did. What I did. What people like, iI’d say Anna Soriano did, Liberty Baldovino and John Pagulayan, Marc de Leon, we, you can see what these people did in order to succeed because they’re telling you and you’re job is just to listen, is to study, is to read and to follow and to keep doing it. Because like  I said motivation will not always be there. There will be times when you will feel like you’re a failure, that nothing is going to work but that’s the time, that’s the most critical time. That’s what separates those who succeed from those who fail. Nine out of ten people who are gonna, who are listening to this right now they’re going to give up. That’s just normal. Nine out of ten businesses fail in the first year because they faced difficulty, they faced challenge and they give up. I‘ve seen this a lot. I’ve seen this in freelancers. I’ve seen this in businesses. But what

But what separates those from, those that fail from those that succeed is keeping with that discipline, Is that when you lose the motivation, when you lose the drive, when you lose the excitement is that continuous, continuously doing the things that you need to do. Even when it looks like you’re failing just telling yourself, ‘I need to do this.’ and just doing it. That’s what will make you succeed. A very simple thing to do, right It sounds very simple but it will be really hard to do it. That’s whyI’m gonna tell you. Okay so that is my lesson for this week, you know, you have the motivation and not what normally happens. I‘m going to move here for the camera. What normally happens is with motivation, you know, you get so excited, you get so excited and then all of a sudden it’s going to drop. You’re going to lose that motivation, right. But what you have to do is that when that motivation is flatlining you have to keep that discipline. You have to keep doing what will make you succeeded. Most people are gonna quit, I’m telling you that, most people are just gonna say, ‘I can’t do this, I‘m a failure. This won’t work.’ But those that do, those 1 in 10 people that keep fighting, that keep pushing. Those are the ones that succeed.

Okay. So I’m gonna, if once again, like I said if you, if you know anybody who would benefit from this that really appreciate it if you share this. You know, we could have the share button in the facebook wall.

And I am going to read the comments. I know there are a lot of people asking about freelancing and working from home, this is not one of the section that talks about that. But if you do want to learn more about that you can go to freevacourse.com, I have a free course on how you can start, on how you can start freelancing. Or you can go to wfhr.io here. So that you can, there we go, you can get to the site. We have a lot of free courses, a lot of free articles that can help you out.

Okay, I’m gonna go here looking at the comments here. Good morning, so many good mornings. And I‘m not gonna read all the good morning because we have like 40 good mornings here.

How to do freelancing? Go to that website I have here. How to start freelancing? Same thing. Can I be a freelancer even if i don’t have experience?  I‘m just gonna read this through. Can be a freelancer even if they don’t have experience and I’m only a high school graduate. If I apply in a VA BootCamp kaya ko kaya yun? Tthe answer is yes and this is one of the things that, this is one of the voices in her head , you know, that tells us, you know, ‘I’m just a high school graduate, di ko kaya ‘to,’ or ‘I never finished college, I failed in college, hindi ko kaya, or I’m not good in English, I’m not good in technical skills,’ but though ,like I said what will make you succeed is not your skills. It’s will help you definitely but what will make you succeed is your perseverance to keep going, to keep pushing, to keep fighting, to keep adjusting.  That’s what separates people that fail from people that succeed. We’ve seen so many people succeed. We have so many stories. I‘m not gonna, no, of people who didn’t finish school but became millionaires. But it’s the discipline that top them, you know, they were poor, they couldn’t go to college but they became millionaires in the long run because they built the habits, they built the discipline and they didn’t listen to those voices in their heads telling them that they were going to fail. They kept on fighting.

Okay. Herlene Fernande, this is true especially with writers and other creatives. It’s common thinking that creatives are run by emotions but you need to create content. You’re welcome, Herlene and that’s true for writers, for designers, a lot of people think na feel fell lang, you know, you just do it when you feel like it pero that’s not true. You have to build your skills. You have to put in the effort every day kahit hindi mo feel. Even when you don’t want to get out of bed cause that’s what’s gonna make you succeed building that discipline.

DM Batas, ‘says true.’ Okay. We have RJ Corpus, ‘I want to know how to do some task without the feeling of blue at times when I’m working alone. Sometimes it can affect my work. And this is a bit different and this has more to do with loneliness than with discipline, we’re not really focusing on that today that can be a whole separate topic but I suggest you, you know, this is a bit hard. I can suggest like what I would do before, I watch TV, sometimes while working but that can be distracting. If you can, if you have like a dog will always help with loneliness. Or outside of work you should set boundaries between your work and working outside of work and then when you’re not working that’s when you hang out with friends. That’s when you meet family and you should make sure to do that like everyday if you can. Hang out with friends, hang out with family so that when you are alone working you won’t feel that loneliness and then if you are lonely then you can say ‘ oh tomorrow I’m gonna meet my family, I’m gonna meet my friends,’ so you won’t, it won’t feel so lonely. Even though you work alone. You don’t need to be lonely.

Moises, ‘beginning of the hardest part you must, continue to  persevere until you succeed.’ And Moises, I’m sorry I’m gonna have to disagree with that statement because beginning is actually one of the easiest parts. It’s after you begin, that’s the hardest. After you begin and when you go boom when you go flat line and motivation that’s the hardest part. Beginning is easy because you’re still excited, you’re still motivated after you begin and when you realize how hard it is to get the ABS, I don’t ABS yet, you know someday you know, I’m gonna do it. That’s when it’s hardest. you know when you realize how hard it is to get hired. And you have to learn all these skills. You have to learn how to become virtual assistant in Upwork and how to apply for jobs and tell yourself that’s when it gets hard.

Camille, ‘I believe the greatest enemy to succeed and to failure is ourselves.’ That’s very right. It’s just having the right focus when you succeed never see it as our idol rather keep opportunity to keep gaining it from the Lord and iI totally agree with that. When we succeed we shouldn’t feel lika ang galing galing ko naman di ba, I’m so good, that;s not what should be in our heads. It’s just the discipline. We just have to, and part of disciplines is realizing that that there are struggles that what we go through as part of the process. It’s part of what God teaches us in order for us to succeed. If we fail, see it as an opportunity, develop and learn. We won’t have good projects without giving a try to learn. It’s not a matter of what the crowd call it successful it’s a matter of having the right discipline to motivate us. Thanks Mr. Jason for sharing this, This is a good reminder. Keep sowing and reaping for the Lord. Thank you. Thank You, Camille.

We have some of Bernard, late comer. Primo Victoria what to do when clients don’t seem to notice you. Weare not answering that today but please head to the website. We do have a lot of tutorials and I have hours, this is part of our course in the VA Bootcamp accelerated on how to succeed as a freelancer. This is like five hours worth of content. So it’s a very, I can’t have five hours today to talk about it but yeah head over to the website. If you can go in the courses, I suggest you do.

Okay. Julia if you missed the first part there’s always going to be a replay after this so just rewind or, you know, wait until this is gonna end we’re towards the end. So you can watch the replay.

Thank you, everybody once again who attended. I really appreciate you attending. Remember, build the motivation, sorry don’t build the motivation, build the discipline so that when the motivation

is gone you will keep working hard. You will keep driving and you will be able to succeed.

Okay share this video, really appreciate it and for those that are watching that want to start freelancing go to wfhr.io. All right.  Thank you guys and you have a good Saturday.

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