Millenial Gains Momentum To Pursue Freelancing After Multiple Rejections

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I’m super excited about our JasSuccess!

Because we’ll have a millennial freelancer in the house.

He’s a food cart business co-owner.

He’s one of the managers of their carinderia business.

Hanep di ba?

At a young age, he has done so much.

But he was not excused from the rejections that we freelancers experience.

Walang pumapansin sa kanya sa Upwork.

May pumansin sa Hubstaff pero hanggang interview lang.

So how did he gain momentum to pursue freelancing?

Let’s find out on this replay.



When he was in High School, he experienced early rejection when he took the entrance exam from reputable schools before he went to college.

A graduate of Entrepreneur from St. Louis University (SLU) in Baguio City, experiences different struggles before he finishes his study.

Managing a family business, a fast-food chain, and a boarding house.

A millennial who easily becomes bored.

Millennial gains momentum to pursue freelancing after multiple rejections.


Notable Quotes

  • Kung kinaya nya, kaya ko rin
  • Keep on thriving huwag  susuko
  • Kung hindi nag work strategy nyo ngayon, ibahin nyo naman sa ibang client, dapat hindi parehas, para unpredictable ka.


Journey to Freelancing

  • His cousin’s wife introduced him to the trending job today which is an online job as a Virtual Assistant.
  • He found out on google what Virtual Assistant is and the VA Bootcamp.
  • Inspired by a dropped-out student and a fast-food crew who is now successful in freelancing.
  • Enrolled in KMU Academy in Davao for an online course and he completed it but he noticed that there is something missing from the course.
  • He enjoyed skills like visual content marketing especially Canva during his studies.
  • Attended Training for Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Design, and Video Editing.
  • He takes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a different approach from the course he enrolled, more on web development which he doesn’t like but he knew where SEO started.
  • He has been ready for a long time until he can optimize his profile on different online job platforms.
  • He was rejected in FreeUp, an online job platform when he created the profile.
  • Created another profile for other online job platforms such are LinkedIn, People per Hour, and Hubstaff Talent. He was approved. 
  • Submitted an application. He reached the trial test and was rejected.
  • He lost hope of becoming a freelancer. He stopped applying.
  • The pandemic came, he started watching YouTube on the VA Bootcamp channel. He was inspired by the success stories of freelancers.
  • He relied on free stuff on Google, YouTube, and the Blog of VA Bootcamp.
  • Joined the FreeLancer In the Philippines (FLIP) Group by Jason Dulay and took the free courses at the VA Bootcamp.
  • Created a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) profile at Upwork guided by Mr. Jason Dulay’s video of VA Bootcamp and was approved.
  • Multiple rejections encountered during his applications.
  • Enrolled at VA Bootcamp for Accelerated Package and he completed it after a month.
  • Joined in different groups to take actions:
  1. Guided Hustle Challenge (GHC) – August 2020
  2. FLIP Moderator Internship – August 2020
  3. VAB Admin Internship for Student Group – October 2020
  • He had two clients:
  1. After Guided Hustle Challenge
  2. During VAB Admin Internship


Question and Answer

How long did it take before you discovered VA Bootcamp and when did you actually enroll?

   Nadiscover ko siya nung 2018 pa pero hindi pa ako open sa freelancer kasi namahalan ako sa course. Nakita ko si Ms. Joan Saguban na may 14 clients, isa siya sa naging inspiration ko dahil pa dami ng dami pa rin ang clients niya until now.


When you said you are prepared for an interview, what is it, that you do, aside from finding out something about the client?

     Sa preparation dapat relax ka lang, mag meditate, maligo para fresh parang sa office, mag make up, concealer.


How do you see yourself in the future, what level of freelancing do you think you are in five years’ time?

      Hindi ko pa masasabi ngayon kasi what I’m focusing right now is the present situation muna kasi kung mag advance ako ng isip baka bigla ako ma anxious parang mape pre-empt, chill at maging patient sa level ko ngayon.


In your level of freelancing, are you happy where you are right now?   

    Yes, kahit nag struggle marami akong solutions at nababago sa mga cover letter na sine send ko, sa mga client na nakakausap ko, and every time a rejection came at least I know hindi talaga para sa akin.


Was there any regret for all those steps that you took in the past?

    Wala naman, stepping stone ko ito para maging successful sa career na ito.


May I know your niche Mr. Ivann?     

      SMM Social Media Management.


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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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