TEASER: Using LinkedIn To Get Clients

October 24, 2016
by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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Let's get started we have a pretty packed presentation here about using LinkedIn to get clients. Let me maximize the presentation right now. Okay, here we go.

So just a brief background about why we're doing this. So as freelance job websites are growing more and more competitive, other areas for getting hired are often ignored. So you can find jobs on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Well these will not be your primary sources of clients. Even though a lot of freelancers have been hired to these sites. So your main source of clients will usually be Upwork or  freelancer or onlinejobs.ph. These other sites these LinkedIn, Facebook Twitter but you can still get clients there but they're not going to be your primary focus.

Okay, just making sure, oh by the way, if you have any questions feel free to ask any time in the chat room just type your question in and I'll answer it as soon as possible and help . These sites, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, is not to provide freelance work so your approach will be a bit different.

Today we're going to focus more on LinkedIn and out of the all the social networks it's the one that is most probably focused, most relevant to finding jobs.

So what is LinkedIn, first of all, LinkedIn is a business and  employment oriented social networking service that operates via web sites so it's, it's like Facebook, it's like Facebook for the professional or working world and just like you have a feed in Facebook you also have a feed in LinkedIn. This is a screenshot of my LinkedIn feed so there are stories people can post status updates and things like that but it's more, in the more professional side.

I'm just looking at the poll I asked earlier, are you using LinkedIn? If you haven't answered it you can answer the poll it should be under this screen. We have one person, we only have four people answer the poll. One person hasn't created a profile, two have profiles that they never used and one of you have successfully got clients from LinkedIn. So Glenn is, was it you who got clients for LinkedIn I think. Oh just recently, good to hear. Wow, good work. So there are a couple of people have gotten clients and Glenn is a, is living proof that you can get clients from LinkedIn.

Anyhow moving on, LinkedIn is, is mainly used for four things right now.

  • First of all it's used for adding your business or professional contacts to your network.  So in the business world or in the professional world, networking is very important so LinkedIn will help you see who's network with who and you can ask for introductions if you want to be introduced to somebody and so on. Okay.
  • The second way that LinkedIn is used for finding people to hire. And this is the, this is very useful for HR reps. Is very useful for clients that are hiring because LinkedIn is like a very large directory of different resumes. They have not thousands of different people that they can hire. Unlike, this is especially useful for more professional positions where they can just make a job posting and have people apply. There is a good for managerial positions or finding positions that are outside people of usual circle of influence. So Nick, if your client wants to hire VA or a company wants to hire a VA , they probably don't know anybody, you don't know any VA's so they can look on LinkedIn for VA's or virtual assistants.
  • The third way that link is being used is for finding businesses or professionals in similar fields. So, you guys are, well I'm assuming you guys are familiar with Facebook groups, right. Because we. we have our Facebook groups for the Pinoys Working From Home and the insider club members so you should be familiar with Facebook groups. And  for LinkedIn groups, you know, sometimes it's hard for business owners to find others they can relate to and share information with and that's when the groups come in. That's when groups are important. Some companies and professionals are moving more towards Facebook groups compared to LinkedIn groups now but there are still a lot of active LinkedIn groups. Now just take note though that more, oh yes, so more people as I said more people are moving to Facebook groups so you also may want to take note of that and keep an eye on Facebook groups where your clients may be in, okay.
  • The fourth way that LinkedIn are being used is finding companies and professionals to do business with. So this is when, like business-to-business companies or companies would try to sell their services to other businesses or other professionals. So you can use your network as, you know, as a connection to others. For example I pulled up a profile of this guy called Mike O'Brien, here this is his name, and you can see now let me turn on my laser pointer so that you can see it more clearly. Laser pointer here, okay. So you can see Mike O'Brien and you can see here we're not connected. We're not you know friends on LinkedIn, or in LinkedIn it's your network so instead of friends so instead of friends your network so he's in, he's like 2nd degree network and what that means is I am not directly connected to Mike but because I know Joshua Vermilion, Joshua Vermilion knows Mike. So if I wanted an introduction to Mike O" Brian. let's say I  wanted to do business with his company he's the CEO of some company here I forgot the name but he's CEO of a certain company if I wanted to do business with him I could ask Joshua Vermilion for an introduction and you can see here, ask for an introduction. That's not going to be our main focus in this discussion but just showing you that this is possible and LinkedIn it's being used a lot in LinkedIn.

Take note though that people don't like being sold to, that's very important. And if you try to help people to sell people on LinkedIn, they can report you as being a spammer and if they  report you, you could get banned from LinkedIn if,you know, they can prove that you spam them. So I highly discourage sending messages to like prospects and clients of which are unsolicited. So don't, as much as possible don't sell on LinkedIn to people you don't know. Don't directly sell. But there are a lot of things that you can still do to get clients on LinkedIn that you don't have to sell to clients.

Remember one of the main reasons people use LinkedIn is to hire people. To hire employees. To hire contractors. To hire freelancers. So your main goal with LinkedIn is to be found and not to actually pitched the clients. Just look at the poll and then scroll here and Glenn seems the to be the only person so far that's the hired on LinkedIn.

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by Jason Dulay 
Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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