Why an Entrepreneurial Mindset Is Important If You Want to Succeed As a Freelancer

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Which of these do you want?

Someone whose money stops coming in as soon as you stop working?

OR someone who’s getting paid for the value you provide and not the hours you spent doing a certain task?

Let me tell you this.

The first one is a description of a job, NOT a business.

And when every dollar you make is tied to the amount of time you spend working, it prevents you from living your life.

Make sense?

I’d bet you’d rather be paid for results-driven, not tasks completed.

Truth be told, this is how you should run your freelancing business.

It’s an important mindset you need to have to succeed as a freelancer.

Watch this replay as I took the hot seat!


JASON DULAY is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap/VA Bootcamp with over 3000 enrolled students and the Facebook Group Freelancer in the Philippines(Flip) with over 150k members.

 He has been freelancing for the past 9 years himself and has been to do so from anywhere in the world – from New York to Rome to Tokyo and many more.

Aside from teaching Filipino how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games and drinking coffee.

And now he wants to help Filipino experience the freedom and peace of mind that comes with getting paid well to do something that is fulfilling.


  • When you’re still earning 50-30k and you want to hit the next level of freelancing, mindset lang. It’s not your skills because you can learn more and more skills but really changes the process, the pressure is your mindset. 
  • The first mindset shift that I made is not working for a client but working with a client, parang you’re a partner for their success.
  • When you are working with a client, freelancer, professionals, business we’re helping them reach their goal through our solution.Thats the mindset that I had to make.
  • The second mindset shift is being paid for the value that I bring for the client. I should not be paid for the hours I work, I should be paid for the value that I bring.
  • It doesn’t matter how long you do the work, what matters is the result, the output, the value you bring to the client.
  • The third mindset shift is being more efficient with your time.
  •  When I focus on value instead of time I work to be more efficient.  


  • A graduate of Accountancy but worked in a call center for  6 to 7 years.
  • He worked for Intellicare now Convergys as outbound sales agent then trainer to call center agents to manage quickbooks.
  • He became team manager transferred to JP Morgan
  • By the time he was earning around 50,000 pesos a month, he quit.
  • Started to learn freelancing even when he was still in BPO,during weekends and after his shift from work.
  • Learned about freelancing in Cebu Forum and Istorya.Net
  • He saw an ad about online jobs and got curious then learned everything about freelancing from scratch because during that time there was no freelancing community yet.
  • He decided to quit his job and went to Singapore to work but he didn’t like it and it was too stressful for him.
  • He  also worked in the States for a few months, then he realized that in freelancing, there’s so much freedom and there are so many benefits. that if he works in an office environment again it won’t feel right and can’t handle it , so he quit.
  • He build his freelancing business in the States and learned from other freelancers
  • Adapted the same habits, business practices and attitude he learned he came back to the Philippines. 


Did you ever think it would grow to this big as it is now?(VABootcamp)

I didn’t think it was really earn money, I just put it out there, in doing so I been bleesing into others because I was able to make this shift.

Was your mindset already entrepreneurial as was way back then or did it eventually evolve as VABootcamp was growing?

Entrepreneurial talaga ako kahit nung bata pa ako.

Anong binibenta mo noon? Nung kabataan mo?

Madami, first that I remember is yung mga friendship bracelet and then mga pog, mga basketball cards, bow cards dati, assignments.

Ano yung best lesson learned in a way and a memorable one that you would like to share to a newbie as a freelancer?

I guess when you’re starting out as a newbie it’s hard, it’s tough, it’s a challenge. But I keep saying it’s not easy but it’s really worth it. I really believe that you can succeed as a freelancer, it’s really up to you, to your grit, perseverance mo, yung kaya mong gawin, so you have to push yourself.

What is your everyday routine to keep you motivated?

Motivation gets started but discipline gets you going.

Madami mga issues, problema na de-motivating. And you can’t stay motivated especially right now, you can’t stay motivated. What you can do is to build discipline, I’m doing daily exercise  so I have to push myself. This is my goal. I have to be consistent. I wanna reach it this is how I get started.

How do you price your value? And for you, how do we price our value?

It’s hard to discuss right now in a short amount of time but you have to think about what you bring into the business.

Given the success of VAB and all your other endeavors, what is/are your personal/business endeavor? What are your plans in taking Flip and VAB to the next level?

I’m working on Bootcamp to be able to make an impact on people’s lives and to be able to make people earn more money. 

What I want to focus on right now is actually helping others pa din pero what I think we need in the world is more well being and kindness and love with each other parang happiness. 

Kung newbie kapa ngayon sa freelancing, mag enroll kaba  sa VA course?

Oo. I think I would if I was a newbie kase it makes it easier, the course gives structure. Structure to make a life easier.

Anong brand ng laptop and bibilhin mo kung newbie ka lang? Ano yung marerekomend mo?

Asus. High quality, budget friendly kung lower end sa badget.

Yung mga higher end ang badget, Lenovo or Dell.

Is there any training after finishing the course?

We have guided hustle challenges, we have a coach that provides coaching and guidance sa hustle challenge. It’s a program to help you to get hired and we have a lot of training just look at the VABootcamp.

Has your Christian beliefs somehow contributed to how you have gone about with Flip and VAB?

I don’t think may belief has to do with that, may separation yun e.

And my own belief is pretty complicated, my belief and advocacy are seperated.

What would be our driving force para magtagal sa freelancing?

Your big why. You should always focus on your big whys

5 years from now, Ano yung gusto mo marating sa buhay? Because life begins at 40.

I want to make a bigger impact in people’s lives in terms of showing empathy, kindness and love to each other. That’s something to prioritize for the next 5 years.

Message/Tip for Everybody

No matter what level you are, newbie, freelancer even in work or business, always look towards the next level, the next stage.

It could be in your career, in freelancing, in your business, in relationship with your loved ones,you should raise the level, raise the bar of where you are so you can get closer to achieving your goal or having a more fulfilled life.

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Jason Dulay

Jason Dulay

Jason is the founder and CEO of Work from Home Roadmap and VA Bootcamp. Aside from teaching Filipinos how to succeed working from home, he likes traveling, playing board games, and drinking coffee.

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